Life of Jews: Origin, Culture, Nazism Era & Hitler’s Hatred.

Jews are one of the major religions in the world; they have around 5800 years of history. They were tracing their origins to Biblical times. By the time Jews people developed their Culture, Custom and ethical system which identifies them as jews.

The ancient Jews were conquerors, but they were some among only a few religions that have survived despite persecution, massacres, and hatred amongst all the world’s nations. While other people assimilated, jews adopted local traditions but held on to the basic tenets of their religions.


Judaism is the religion of jews. There are around 1.4 million jews followers around the world. Most of the jews found in the three countries United States, Israel and the Soviet Union other nations with jews populations are Canada, United Kingdom, Argentina and Brazil.

Judaism is the first religion in the world based on monotheism, the belief of one god. All western religions find their roots in Judaism. A central tenet of Judaism is monotheism, the god and the agreement called to covenant with Adam from whom the jews found their traces. They are the descendants of Adam.

The covenant says that the jews would be blessed with God’s love if they remained in God’s fundamental laws. The jews community have often been referred to throughout history as the “chosen people ” because they believe that Jews were singled out among all the ancient cities to receive god protection and laws.

According to jews, they chose to serve God, although God is the real and only one creator of the world. The central tenets of Jews believe in the coming of a messiah who will unite the jews people and lead them under the rule of God on earth and bring price and happiness among the people.

Jews religion is decentralised. There is no one similar to the pope and other international decision making authorities who determine religious practices. Each jews congregation is responsible for its own choices; no one is bound to abide by it and is led by a spiritual leader called a rabbi. Many rabbis got trained in the Universities which were established for further religious teaching and scholarships.

Each of the influential groups ( orthodox, conservative and reconstructionist) has their institutions and universities in the United States for training rabbis. Each group and congregation manages their religious affairs and interpretations of jews laws.

Jews workshops and study often takes place in the synagogue, and the Torah gives religious teaching. Services are always held traditionally by rabbis and assistants who sing songs and chant the Torah.

Judaism emphasises traditional conduct and the treatment of others as everyone wishes to get treated themselves. However, the original doctrine of jews which exist as written laws, is being reinterpreted to follow the modern development.

The major religious book of jews is Torah which includes five books of Moses which form the first part of the old testament. The law is supplemented by oral law, and the interpretation of statute comprises the Talmud.

Brief History of Jews people.

The jews history begins with Abraham as described in the Bible. Abraham was the first to oppose polytheism and idol worshipping for his Ummah to believe in one God.

Abraham’s son Isaac and Isaac’s son Jacob, are also considered to be patriarchs by the Jews. As we have taken reference from the Bible, We have seen traces of jacobs 12th in the bible, holy book of jews. His brother sold him as a slave to Egyptians.

As a result of famine those who survived and resettled in Egypt, where they and their descendants lived happiness and peace for several generations, however, around 1580 BC, a new ruler in Egypt was being threatened by Jews as well as people of the regions, so he made them his slaves.

In the book, the story of Moses and the liberation of Jews from Egyptian bondage. Moses led out the jews from Egypt who got afflicted with plagues. The jews spent more than 40 years in the desert under the leadership of Moses. Moses died before the Israelis entered the promised land Israel.

Following the death of Moses, all the tribes of Israel were sent by Josua into their promised land Israel. Challenges from Canaanites Philistines were repelled and then people dea feated by Samson.

History of Israel.

By the end, 19th Century jews Nationalism also became prevalent among Jews peoples, this jews nationalism movement known as Zionism. In 1880 jews marched toward Palestine; this was the first immigration wave among jews. The primary purpose of this wave was to establish agricultural settlements. Baron Rothschild helps with massive monetary assistance and the first Zionist conference held in Switzerland in 1897.

Official sanction for a Jewish homeland by the League of Nations, Jews were
encouraged to immigrate to Palestine and Arab opposed jews homeland, and they attracted many times. In the first quarter of 19th century a wave brought jews from Russia, Tel Aviv was founded in 1908 the first Jewish city in the world. At the end of world war, one ottoman defeated and Palestine came under British rule. The first non Arab state was founded for the first time in 1917.

