SpaceX Vs Beijing: A controversy in brewing

The advancement of human exploration and colonization of Mars is going to keep us busy for hundreds, even thousands, of years. During that time, there will be advances in nanotechnology, space sailing, robotics, biomolecular engineering, and artificial intelligence.

These advances are occurring even now, affecting our outlook about what it means to be human and engage in human activity. Those technologies will not merely allow us to stay home on Earth and Mars, but our minds will extend our presence throughout the universe so that we will not need or want to extend our bodies there even if we could, which to think is doubtful.

Today, we are still fascinated by space and the idea of space travel. Space continues to represent a new frontier for mankind, fascinating and scaring us in equal measure.

We continue to push the boundaries of our knowledge, awaiting the day when travel into space is as open and accessible as air travel.

But with the coming of new sites and stages, it will also lead to the conflict of interest as well as the competitiveness for authority over the space territories that can also give rise to the pragmatic situations that it can impose in the near future.

With Elon Musk’s recent success of the looming launch of 42,000 Starlink satellites, it also poses some very serious criticism as well as formal complaints by various space organizations and different countries lead by China, but that gives rise to a question that SpaceX Vs Beijing: A controversy in brewing Lets talk about it in detail to what is the major problem that Beijing has with it.

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The Trailblazing Controversy

With the successful launch of Musk’s ambitious 42,000 Starlink satellites and being declared as the Time’s Magazines Person of the year, it faces a major backlash after a formal complaint has been filed by Beijing.

And this criticism and the recent controversial complaint has fuelled the anger among the natives of China and which can be clearly shown in the sales of Tesla’s as once he has been cherished as the most popular western executive in China.

Beijing has filed a complaint alleging Musk’s recent space exploration as a breach of its nation’s security and the free space above its land.

With these steps, many of the experts are suggesting a new scenario of Cold War-esque engulfed in space wars that is formulating between two major economies, i.e., China and the United States.

Both countries want to achieve the first initiative towards colonization and authorities over the space infrastructure by getting a considerable hold on the various fronts of the Earth.

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History between Musk and China

Elon Musk has been accounted for and listed as one of those western figures that has been treated exceptionally well and receive the support and recognition from the Chinese government as well as the natives.

They were treated and granted to set up their factory solo i.e., allowed an exemption to partner with any Chinese venture. And as he is quite proactive on social platforms, he recently tweeted an ancient and Cryptic poem in Chinese for his followers in China.

But recent events regarding the issues with Beijing and the SpaceX backlash lead to the keen scrutiny of his increasingly popularity and business, which is somewhat posing a threat to the national sovereignty of the respected nation.

Unfortunate Close encounter between Starlink and China space Station

It can be considered as the nerve wrecking event that has taken place as it can be hazardous if collided can also declares the Morse of war. Foreign Minister of China Zhao Lijian exclaimed at one of his scheduled conference that Beijing has notified United Nations about the Close encounter of SpaceX and China’s ISS and to further avoiding it took hasty maneuvers on July 1 and Oct 21 to save the structure from this catastrophic incident.

He furthermore stated by dragging the 1961 Outer space treaty as United states proclaims to be a strong emissary of responsible behaviour in space but has disregarded this treaty by this act and thereby posing a possible threat to the astronauts and the infrastructure.

This report is published widely acrossed the whole nation and thereby fueled the native’s outrage towards Musk and they showed their protest by boycotting the Tesla automobile. 

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Congestion in Outer space

Experts and Scientists already submitted their opinions regarding the mass engagement of satellites and space infrastructure causing a blockage and restricting the views of astronomical surveillance.

It is giving rise to the Close encounters between the man made objects in low level orbits of our planet as space based companies and organizations are launching more and more space heads and satellites in pursuit of achieving the monopoly over the space territory.

A major estimate by Hugh Lewis, the lead of the Astronautics Research Group at the University of Southampton in Britain, said Starlink already accounts and estimates for more than half of close encounters between spacecraft in the orbit as all have seen and witnessed the rise in proportion forecast to grow to as much as 90 percent as the company launches more satellites.

Musk denied the Chinese proclamation as he stated that Starlink is designed and formulated to function in a low level orbit about 550km (340 miles) above the earth, whereas Tiangong the Chinese ISS orbits around at an altitude of about 390km and the International Space Station at 410km. SpaceX also has said that Starlink satellites are equipped with autonomous orbit changing features to avoid collisions.

But the sheer number of satellites involved, as well as other planned large-scale internet service constellations by other companies such as Amazon, OneWeb and Telstar – could mean the chance of system malfunction or control error becomes too great to ignore.


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