What is Islamophobia – Fear & hatred?

Islamophobia is an extreme fear of and hostility toward Islam and Muslims around the world. Islamophobia often leads to hate speech and enmity and social and political discrimination. It can be used to rationalize policies such as mass surveillance and incarceration. It can influence domestic and foreign policy with affect Islam on the large scale.

Islamophobia before September 2001.

Islamophobia in western world present since the Middle Ages, the negative stereotypes about Muslim helped build support for crusaders. They Projected Muslims as Uncivilised and violent also rationalized Europian colonial domination of most of the Muslim world.

Where does Islamophobia exist?

Islamophobia Manifests itself in public as well as in private where Muslim is viewed as suspect and unwelcome in the workplace. Muslims always being discriminated against where they practice religious things such as wearing scarves and praying.

Traditional and social media and political discourse where Muslims are projected as violent, untrustworthy, misogynists. It is evident at Local to the state level where alleged Islamic violence is used to justify the domestic Muslim community. Although in the International level alleged Islamic terror activity is used to justify the war.

Who is Impacted by Islamophobia?

Islamophobia affects Muslim and those who believe in the Islam and supremacy of Allah. It disproportionately impacts those who act as Muslims. Women who wear scarfs are always mistakes for Muslim. Such as Sikh men who wear a turban.

Islamophobia is not Random.

Many of us think Islamobia is Random but it is well planned and propagated through well – funded networks of ideologies. Many media houses think tanks and social, political organisations are behind this false propagation.

Islamophobia in France.

This is not about France. Islamophobia is everywhere in the world. But let me come to the point it is true there is little Islamophobia in France. French do not like those people who do not show they want to integrate. French want people to follow their culture and tradition. A very strong feature about french culture and nationalism is you are french before anything, being a french is your priority.

Whatever your skin colour Black, white or your religion but you are accepted as french but one thing is important, being French is primal. You can not be a French Muslim you can only be a Muslim French. The problem with Muslims is the same as it was for Catholics in the 18th century. When the catholic church lost all his power and responsibility.

Recent Development in France.

Samuel party, a school teacher who showed his students the derogatory cartoon of Prophet Muhammad (Saw). That inspired the 2015 attack on the office of the Satirical Magazine in Paris. Samuel was killed by an 18-year-old Chechen refugee, Abdoullakh Anzorov.

When French president Emanuel Macron defended the display of the cartoon which is extremely offensive as a matter of freedom of expression. The ongoing tension between the french state and its 6 million Muslim population is a sign of a deeper crisis. Its manifestation of much deeper crisis heralding seems to be a growing tension among western civilisation.

Islamophobia in India.

1. India has become an epicentre of islamophobia in Asia with reports of oppression committed against a large number of Muslims amid the break out of Ongoing Covid- 19.

2. Rising Anti Islamic Rhetoric, hate toward Muslims and blaming them for the spread of Coronavirus. Last year police action against students and activists who had participated in peaceful protests against the controversial Citizenship bill. The controversy (CAA) has raised serious questions on the democratic credentials of India.

3. While other countries in the world are releasing its prisoners intending to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus. The Indian government under the leadership of the Prime Minister has been arresting activists and Students.

4. According to Newclick website after India has enforced lockdown since March to stem the spread of covid-19. Muslim journalists and student activists have been detained under the strict clauses of the Unlawful Activities of Prevention Act (UAPA).

5. Those students who had been detained under (UAPA) includes scholars and Students like Safura Zargar, Miran Haidar and Shifaur Rahman from Jamia Millia Islamia. On the other side Umar Khalid and Sharjeel Imam from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

6. Police have charged all of them for making provocative speeches during the Protest. Clauses like an attempt to murder, promoting hatred, and many other claused was imposed.

7. Zafarul Islam Khan head of the department of Minority commission has also been booked under (UAPA). Delhi police filed a case against him and went to his house for arrest but did not succeed. He had thanked the Kuwait government for speaking in favour of Indian Muslims.

8. Amnesty International had released a statement in May and called on the Indian Government to immediately drop charges against Safura Zargar, Meeran Haidar, and Umar Khalid.


The conclusion can be drawn from this overview, firstly Islamophobia is far from consensual among the world nations. Academically oriented activists both in India as well in the world counter the work of US ethnic lobbies. eventually, i want to say the idea of India is still fiercely debated among migrants.


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