In the Balfour Declaration, the British government had cleared their intention about Palestine. British decided to facilitate Palestine as a national home for Jews people. The supreme council of allied power supported this decision at a conference in Sant remo in 1920.

In 1922 the League of Nations granted Britain a clear mandate to facilitate the formation of Jews land and encourage jews immigration in the ground to prosper. By the 1930s jews population in Palestine was 1.6 million, but by the end of 1940 after the german persecution, the population reached about 4 million, about 30 percent of the total population.

In the year 1939, immigration got limited up to 10000 per year by the Arab spring and under the influence of Jerusalem mufti. Other jews immigration made by Arab consent

Why did Hitler Kill Jews?

Antisemitism played a significant role in jews persecution. It inspired Hitler, and Nazi ideology emerged from antisemitism.

Anti Semitism.

Hitler did not invent the hatred of Jews. Since Middle age Jews have been
persecuted in Europe. Europian Crishtans always discriminated jews, and this hatred leads to such a deadly holocaust. Jews were always forced to convert their religion, or they got prevented from practising their religious rituals. Christians had seen the jews faith as an Immoral and unsound that had to be quashed.

In the nineteenth century, religion did not play an essential role in European society. Faith was replaced by the different theories of race and people. German people used to believe that the idea of Jews belongs to other people; it is not for German. Every jews who had converted to Christianity treated differently because of their bloodline.

Hitler Antisemitism.

It is not transparent why and from when Hitler started to hate Jews. Although in his autobiography Mein Kamph, Hitler described his development into antisemitism he said it is the result of long personal struggle. Most Historians say Hitlers came up with his explanation in hindsight. He would have used this explanation to assure people who were not convinced of his idea. It is clear, and many historians said Hitler came into contact with antisemitism at a very early age.

Imaginative Explanation.

There are many imaginative explanations for Hitler’s antisemitism. Hitler was ashamed to be his party jews root. Another explanation linked to his hatred of Jews was trauma and chaos caused by a poison gas attack in the first world war. Other stories came to light that Hitler had contracted a venereal disease from a jews prostitute, but there is no fact to support this

Rise of Nazism in Germany:

The most important reason for the emergence of the Nazi party was the social and political circumstances of Germany. Germany could not believe that their country defeated in World War first and the reason they persuaded that backstabbing and weakness had paralysed their military.

Finally, their Army had collapsed and lost World War first. After the defeat in World War first German claimed jews people did not lose any opportunity of spreading defeatism and the German Army destroyed the battlefield.

The democratic form of authoritarian government had been imposed on the jews which was unsuited on the nature of Germany. finally. Hitler decided to release wounded soldiers of world war 1 in 1919.

Hitler Assumed power:

When Hitler joined the socialist party after a few times, he declared himself as a group leader and prepared and organised plans for racial and assisted Matic principles in Germany. Party activists revolted and tried to seize power in 1923, but they failed in their motive.

Hitler was behind the bars during which time he wrote his autobiography Mi keimf the struggle Hitler expressed his idea in his book about the racial theory and Nazi Global dominance. He thought he had to apply legitimate means to seize power during his struggling days.

With all the examination and observations, Hitler finally got to believe that democratic freedom and legitimate means are only male tools with power. After this, he reorganised the party.

In 1923 German election Nazi party got 3% of the total vote and 14 parliament delegates. In the 1928 German election, the party was able to send only 12 members who were less than the previous election and the popularity of the party declined during the 1928 election.

After the economic crisis in 1930 Nazi party won 107 delegates with 90% of vote share in German assembly. Then the time came which head Hitler was waiting for in July 1932 Nazi party managed to get 230 seeds
and become majority party in the German community. The president gave money to Hitler to form the government, after the long struggle, Hitler became chancellor of Germany.

It was the beginning of Jews persecution in Germany:

In 1930 there were 500000 Jews in Germany most of them considered themselves loyal and patriot and living life by German style. Jews were excellent in Science literature or arts and business. Approximately 24%
of German Nobel Prize winners were jews. Inter religious conversion, inter religious marriage and low birth rate Led to extinction of jews from Germany.

