Netizens are Awestruck After NASA Shares A Stunning Image of ‘Alien Like Footprints’

On Monday, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced a wonderful image of the Mars crater that left Netizens amazed. “Martian crater marks the spot,” wrote NASA in the instagram image caption.

How Did Nasa Captured The Image?

NASA captured images using experiments with high resolution (Hirise) visualization on the Mars integrated track. In the post on social networks, they notified the followers who watched that they were watching the 0 ° longitude on Mars, which is the Greenwich Observatory equivalent on the Red Planet.

The Greenwich Observatory on Earth is located atop a steep hill in London, England. It marks the Earth’s prime meridian, the north-south line where east meets west, and is used as the zero reference line for astronomical observations.

“The map is projected here by a measure of 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) in pixels, and written in NASA’s caption.”

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Reactions On The Image Posted By NASA

The following post has received over 449,000 likes since its publication. Several Instagram users expressed their admiration in the comments section. One of the users wrote, “Looks like alien footprints on Mars.” While another said, “There is beauty in all God’s creations, and the universe is no exception.” The third user said “Something that makes you speechless!!”

NASA’s Observation Of The Image

Going back to the fascinating Mars imagery, NASA showed in the captions that a larger crater was located in a second rock hollow called the Airy Crater.

Airy Crater explains that it originally determined the red planet’s longitude to be zero, but as scientists began taking more detailed images of the planet’s surface, more accurate markers were needed. Therefore, the space agency has identified a small crater called Airy0 (zero) as the prime meridian in order not to alter existing maps.

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