What are the top secret UFO projects?

Our universe is full of different inequalities. Our earth exists in our universe and human life lives on earth and there are more than 8.7M different types of life along with human life. This in itself is no less than a miracle. But there are some incidents that do not come out of the mind and which are impossible to forget.

A similar incident occurred on 12 September 1952, when hundreds of flying saucers, which were seen by thousands of people in many states of America, including New York, were covered with all those flying saucers. People were served lies, and a mission called “Project Blue Book” was carried out, under which the US Air Force got many such facts, since till today America has become a superpower in the whole world.

In this article, we will get information about some unseen and unknown secrets of those flying saucers. Today we will get to know about, “What are the top secret UFO projects?”, what were they, we will also give you many other information regarding this. So let’s start-

Top Secret UFO Projects run by the USA Government

1. Many missions were carried out before Project blue book:

The Project Blue Book was not the first UFO mission headed by the US government. Because in 1948, some glowing ones were seen on Mount Rainier near Washington, which people had seen for the first time went crazy with flying saucers, shortly after that the US government launched Project SIGN. The purpose of Project SIGN was to study UFOs reportedly seen near Washington to determine whether they were a national security threat.

2. Estimate of the Situation:

When the research about this progressed, the US government launched a document called “Estimate of the Situation”, in which they had all the incidents of UFO sighting, but after some time that document was destroyed. A document called “Estimate of the Situation” was thrown out of the history books and those who wanted to ask anything about it were silenced. After some time, while giving information to the people, the US Air Force said that the UFO-like things seen in 1948 were not UFOs but they were a meteor.

3. Special Protocols were made to deal with witnesses:

US government officials, during Project Blue Book, developed special protocols to deal with people who saw UFOs. The strangest thing was that in 1952 more than 12000 UFO reports were collected for more than 1500 UFO sightings and the total number of reports was 12618 out of those UFO projects, 701 reports were never explained.

4. Sealed the lips of US Soldiers:

Since 1970, when Operation Blue Book was closed for more than a year, it had become a crime for US soldiers to talk to the public on classified UFO reports and the punishment for this crime was up to 2 years in prison.

5. Scientific Errors made by scientists:

You will be surprised to know that so many scientific mistakes were made during Project Blue Book that the US Parliament (Congress) itself had to come out in the field to correct it. Once again in 1965, the Oklahoma police saw some unexplained flying objects, but according to Project Blue Book, it was claimed that people there had seen the planet Jupiter, which is scientifically incorrect because the planet Jupiter cannot be seen in the dark of night.

6. Special Scientist were harassed:

Scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek was greatly harassed, who was the only scientist on Project Blue Book whose dialogue was with the common people. In 1968, Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote in his book that the Blue Book’s staff numbers and scientific training were grossly inadequate. The Blue Book and outside scientists have no communication with the common people and the figures presented by the Blue Book are just a joke.

7. Advance Aviation Threat Identification Program:

Even after all these years, between 2007 and 2012, the US government started the “Advance Aviation Threat Identification Program” and spent about $22 million on it. Under this program, UFOs were not called UFOs but UAPs, whose full form is “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”. Earlier on August 30, 1951, in a Texas town named Lubbock, some similar scenes were seen where people claimed to have seen UFOs, people saw a long light where many points were flying in the same direction. This light was later renamed the Lubbock Light.

8. Television series in 2021:

Today, in 2021, a television series is also coming on Netflix named “Top Secret Youth Project: Declassified” and its trailer has come only two months ago. In this television series, all the secrets about Operation Blue Book that the US government and the US Air Force had hidden from the common people have been told.


In today’s article, we got complete information about “Top Secret of UFO Project”. We also told you about some unknown and overlooked facts, which was banned by the USA government. We hope you liked this information.

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FAQ related to (Top secrets UFO projects)

Q- What is Operation Majestic-12?

Ans: Operation Majestic – 12 was an operation launched by the US Air Force during Project Blue Book. Under which the objective was to get information about all the UFOs seen in 1952.

Q- Did aliens really come to Earth as part of Operation Blue?

Ans: According to scientists, when the work of Operation MJ-12 was going on, it was written in the Blue Book documents that the US Air Force had caught some UFOs under it. Some UFO engines were confiscated. It was also learned that the corpses of aliens were recovered from inside the UFO. According to a research, it was also told that the US government has also caught an alien alive and trying to have a conversation with him.

Q- What was strange about the bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Ans: When the US dropped atomic bombs on two major Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in protest of Japan’s takeover policy and to save the lives of many thousands of people, at that time it was seen that a strange phenomenon was seen there even under dangerous radiation. Some creatures were seen and a UFO was also seen.

Q- Who led the Mission Project Blue book?

Ans- The Project bluebook was initially led by the Captain Edward J. Ruppelt. He was also the upholder of “Project SIGN”.

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