Donald Trump: A loser or preparing for 2024 elections?

America’s 59th quadrennial presidential election was held on November 3, 2020. The eligible candidates in this election were Donald Trump (Republican Ticket) and Joe Biden (Democratic Ticket) where the duo of Joe Biden for President and Kamala Harris as Vice president won the elections but they are not the main topic we are here to discuss. We are here to discuss about the President whose motto was ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN’.


  1. Accepting the truth
  2. Inculcating the changes
  3. life after resigning from the presidency
  4. Donald Trump’s next mission

Accepting the truth:

Donald Trump is considered to be an aggressive person. After losing the elections from Joe Biden, the campaign team of Trump from the Trump latest questioned the counting process of votes and made an accusation of the ‘TRANSPERANCY’ not being kept. The writer of ‘TRUMP REVEALED’ Marc Fisher quotes that it is very hard for Donald Trump to accept a defeat. From being the most powerful man of the entire world from last 4 years to giving up the president post on 20 January 2021, it would be very hard to accept the truth.

But to overcome it all, the man has the quality to live in the PRESENT and not let his past dominate his present. This quality of his is going to help him in the long run quotes the writer.

Inculcating The Changes:

Jeremy Suri( Professor at Texas University ) quotes that it is very hard for a person to give away a reason of his pride and power it pass it on to someone else. Currently, Donald Trump is the president of America and has all the powers of the presidency which he had before election. He can take major decisions but his political influence has vanished. But his decision can still affect the lives of many Americans and also some strategy of Joe Biden.

According to the past studies, an ex-president can cause trouble to an upcoming president when they don’t take any compromising steps and America has already witnessed this in the case of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. After the election of 1932, there was a downfall in the American economy. Federal Reserve asked President Hoover for assistance but it got denied which ended up in the huge loss of American public’s money.

Researchers are also predicting that Donald Trump Latest can use his power of Presidential Pardon for his family members. There are many guidelines for the pardon like it can done except in the cases of impeachment. The president cannot pardon a person accused of violating state or local laws.

Life after resigning from the presidency:

Donald Trump will have to lose his immunity which he gained after being the president. The president of America has unique powers to influence the investigation but after the retirement, he doesn’t have those rights. There are already a substantial number of investigations primarily at the state level says Susan Henese (Senior fellow at Broking’s University).

The investigation are regarding the tax charges as well as there are numerous class actions. Donald Trump is also accused of child pornography and sexual assault of underage girls and there is a chance of all these rising up after 20 January 2021.

It is extraordinarily unlikely that state cases will come into action because the major reason behind it is that it should not be considered that it has all been pinned up politically, says Susan Henese in an interview. The chance of Donald Trump going under imprisonment is less because even if he loses a civil case, he will have to pay compensation in such cases.

According to this limited statements leaked, the banks signify that these is something uneven in those transactions. When asked about the cases, Trump has stated that those documents are fake. According to his statement, the amount of which he has taken a loan equals to very small part of his net asset value.

Donald Trump’s next mission:

People say that Donald Trump’s life wouldn’t be like the other former presidents. Researcher Amber Athi (Editor of the Spectator) studied the model put forth by Donald Trump in the Republican Party which gave rise to some huge amount of bills and also numerous votes. She says that Donald Trump would stay in politics for 1-2 years.

When the pole was taken for the future president of 2024, there were 35% votes for Donald Trump so people consider that he will again stand for the Presidency in the next elections as he has a major influence on the Republican Party. There are lakhs of people in America still in the influence of Trump can he can definitely be an eligible president candidate in the future.

There has also been talk that he can also come up with his own media company. So we can conclude that wherever is Donald Trump right now, he can still be America’s future president in 2024.


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