The central ideology of Nazi Germany and German people all the Jews believe that the role they played with industry trading and contribution to the German economy would compel German and Hitler from excluding
them from Germany.

There were two primary levels of Nazi anti-Jewish policy.

● First of all they took legal measure to expel jews from society and then seize their right of properties that made jews weak with in the society

The second policy is engaging them in a campaign of incitement, abuse, terror and violence the only goal of nursing had to make jews leave Germany.

From 1933 when Hitler, as your power in Germany, had nice attacks on jews technology Germany. Jews sent to concentration camps within a few months, democracy ruined in Germany, and the anti-country became a single-party state.

In 1933 Hitler declared a general boycott against German Jews in which people stood outside jews stores to prevent the customer from buying goods. After the week a law passed called rehabilitation of professional
civil service and the motive behind the legislation was to remove the Civil Service official of jews origin and that officer who is disloyal from Hitler.

It was the first racial law passed in Germany, and the motive behind the
legislation is to isolate Jews from German society. Dila band use forms civil services judicial services general medicine and German Army. The new trend started in Germany. People began to burn the book
because the author was jews.

It showed the exclusion of Jews from German culture ousting jews contribution from pay structure and music. In 1935 the Nuremberg laws were passed stripping the jews from their citizenship and forbidding them from the inter-religious marriage between Jews and non-jews.

Jews actors got dismissed from theatre producers, and directors stopped recruiting them, jews authors books got burnt and their work rejected by Publishers, It’s become so hard for a journalist to find your paper that would publish their writing.

1938 fate full year:

In the year 1938 jews persecution in Germany boosted, Jews property eluted and evicted, and finally, in November, the program took place. The year 1was a fateful year and part of radicalisation of Nazi jews policy. The domestic preparation for war boosted and atrocities on Jews accelerated this was the part of Nazi political ideology.

The Nazis minister of Economics started to steal this Property worth 2 million. In July 1938, jews passports, we became void, and those who needed for immigration given marks with a letter (Jude jews). Another
law passed that those who did not have jews names typically to add one man forced to add Israel and women Sara so that they would recognise quickly as Jews.

Eviction of Jews:

In July 1938 Jews got evicted from Nazi Germany with polish citizenship this was the first Mass deportation of jews. The removal was directly connected with jews program. Anti jews i propaganda took place while the Nazi government claimed it was spontaneous out the breast, but it was a well-planned eviction and schedule which was well managed by central jews leaders.

The signal of the program was given by the minister of propaganda and carried by a member of the Nazi party during the program 91 Jews were murdered and 1412 displaced. Jews owned shops and business were destroyed and plundered by Nazi and in addition to these Jews forced to pay compensation for the damages and 30000 jews were arrested and sent to concentration camps.

Jews immigration started in 1938, but authority impeded this effort and continued with systematics exportation, a process known as Afghanistan. Approx 5 lakh Jews were living in Germany when Hitler assumed power 300000 managed to immigrate before the final solution.

In late 1930 is the international organisation Nazi Association of Germany Jews and Zionist movement played an essential role in Immigration Jewsews from Germany. After the program, there was a marked increase in Jews immigration from Germany as well as Austria; various countries put limits on Jews immigration all the areas that were German-controlled.

The Ghetto:

During the Holocaust in Germany Jews were persecuted and forced to leave their house and leave in in concentration camps with very little food. Many risked their lives to help others to continue religious norms, culture and child education.

The Ghetto were overcrowded and often lashed with electricity infrastructure and sanitary items. Woods were insufficient for their hunger; they hardly managed their daily meals. Starvation and hunger increased. The Ghetto situation became Worse, And many Jews starved to death.

Persecution in Ghetto:

Despite inhuman conditions and atrocities, many communal institutions and organisations provide food and other sanitary items, Jews organisations offer education to the children and help them with their daily meals.

Mini jews risked their life for education and hunger values preservation, religious tradition and culture activities. Jews founded a mutual organisation for helping each other many of jews placed themselves in Grave danger to save the life of others which included the children who reached their life to smuggle food into Ghetto.

