What would happen if asteroid Apophis hit Earth in 2022?

As we all know that space is our unseen shadow. And this cannot be denied. That’s why we often get quite excited to know about the happenings in space.

But some such incidents also happen in space which scares us to some extent. Talking about these events, an asteroid whose chances of hitting our Earth in a very short time is very high.

So, today in this article we are going to know What would happen if asteroid Apophis hit Earth in 2022? And What if you came to know that if an asteroid named Apophis collides with Earth in 2022?

So let’s move on to an excitingly this topic…

Will an asteroid Apophis hit earth in 2022?

According to the information available so far, the impact of an asteroid on Earth can be so much that it can destroy life on the entire planet, so asteroids have always been a matter of fear for humans and all living beings.

Currently, NASA and several other space agencies are tracking the movements of hundreds of asteroids that could potentially be dangerous to human life on Earth.

We can assure you that NASA has discovered the path of such a killer asteroid named Apophis, which will come near the Earth sometime from today in 2022. And the probability of it colliding with us is being told very high.

Although there are many such asteroids that move towards our earth every day and there are many such asteroids that collide with our earth but these asteroids do not cause any harm to the earth.

But this asteroid named Apophis is a big threat to our Earth. The probability of the Apophis asteroid hitting our Earth is very high. That’s why NASA has been monitoring the movements of these asteroids since their early days.

The space agencies also keep a record of the Apophis movement with the help of NASA Asteroid Watch data on its official website. Read on to learn about the killer asteroid that could potentially hit Earth.

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Killer asteroid to hit Earth in 2022

If you look at NASA’s website, NASA’s Planetary Defense Officer Lindley Johnson issued a statement on her official website saying, “The very first step we can take to prevent a killer asteroid from hitting Earth is to find this asteroid.”

According to its statement, there are literally hundreds of thousands of asteroids in our space, and all these asteroids are kept in different categories. There are some asteroids that we should keep a close eye on and monitor over time.”

Johnson revealed that so far there are 2,078 potentially dangerous asteroids in NASA’s catalog that are dangerous to Earth. In October 2022, a half-mile-wide asteroid named Apophis will approach Earth. It can be very dangerous for our earth. And this asteroid is being monitored by scientists.

Let’s know about the asteroid Apophis

Today’s science and our discoveries say something else about the asteroid Apophis. Normally, some asteroid-like body keeps passing by our earth every month. But these bodies do not pose any threat to our earth.

But still the US space agency NASA separately monitors these objects, which are called Near-Earth Object (NEO). And all the time steaming up the unwanted danger coming towards the earth.

But asteroids like Apophis which is a threat to our Earth. To deal with the collision of such a body with Earth, NASA has created a Planetary Defense System, which will test its protection system on the approaching Apophis asteroid when it reaches Earth. Will pass by

What is Apophis?

Apophis was discovered by NASA in 2004, and the NASA agency announced at the time that the asteroid 99942 Apophis would not pose any threat to Earth for at least 100 years, but over time, many of the Different facts came out.

Let us tell you that this asteroid was named after the ancient Egyptian god of chaos and darkness.

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How big is Apophis?

Apophis is estimated to be about 1,100 feet (340 m), as tall as the Eiffel Tower.

After all, what if Apophis collides with our Earth?

Before knowing this, you should know something about asteroids. Asteroids are rocks that were formed by the explosion in the universe. All these rocks revolve around the Sun like our Earth and other planets but are much smaller than the planets. They are also called minor planets.

The space agency NASA has so far identified about 994,383 asteroids. They have formed from the remnants of the formation of the Solar System 4.6 billion years ago. And all these asteroids are divided into three classes on the basis of their position, identity, orbit.

  1. First of all the class that is found between Mars and Jupiter as the main asteroid belt.
  2. The second class belongs to the group Trojans, which are asteroids that share an orbit with a larger planet. They revolve in their own orbit.
  3. The third class is Near-Earth Asteroids (NEA), whose orbits keep passing close to the Earth, those who can cross the Earth’s orbit are called Earth-crossers.Let us tell you that Apophis is placed in the third category. so it is a big threat to our earth.

Danger from Apophis – Although our scientists say that this asteroid Apophis, two hundred and fifty meters large, is going to come very close to our Earth. According to its calculations, it is going to pass only 36 thousand kilometers from Earth in 2022 or on Friday 13th April 2029.

Scientists are afraid that if this planet turns its direction towards the earth even a little bit, then the chances of it hitting the earth will increase a lot.

If Apophis did not collide with our Earth for any reason, then it would return to Earth again. And then it will definitely hit the earth.

Scientists also believe that in the year 2036, the probability of it colliding with our Earth increases significantly. If it collides with our Earth, its explosive power will be a million times greater than the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Now you can understand what will happen.

Recently, NASA chief Jim Bredestein issued a warning now is the time when the imagination of killer asteroids is no longer limited to a science fiction film. Now the probability of this happening in our real life is 100%.

And in support of his point, scientist Jim Bredestein also said that in the year 2013 in Chelyabinsk, an asteroid hit the earth, due to which a 66-foot crater was created at that place. And about 1500 people were injured.

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Can we stop an asteroid-like Apophis from coming to Earth?

A scientific statement says “with sufficient warning time before impact,” which means that we may see an Apophis-sized asteroid orbit the Earth enough before it is But it will require a coordinated, global effort. With the right information, position, timing, and proper analysis, we can change the direction of an asteroid-like Apophis to a great extent.


We don’t want to scare you in any way. But this is a kind of true incident. Usually, when a rock from space falls on the earth, it burns to ashes by the friction of the atmosphere before reaching the earth’s surface, but there are some such large rocks that can be harmful.

That is why scientists keep searching for solutions to protect the earth to avoid such an incident. And he believes that asteroids that are dangerous should be closely monitored.

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FAQ related to asteroid Apophis

Q:- If asteroid Apophis does not hit Earth in 2022, when is it likely to hit Earth?
Answer:- If for some reason the direction of Apophis changes from that of the earth. So in 2029, 2036, or 2068 the probability of it hitting our Earth increases to a great extent.
Q:- How close is Apophis likely to come to Earth in 2029?
Answer: According to the available research so far, Apophis will pass 30,600 kilometers (19,000 miles) above our Earth on April 13, 2029. This can be disastrous for the earth.
Q:- How close can Apophis come to Earth in 2036?
Answer:- March 30, 2036, This is the date when Apophis will complete its orbit and pass the greater distance of Earth: 8.4 million kilometers (5.2 million miles). This distance is 20 times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. This is considered to be a very short distance according to a large asteroid.
Q:- Will we be able to see Apophis?
Answer:- Apophis can be seen like some bright star (magnitude 3.1) in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia in 2029, when it will pass away without harming our Earth. This will be moving fast across the sky. This can be seen very closely with the help of binoculars, but in 2036 it is likely to be visible without a telescope.

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