Ingenuity’s Success Made NASA To Send Two More Helicopters To Mars

As part of its Mars Sample Return Program, NASA intends to deploy two additional helicopters to Mars. The Perseverance rover’s attachment to NASA’s first helicopter, Ingenuity, has been a resounding success.

The Perseverance rover’s linked Ingenuity helicopter has performed much above expectations since it touched down on Mars in February of last year. 11 samples of the Red Planet’s surface were successfully obtained by NASA’s first helicopter.

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Why Is NASA Sending Two More Helicopters?

As part of its Mars Sample Return Program, the US space agency is now preparing to send two more helicopters into orbit. These helicopters were sent to Mars in order to return rocks and dust from Mars to Earth. According to information provided by NASA, the design of the helicopters will be based on its first successful Ingenuity helicopters.

This Mars mission is being carried out by NASA and the European Space Agency. According to NASA, both helicopters will be able to deliver tiny tubes containing pieces of Martian rock, much like an extraterrestrial drone.

What Is This Ingenuity?

Ingenuity, a NASA chopper that has been collecting pebbles and dust from Mars’ surface for more than a year, has already made 29 trips there. Scientists will use the Martian pebbles for investigation using cutting-edge laboratory equipment on Earth that cannot fit in a spacecraft.

The Perseverance rover will be utilized to transfer the rocks to a spaceship for the return trip, according to a plan released by NASA. NASA declared, “We’re bringing a piece of Mars back to Earth.”

Where Is The Perseverance Rover?

According to NASA, the Perseverance rover is currently traveling through Jezero Crater and collecting samples from Mars that will be carried off in the Mars Ascent Vehicle and returned to Earth on the Earth Return Orbiter of the European Space Agency.

“We have confidence that we can trust in Perseverance to bring the samples back, and we’ve added the helicopters as a backup mechanism,” said Jeff Gramling, director of NASA’s Mars sample return programme.

What Is The Significant Task That Ingenuity Will Carry Out?

NASA’s Perseverance rover will serve a dual purpose by transporting samples to the rocket that would blast them off Mars ten years from now, as per the plan that was unveiled by NASA on July 27, 2022.


Martian pebbles will be the first scientific samples ever returned from another planet if this mission under the Mars Sample Return Program is successful.

With samples anticipated to return to Earth in 2033, the Earth Return Orbiter and Sample Retrieval Lander are set to launch in the fall of 2027 and the summer of 2028, respectively.

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