Perseverance Rover’s New Milestone: Completed Compaign Focussing Jezero Crater Floor

NASA has been sending rovers to Mars since 1997. But like any new space goal, Perseverance’s technology has noticed significant improvements, even compared to its latest predecessor, Curiosity. The 11-year-old rover continues to walk on the rocks of Mars, though it is thousands of miles north of Percy station at Jezero Crater.

What Milestones have Perseverance Reached?

More than 1.8 miles (2.9 miles) was driven
A new record for the longest driving day of the Martian day.

Six samples and counting of Martian rock and atmosphere that could eventually be brought to Earth for further research.
More than 50 gigabytes of scientific data and more than 100,000 photos have been returned, including two “selfies”.

NASA Ingenuity Mars Helicopter aircraft conducted 18 flights with boarding and connecting aircraft with the Perseverance rover.

Samuel also describes the next phase of Perseverance’s work: exploring the river that formed in Jezero thousands of years ago from the site of an ancient river that carried to the shore of a lake that once existed in the crater.

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Purpose Of NASA’s Perseverance Rover On Mars?

The main purpose of Perseverance’s work on Mars is astrobiology, which includes searching for signs of life of ancient microbes. The rover showcases the science of geography and the past and opens the way for the human exploration of the Red Planet.

Perseverance’s first task was collecting and preserving Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust).

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