Strong Geo Storm To Hit The Earth’s Surface At 21,85,200 kmph On Thursday, 31st March

Earth is going to get hit by a huge Geo storm because of an explosion in the sun. This explosion from the highly active sunspot, called AR2975. The sunspot has been blazing since March 28th.

Let’s discuss it in detail-

What Are The Causes Of These Geo Storms?

Sunspots explode in the sun, which occurs when the magnetic fields suddenly rotate near the visible surface. Occasionally, these eruptions are associated with Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), or the distribution of charged particles that explode into space. NASA’s powerful Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured spectacular views of solar flares, just as the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory did.

“The explosion threw at least two CMEs, maybe three, near Earth,” writes about the event. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the website added, suggest that the first CME will arrive on Thursday (March 31), and at least expected to arrive on Friday (April 1), the report said.

Modeling suggests that particles may produce G2 or G3 (central) and geomagnetic storms, although Aurora (northern lights and southern lights) are more difficult to predict.

Although the potential for this storm is limited, NASA and other space observatories are monitoring the activity of the sun to improve weather forecasts. Strong Earth-directed glare, along with a large CME, could cause problems such as damage to power lines or disable satellites.

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What Happens On Earth During Geostorms?

The earth’s atmosphere protects all living things from these particles. But particles can interact with the Earth’s magnetic field and create powerful electric fields at the top, which can greatly affect the performance of space-based and ground-based technological systems.

These solar eclipses can illuminate the sky with amazing aurora but also bring disaster on electrical equipment, power grids, and satellite and radio communications.

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What Is The Impact Of Geo Storms?

When magnetic fields move along a cable-like conductor, geomagnetic forces are generated in the conductor. This occurs on a large scale during geomagnetic storms (the same method also affected wire and wire lines before fiber optics, see above) on all long transmission lines. Long power lines are subject to damage by this effect.

The currents in these geomagnetic currents are harmful to power transmission systems, especially transformers, which temporarily harms their vital capacity, slows down their performance and causes overheating of coils and cores. In extreme cases, this heat can extinguish or destroy itself, even triggering chain reactions that can seriously transform transformers.

Many generators are connected to the grid by transformers, separating them from the air currents created in the grid, making them less susceptible to damage due to the geomagnetically generated current.

However, the transformer below this will act as an unbalanced load on the generator, resulting in a negative current in the stator and consequently the rotor temperature. Also, it could affect communication devices everywhere, which might be a problem to some quantity.

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