What asteroid has the highest chance of hitting Earth?

In our solar system, there are many celestial objects which are revolving around the Sun. The celestial objects sometimes enter the Earth’s atmosphere and are attracted to the ground due to the Earth’s gravitational force. As the Earth has oxygen in its atmosphere, the celestial object starts burning.

If the object is smaller in size, it will get burnt out before reaching the land but if the object is larger, it collides with land on the Earth and destroys the surroundings. These celestial objects include comets, meteors, asteroids, planets, moon, stars, etc.

In this article, we are going to see what asteroid has the highest chance of hitting Earth?

What are asteroids?

Asteroid objects are leftover particles from the formation of the planets. Asteroids can not be called planets and they are also not small as any other celestial objects. There are millions of asteroids located in the main asteroid belt which is between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter. The asteroids also do revolve around the Sun in its orbit.

Asteroids are of different sizes and are located at different places i.e. nearby or away from the Earth’s orbit. The asteroids are rocky-like substances that may also contain water, rare minerals, and gases.

How likely is it that the earth will be hit by an asteroid?

Natural calamities like earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, Tsunami, etc destroy mankind. Similarly, the celestial object hitting the Earth is equally dangerous. Our Earth is hit by millions of celestial objects yearly.

When the celestial object enters the atmosphere, it catches fire due to the gravitational force of the Earth. The size of the celestial object is larger, the object is more likely to hit the ground. This hitting has also created many lakes and ponds.

Our scientists alarm us periodically about the lack of resources to predict the asteroids most likely to hit on Earth’s ground. NASA, the California Institute of Technology, and other agencies have done some research to track and monitor the movement of asteroids in space.

They have predicted there is a very low lady of any large celestial objects hitting the earth by the next century. The idea behind this statement is we only live for hundred years and so we don’t have to experience it. This is also because any uncertainty is can happen at any time.

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What asteroid has the highest chance of hitting Earth?

A topped-shaped rubble pile asteroid named Bennu is revolving around the Sun in its orbit for millions of years. It is less likely for Bennu to hit the Earth till the next century.

The data used by the scientist from NASA’s as an OSIRIS-REx spacecraft have found that there is a 1-in-1750 chance of collision between the asteroid and the earth over the next 3 centuries.

There is a 99.99 percent chance that then you will not hit the earth in the next three centuries so it should not worry anyone. And even if it hit Earth it will not create an impact that would cause a mask mass extinction like the Dino killing 66 million years ago. When you can create the damage as similar to the damage created with 1.1 million tonnes of TNT, almost 2 million times the damage of the explosion in Lebanon.

The size of the Bennu asteroid is more than 460 feet and is 4.65 million miles of Earth. The scientist has run their simulations and predicted Bennu will come within 6000 miles of the Earth’s surface.

Humans have almost more than a century to track and monitor the movements of the Bennu asteroid. Our scientists are already researching it in depth.


In this article, we have seen what is asteroid how likely the asteroid is going to hit the earth and which asteroid is the most dangerous and highest chance of hitting Earth.

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FAQ related to asteroids

Q- What is the most dangerous asteroid?

Ans- The most dangerous asteroid is Apophis which is about 370 meters in diameter.

Q- Which is a more dangerous comet or asteroid?

Ans- Comics are more dangerous than asteroids.

Q- Where did the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs’ land?

Ans- The asteroid that killed the dinosaurs’ land is located in Yucatan Peninsula.

Q- How tall was the Tsunami that hit the dinosaurs?

Ans- The Tsunami that hit the dinosaurs was 1 km wide and 16 meters tall.

Q- How big of an asteroid would it take to destroy the Earth?

Ans- The asteroid must be 96 km wide to destroy the Earth completely.

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