Scientist recent study on black hole, What did they find?

Scientist recent study on black hole | what did they find?

Since their discoveries, black holes have been the greatest source of interest for scientists. Every now and then, a new study comes up which finds out something new about these strange creatures and help us to know more about them. Accompanying this information, arrive more questions. Scientists get forward to answer them and we get … Read more

What happens if we settle on Saturn’s moon, Titan?

What happens if we settle on Saturn's moon, Titan?

The solar system and its vast expanse are beyond imagination. The number of the planet it holds, the number of smaller planets it has, their moons gives way to a wide range of possibility as to where life can take place. Extensive researches have been going on in recent times regarding which of these celestial … Read more

What happens when a neutron star collides with a black hole?

What happens when a neutron star collides with a black hole?

Till now you might have thought that this adverse space consists of only planets, stars, other celestial bodies and last but not the least black holes. But this gigantic space has got more surprises in store for you. There’s another crazy thing hidden in this unique space. It is called Neutron star. These are the … Read more

What was Stephen Hawking’s theory of Black holes?

What was Stephen Hawking’s theory of black holes?

Stephen Hawking, a physicist unlike any other, is a cultural icon best renowned for his contributions to the realms of physics and mathematics. The study of black holes occupied most of his time. Stephen Hawking’s discoveries of black holes have provided answers to a variety of problems about these enigmatic cosmic objects. What was Stephen … Read more

Complete information on unicorn Black hole

Unicorn black hole

Black holes have always been a mystery for humans. For decades, researchers have been keenly looking at various questions related to black holes. Recently, scientists have found the nearest black hole to the Earth. It is a tiny object dubbed ‘The Unicorn’ which is just about 1500 light-years away from us. In this article, we … Read more