About Us

Have you ever wondered how the space looks like? How the galaxy, the stars, the suns and many more things the space functions? Are you keen to know about the space and about things happening in it? We have the right news and right updates at the right time for you. ‘The Globe’s Talk’ presents you the information related to universe, space and the earth. It’s a place where you can find every detailed information which people are keen to know. There are so many mysteries about the sky, space, universe and earth. Our website let’s you know about those unsolved and solved mysteries.

What is “The Globes Talk”

“The Globe’s Talk” is a website which aims to provide every possible information whether it is news, updates, mysteries or cosmos. It provides you some interesting facts and talks about the planets, stars, black holes, galaxies. One gets to know about the cosmic events happening in our universe. Also, about all the elements and our cosmos that have an effect on our earth and on the mankind. There are several advantages of reading these articles such as one gets to know more and more about our interesting and beautiful universe for free and secondly, every information adds knowledge and value to us.

Our aim

We aim to provide all the information, whether it’s static or dynamic. Universe is not only about the sun, the earth, the moon and the stars but it’s more than that. It’s about our solar system, our galaxies, the events happening in it every day and night. And we aim to make others aware about such scientifically important structures related to the above mentioned. We are committed to provide you all relevant information in the simplest form about the universe. We promise you to give the right and the best information.

About the Author

Miss Sunniya Zafar is the author as well as the owner of this website. She has a unique personality. She interested in the elements and in the innumerable miraculous events that happen in the galaxy, earth, planets, moon and space.

Inspired her thoughts, she thought of creating a website that would help make other aware about our universe and where people would be able to get all the information for free.

Knowledge is in everything, everywhere. We can find information about these things everywhere but Sunniya aims to provide the information to others in the simplest and easiest way through easy wordings.

She believes that more and more people should know about the universe, about our planet Earth and the planets around us which can have a larger effect on everyone’s life.