A mysterious radio signal recorded outside the Solar system

The new frequency has raised some comprehensive astronomical questions. Only us? Previous researchers, in particular, were not equipped to detect the closest star with constant radio radiation, and all of outer space was interstellar gas or black holes.

However, radio astronomy scholars have been able to discover ancient stars, and that information has allowed researchers to search for planets near the stars.

The team also focused on the red dwarf. Red dwarfs are very small, but are known for their high magnetic activity, which causes flares and radio radiation.

Lead author of the study, Ph.D. Joseph Callingham of Leiden University and ASTRON said the team is confident in the latest discoveries and are confident that these signals come from the magnetic connection between the star and the invisible orbit.

Kollingham said:

“Our Earth has an aurora. The aurora is commonly recognized here as the North and South Polar lights and also emits strong radio waves.. The aurora is much more powerful thanks to the volcanic moon. Io throws material into space and fills Jupiter’s environment with very powerful aurora-driving particles, “he added. Through these signals, researchers realized that there was a hidden planet, but were uncertain that planet-star interactions could be the correct explanation for this event.

Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), the world’s most powerful radio antenna in the Netherlands, collected signals from extrasolar planets.

Dr. Astronomer Benjamin Pope of the University of Queensland and colleagues at the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan ASTRON in the Netherlands discovered the star for the first time. This phenomenon indicates that there are hidden planets around these stars. This technology can also answer the question of whether life exists inside and outside the solar system other than the Earth.

The Earth receives the first radio signal from outside the solar system-an important point? A team of astronomers studied planets at LOFAR. They first discovered signals from 19 distant red dwarfs. Four of them are known as planets orbiting the earth.

The team found that the planets in our solar system emit powerful radio waves due to their interaction with the magnetic field and solar wind, but never emit radio signals from planets outside the solar system.

It was not recorded.In a study published in Nature Astronomy, the team claimed that the signals came from magnetic connections between stars and hidden planets that orbit them. The interaction is considered to be similar to the interaction between Jupiter and its moon called Lo.

ASTRON, Joseph Caringham of Leiden University, the lead author of his discovery, emphasized that the Earth has aurora borealis and aurora borealis commonly known as Antarctic lights. In addition, the interaction between the earth’s magnetic field and the solar wind emits strong radio waves.

How did astronomers notice the first radio signal from outside the solar system?

Astronomers have developed a model to study the interaction of the solar wind and magnetic field with what happens between Jupiter and the moon. It is called Lo to study the science behind the aurora of Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system. These aurora have been found to be much more powerful than the aurora detected on Earth.

Astronomers have further extended the model to detect radio radiation from distant stars. The model for detecting radio radiation from distant stars is basically an expanded version of Jupiter and its moon, called Lofar.

This model helps detect magnetic interactions light-years away and shows the presence of hidden stars and planets orbiting them. Dr. Astronomer However, Benjamin Pope said he cannot be 100% sure that the four stars we think have planets are actually planets, but the interaction between planets is a planet. Is certainly the best explanation for. The emission that the Earth receives from distant stars.

How can the discovery help?

The discovery of the first radio signal from a planet outside the solar system is an important discovery for radio astronomy, which may discover planets throughout the galaxy.

Astronomers are currently hoping for the launch of a square-kilometer-away radio telescope by 2029. It surpasses LOFAR as the world’s largest radio telescope and can observe hundreds of related stars farther away. The telescope is under construction.

What is LOFAR?

Known as the Low Frequency Array, LOFAR is currently the world’s largest radio telescope, operating at the lowest frequencies that can be explored from Earth. LOFAR is a multifunctional sensor network with an innovative computer and network infrastructure. LOFAR was designed and manufactured by ASTRON in the Netherlands.

This enables world-leading radio astronomy research, allowing astronomers to look back at the billions of years known as the Middle Ages, study the formation of stars and galaxies, and explore the sky of low-frequency radio. A decentralized research infrastructure. Explosion of the universe.

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