When will asteroid bennu hit Earth?

For ages, many asteroids are entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The asteroids catch fire due to the gravitational force of the Earth and the oxygen gas present in the atmosphere. The smaller asteroids get burned out before reaching the ground, the larger asteroids collide with the ground and cause an explosion.

One such large asteroid is named Bennu Asteroid. In this article, we are going to see what is Bennu asteroid is, will Bennu asteroid hit the earth in 2021, and When will asteroid bennu hit Earth?

What is Bennu Asteroid?

Bennu asteroid is a carbonaceous asteroid discovered on 11 September 1999 using radar imaging by Arecibo Observatory and the Goldstone Deep Space Network. It is named after the ancient Egyptian mythological bird called Bennu which was associated with the Sun, creation, and rebirth.

The OSIRIS-REx mission is launch to map the Bennu asteroid’s surface to seek potential samples and analyze its mass. For the same, on 3rd December 2018, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft arrived at the Bennu asteroid after the 2 years of journey. NASA announced that the OSIRIS-REx has captured an image of the Bennu asteroid from a distance of 600 meters on 18th June 2019.

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully landed on the surface of the Bennu asteroid in October 2020 and it collected the samples from the surface of the Bennu asteroid. OSIRIS-REx spacecraft successfully took off from the surface of the Bennu asteroid with a sample of the Bennu asteroid on 10th May 2021.

Will Asteroid Bennu hit the Earth in 2021?

Bennu asteroid revolves around the sun for 1.2 years. Bennu asteroid passed 0.0 147 AU from Earth on 22nd September 1999. It also passed from Earth with a distance of point 0.033 AU on 28 September 2005.

It is also predicted that it will pass from a distance of 0.09 AU on 30th September 2054 and then on 23rd September 2060. So it is sure that the asteroid will not hit the earth in 2021.

What would happen if Bennu hit Earth?

The data used by the scientist from NASA’s as an OSIRIS-REx spacecraft have found that there is a 1-in-1750 chance of collision between the asteroid and the earth over the next 3 centuries.

There is a 99.99 percent chance that then you will not hit the earth in the next three centuries so it should not worry anyone. And even if it hit Earth it will not create an impact that would cause a mask mass extinction like the Dino killing 66 million years ago.

When you can create the damage as similar to the damage created with 1.1 million tonnes of TNT, almost 2 million times the damage of the explosion in Lebanon.

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We have learned about the Bennu asteroid, the probability of the collision between the Bennu asteroid and the Earth, and the situation cause if the Bennu asteroid hits the Earth.

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FAQ related to (Asteroid bennu)

Q- How far is Bennu from Earth in miles?

Ans- The Bennu asteroid is 6000 miles away from the Earth.

Q- When was the Bennu asteroid discovered?

Ans- Bennu asteroid was discovered on 11 September 1999 using radar imaging by Arecibo Observatory and the Goldstone Deep Space Network.

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