How do Trees impact our Environment?

Trees are living beings that make life possible on earth: They are the attractive beautiful part of nature. They are the ones that make lives survive on earth. They have maximum impact on people and the planet. Forests and trees contribute to the health of an individual. They improve air quality and protect you from harmful diseases.

Studies have proved that trees benefit people’s mental and physical health. So, we should always protect the trees, as we are born of nature, and it’s connected to us. Also, we should not intentionally harm any such natural thing that exists here. Therefore, what we do would revert to us and degrade ourselves.

So, today in this article? We are going to discuss the trees and how do Trees impact our Environment?

Impacts Of Trees in the Wellness Of Our Society

1. Trees Improves Air-quality

They are known as the lungs of the earth. Trees absorb harmful chemicals and pollutants from the atmosphere. They filter all the toxins and pollutes and provide a disease-free and clean environment. They also ensure a happy and positive environment.

2. Tress filters Water-quality and eliminates flooding and erosion

Trees contribute to the flow of water. They eliminate all the top-soil erosion by grabbing precipitation with their canopies leaves. It results in reducing the water-runoff issues and lessens the powerful force of storms.

3. Trees Impacts Climate

Trees contribute to cooling down the environment. They lessen down the humidity and temperature of the environment and impact the wind speed. Nowadays, trees are planted in parking lots as they reduce the Temperature by 36 degrees Fahrenheit and cars inside by 47 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Tress Conserve Energy

If You want to reduce your electricity bills by 30 perfect? Then planting trees is the answer for you. Now listen to me, place three to four trees on the sunny sides of your house, shade it for the hot summer sun. It would help you to retain your money and reduce the air-conditioning cost. Planting deciduous trees are ideal in winter as they lose their leaves and give you a comfort of warmth in winter. Also, placing coniferous trees on the northwest of a building helps in reducing wind and lessening winter heating costs.

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5. Tress Improve Health

If you are stressed, tense, and facing anxiety for a bit? Then sit, meditate, and relax under a tree in the morning time. It would help you achieve peace and relax all your tensed muscles and would improve your mood. Studies proved that patients with a view of trees from their windows recover fast and well. Also, watching the green trees more often gives your mind the power to concentrate and focus more on things.

6. Trees Reduce Noise Pollution

Too much noise can destroy your ear muscles and can deaf you for a lifetime. People staying in urban areas face the issue of too much-unwanted sound. To fix this problem, plant trees 100 feet wide and 50 feet tall to reduce the noise pollution by 50 perfect. Also, if you fed up with your unattractive house window view? Then some trees grow and block the unpleasing view. Try to take action for a better future.

7. Tress eliminates loneliness and avoids depression

Mental health is an issue, and it needs discussion in this society. This lockdown period made extroverts suffer, as they were craving to go outside and explore themselves. As the lockdown didn’t grant them, they started feeling lonely and faced depression. Studies say that the trees are also a part of nature and are living beings. You can communicate with trees spiritually and gain the power to live as an individual and achieve peace. Loneliness is nothing but an illusion, you have reached this world alone, and you have to make it to the top alone. So no outside cravings, focus on inside and lead a fulfilling life.

8. Places to Survive

Tress provides essential woods; that help people from the rural area to prepare their food and build houses to survive. Their woods gets used by half of the world’s population for cooking and heating purposes. Also, they provide timber that helps in construction, furniture making, tools, and household.

9. Variety Of Foods

There are a variety of foods that the trees provide us for a fulfilling stomach. They give us essential fruits like apples, oranges, coconuts, and numerous other fruits. These fruits, when consumed, nourish your body and provides immunity and strength.

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10. Reduce Global Warming

Greenhouse Gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen, carbon monoxide traps heat delivered from the sun and increase the earth’s temperature. The effects in a long period can destroy and degrade the environment. Scientist says global Temperature is increasing due to deforestation! The lesser the number of trees more is the pollution. The only way we could protect our planet is by planting more and more trees and contributing to nature. Tress would absorb all the Greenhouse gases and would ensure a safer environment by lowering the global temperature.


As we read! that trees are so beneficial on earth. Then also we cut them into pieces and become selfish to our advantage. Every part of trees is necessary; not even a single part of trees gets unused. So, we should always respect nature as we are from them. They are the reason for our survival. The only thing I want to say at last is – live long, live happy by planting trees often.

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