In 1940 17000 users incarcerated in the Ghetto had no electricity and water supplies available. Nazi exploited Jews flavour for more than four years in the Ghetto.

The Ghetto in Poland was the world’s second-largest city and essential Industrial Area. It was the largest Ghetto in German-occupied area. Although the Ghetto word temporary lasted for more than four years,
then Nazi people exploited German jews.

Lodz ghetto was separated from rest of the world by fencing with electric wires. Lack of food, electricity and sanitary items. Starvation and diseases rapidly lead to death of many Jews

From 1942 Jews were being killed in Lordz using gas vans. Nazi government prepared the list of the Jews and then killed them by the end of the year half of the Jews were killed, and the murder continued till 1945.

In 1940 around 400000 Jews got sealed inside the Warsaw Ghetto, and about 1 lakh Jews killed because of persecution. Nevertheless, artists and intellectuals continued creative Endeavour Warsaw was the largest Ghetto in Europe in which 400000 Jews sealed, which were 30% of the
total city population

German Atrocities in Poland:

In 1939 when Poland surrendered Jews were inside the Warsaw ghetto who got brutally killed and many of them taken for forced labour. In 1939 the first anti jews decrees were issued, and they were forced to wear a white armband, and harsh economic measures were taken, which led to unemployment of jews in most of the cities.

In 1940 16 jews were forced inside Ghetto the one third city population was Jews and Ghetto built on 2.4 % of the city surface. The ghetto was surrounded by walls that they made with their hand under the strict violent Guarding.

Jews of Warsaw were cut off and isolated from the outer world where life was full of struggle under the Ghetto they were struggling between survival and death. The living condition of Ghetto variables with
overcrowded, Jews got persecuted under the Ghetto. The ghetto became the hub of illegal activity like smuggling and drug peddling. Those people who were masters in smuggling managed to live a longer life than other jews.

Soviet Invasion and Jews persecution in Germany:

Operation Barbarossa was the turning point in the Nazi plan to solve the Jews problems. The massive military invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 intended to start war buy winter Nazi officials planned the war. Hitler considered the charge of the USSR as a part of his plan to provide free space for German people.

Communism Destroyed in Germany.

Hitler took this opportunity to destroy communism for he instructed his military Commander for the massive invasion on the Jews. Almost one lakhs jews managed to fly into the Soviet Union, and millions of Jews
remained under Nazi Germany rule. Approx 5 lacs Jews had murdered within the area of Soviet Union conquered by Nazi Germany.

Nazi Germany killed Jews in the forest valley and abandoned villages. Jews forced to undress and hand over their valuable clothes and Buried Alive. From 1941 jews and other victims of Nazi regions were murdered in the forest close to villages.

Jews were brought from Germany, Bohemia, Poland and low countries and then killed. All the victims got murdered in gas vans according to different reports; millions Nazi Germany killed Jews; Hitler persecuted all of them.

During 1941 Germany realised they could not defeat the Soviet Union in a war as they had initially planned. The German Army required a workforce that would help them in building Road clearing mind fields and
equipment. The decision was made temporarily to leave these prisoners alive in the camp to use them as soldiers in the war against the Soviet Union.

Murder of Jews in Baltic State:

In 1941 40,000 Lithuanian Jews got incarcerated in ghettos, most of the
Jews brutally murdered by the end of 1941. Approx two lacs Jews living in Lithuania Were German soldiers invaded in June 1941.The day after the German invasion in Soviet Union REITs works planned and broke out against Jews.

German encouraged Lithuvian, and they killed thousands of Jews. When Germany entered in Lithuania, the rape-murder looted and abused natives. A forest located in 6.2 miles became killing ground for jews. Few jews survived from the Deadly holocaust and managed to mix with natives

Kovno Ghetto.

From July 1941 to 1944, more than 80000 people, all of them were Jews had been killed. In August 1941 great Kovno Ghetto got sealed and as per German order 20000 rules for incarcerated in the lowest section.

