Unknown facts about Project Blue book

Our universe is completely filled with miracles. Scientists are spending their lives to check whether there is any other life in this universe other than us humans.

There is often talks about aliens, a lot of movies are made and people like them too. But do you know that in the year 1952, such a strange incident happened in America, due to which the scientists of the whole world were forced to accept the existence of aliens.

Hundreds of UFOs were seen simultaneously in the sky, about which the US Air Force had secretly carried out the mission of “Project Blue Book”, whose purpose was to conduct scientific investigations about those UFOs.

But this project had become so vicious that people were killed in it, people died, people committed suicide, people suddenly disappeared. In just 2 months, more than 1200 UFOs were seen in the sky, these evidence screams and tells humans that “ALIEN EXISTS!”.

In today’s article, we will know what Project Blue Book is, when it was started, when and why it was dismantled and will also mention the miraculous events that happened during the Blue Book project. We’ll get information about” Unknown facts about project Blue Book”. So let’s start –

What is project blue book?

During the Cold War, when there was an atmosphere of cold war between America and Russia, which was the USSR at that time, and that is why there were always a heated relation between the two countries. But in the year 1952, when evidence of the sighting of Unidentified flying objects was found in many other states of America including New York, then these incidents blew the senses of the USA government.

All the government officials were shocked and they thought that it might be some conspiracy of the USSR which could pose a threat to the internal security of America. But later research revealed a lot which proves that the USSR had no stake in these incidents, nor was the USSR involved in this conspiracy.

These were unnatural flying Objects and this UFO was making scientists think that only humans are not on earth in the universe, but there are some people living on many other planets who are alive and they have found us.

With this magnitude, the USA Air Force campaigned and whatever unidentified flying objects New York was seen in the rest of the USA cities. Investigations were started on all of them and what was named “Project Blue Book” was included as a record in the National Archives of America.

This record was named Majestic-12; Majestic-12 was filled with all the information about the UFO seen in March 1952. This record was about 45 cubic feet and about 2000 pages come in 1 cubic feet. So you can understand how big a record the USA Air Force had prepared.

Project Blue Book was a top secret project of the USA Air Force prepared by the USA Air Force in reference to the Unidentified flying object sighted in March 1952. But when this project was closed in 1969, many people and scientists also wrote many books on it.

The name of those books was also Project Blue Book. But Project Blue Book, which was a secret project run by the USA Air Force, kept information about the aliens and all the events that happened during their search.

Mysterious facts about Project Blue book

  • From March 1952, such reports started coming from all over the world that UFOs have been seen in many places and most UFOs have been seen in America, in the context of that the US Air Force started a campaign called Project Blue Book, under which they aimed To find out whether the UFOs seen are a threat to America or not, and at the same time it was necessary to do a scientific study of the UFOs that were seen hovering over America.
  • During the entire Project Blue Book, the USA Air Force got information about thousands of UFOs and when American scientists did research about the identified flying object, they came to know that human life is going to change completely, but with this in December 1969 Project Blue Book was abruptly closed.
  • The reason for the closure of Project Blue Book has not been given till date.
  • In the end, the US Air Force informed that during Project Blue Book, not a single identified flying object was ever reported by the US Air Force and no UFO was ever sighted.
  • Along with this, the US Air Force also told that there is no threat to America from the things like UFO which were seen in New York in 1952. This statement of the US Air Force was humorous and disturbing.
  • Under the investigation that was going on during “Project Blue Book”, many such miraculous and unforgettable incidents happened which people have not been able to forget till date. Such as the disappearance of people, people suddenly going insane, people seeing Aliens, things coming to the fore about suicide of American diplomats without any reason and people who gave evidence that they saw UFOs and they have them. There are pictures of UFOs of those people also disappearing. These are also surprising and suspicious things in a way.
  • In the context of UFOs, several thousand evidences were found in many states of America including New York and the US Air Force covered everything one by one.
  • Regarding the UFOs that were sighted in March 1952, the US Air Force asked Columbia University professor Dr. J. Allen Hynek and asked him to do research about all these and asked to give information because the USA Air Force wanted the American people to be told the scientific reason for all these things.
  • Dr. J. When Ellen Hynek started working on Project Blue Book, she discovered some of the things the US Air Force wanted to hide from the general public.

Dr. J. Ellen Hynek reports

  • Dr J. Allen Hynek were hired by the USA Air Force to work on Project Blue Book. Dr. J. Allen Hynek did many researches, which the USA Air Force did not want to let the common people know.
  • Dr. J. Allen Hynek searches for an incident in Fargo North Dakota where he learns that at the time these UFOs were sighted, a jet pilot named Lieutenant Cooper was picking up the plane and at the same time there were a lot of UFOs around him. UFOs appeared to him and he told that they wanted to communicate with him. But at the same time the lieutenant’s control went from his plane and his jet was crashed, even after that he survived but the radiation level around Cooper’s jet plane at the time of landing was very high and due to which he died after a short time. He just went crazy.
  • After a time, Lieutenant Cooper but suddenly disappeared, which has not been traced till date.
  • After some time there was a crash landing of 1 UFO in the Flatwoods West Virginia area and due to which farmers living nearby saw that UFO, people also claimed that they saw aliens coming out of that UFO. But later the US Air Force revealed that it was a Meteoroid, not a UFO.
  • Dr. J. Allen Hynek had told in his report that the US Air Force had confiscated the engine of the UFO and also the body of the alien found dead in it from the Flatwoods West Virginia area.
  • Another woman claimed to have seen an alien after some time, but that woman committed suicide the very next day by jumping off the roof of a building of a hospital.
  • Dr. J. Ellen Hynek later also discovered that a live alien was in possession of the US Air Force and the US Air Force was in contact with them.
  • According to the information, when America dropped the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, at that time due to the dangerous radiation of atomic bomb, there was talk of UFO sighting there.

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So, in today’s article, we got all the information regarding Project Blue Book. Also we learned what Operation Majestic-12 was, did Project Blue Book, we learned about unknown facts about Project Blue Book that the USA Air Force had hidden from the general public. Along with this, we also get information about Dr. J. Ellen Hynek’s report and what kind of information did he get. We hope that you liked this information.

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