Truly Unreal: NASA Uses ‘Holoportation’ To Virtually Transport Humans Into Space

Virtual space travel is possible! Thanks to NASA for doing this with the help of the so-called “holoport”. NASA actually used holoportation to teleport doctors hundreds of miles into space. It also meant that he was the first person to be teleported from Earth to space.

This project was completed at the end of last year. In this remarkable development, AEXA Aerospace CEO Fernando de la Peña Llaca’s industrial partner, NASA flight surgeon Dr. Joseph Schmid and his team members are orbiting the International Space Station (ISS), a space laboratory, NASA said.

What Is Holoportation?

Schmid said it is a type of visualization technology that can reconfigure high quality 3D models of Holoportation to reconfigure, compress, and transport in real time.

When it is displayed on ice when used in connection with a mixed reality, the user can actually view and listen to the remote participant in 3D as it actually exists in one place.

Microsoft has been using Holoporting since at least 2016, but this is the first time it was used in the media as a space.

Astronaut Thomas Pesquet held a two-way chat with Dr. Schmid and teammate De La Pena with the help of Kinect Camera Microsoft Hololens and Personal Computer Using AEXA software.

It was the first time in history that someone from Earth had met an astronaut as if they were standing next to him.

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What Are The Plans For Holoportation?

NASA is calling holoportation a new form of communication as a starting point for greater use in future missions. The next step is to use this technology for two-way communication.

In this communication, people from Earth will be holoported and astronauts will return to Earth. “We would use this technology for personal medical conferences, personal psychiatric conferences, family conferences, as well as taking VIPs to the space station to visit astronauts.”

NASA also shared plans to integrate holoportation with augmented reality to fully enable distance learning. NASA says holoportation could be very important for future space travel.

It also has direct applications on Earth. It will bring people together in situations and places such as, for example, Antarctica, offshore oil rigs or battlefields.

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