The fatal turning point in the life of Great Ho comes in October. We have German gather all the jews of the Ghetto and kill them brutally. More than 9000 residents of a Ghetto murdered by the end of 1941. Some 40000 Jews remained in Lithuania, and they kept in four Ghetto and few in labour camps.

In the summer 1941 Ghetto world liquidated and were converted into concentration camps a few months later 1200 children and elders got murdered inside the Ghetto. Many youths had sent to a labour camp in Estonia. Approximately 11000 used in Lithonia were still alive when Germany surrendered in May 1945, and 2000 Jews fled to the Soviet Union and they survived from the German prosecution.

German-occupied Latvia and at the beginning of the invasion of Soviet Union at the time approximately 74000 jews were living in the country but by the end of October 34000 jews had been murdered. In October 30000 Jews were sealed into the Ghetto between November 30 and December 7 30,000 Jews were murdered in the forest at the same time Jews of the Ghetto also killed.

World War 2.

Before world war 2,40000 jews were living in Estonia, the smallest in any baltic state and the Soviet union occupied Estonia in 1940. When Germany conquered Estonia in 1941 many Jews flew to Soviet Union and those who did not flew had faced harsh restriction and German persecution. The local right wing military assistant was active in the mass jews killing by the end of 1941 most of jews male above the age of 16 got murdered.

Labour and concentration camps.

In March 1922, when Hitler assumed power, the first organised attack on Jews broke out across Germany. Within two weeks, the first Concentration camp built near Munich; Camp became the place of torture for German jews. Communist, Socialist and Liberal every one considered as an enemy of the Nazi Government. The first concentration camp became the model for Hilter; he started making another according to them.

Labour across Germany exploited by Nazi officials. More than 14 million people and 2.5 million war prisoners were transported to Germany and kept inside the Concentration camps. Jews transported across Europe for forced labour forced to work in remote areas.

Jews labour were exploited and persecuted across Germany and kept in Poor Concentration Camps. German Jews treated as war machines. Jews forced to join the war and to fight for the German Government those who refused to go in battle murdered. Despite Allied victory in the world war, 3 German continued to exploit jews, and more concentration camps started building.

Daily life in Camps.

Jews prisoners suffered in the camp suffered forced labour during the holocaust. Starvation, persecution and atrocities became the daily routine for jews. Despite starving and lack of foods, Jews managed to maintain their identity.

Concentration Camps.

The concentration camps built on the hierarchical structure. Teams of subordinates managed the German staff; most of them were junior officers. One of them was commandant of the camps; the officers were usually trained for this duty. Male and female guards were also there. Every morning line up took place after waking up, and each evening after returning up from labour work, it was the most horrific aspect of camp life.

Jews forced to stand still for hours in the harsh sun, cold and rain to the terror of Nazi men and guards. The camps were running full of instructions and routines, a long list of prisoners for work, but sometimes they aimed at individual prisoners. Jews were families with most of the atrocities done by them, but some came unexpectedly. The daily life of prisoners was full of anxiety and stress; they had to bear harsh tortures and atrocities on the field.

After they did work, they usually made a line for their meals, watery vegetables and half a piece of bread which were insufficient for hard-working labours, when they returned to the camp and another lineup for going to their room.

Despite the terrible condition, cultural and religious conditions continued in the Ghettos, labour camps and concentration camps. Literary and artistic work was the effect to maintain their jews identity, and they had succeeded they managed to preserve their culture and jews identity.

Jews Victim.

These works are direct and authentic testimonies and despite the jews victims daily life during the mass pogrom. Writing a diary on clothes, producing drawings and illustrations of Camp lives, making jewellery out of copper wire, writing religious books and citing them and conducting prayer service in the evening. All these strong psychological strengths are maintained by jews fertility.

Starving jews children did not stop them from their creative endeavours.
Prisoners in concentration camps exhibit heroism in their daily lives, struggling and sustaining not only members of physical energy but also primarily humanistic value Friendship and concern for all valued their survival for their life.

The fate of Jews in Europe.

Only 10% jews in Poland survived the holocaust, the majority in the soviet union. The fate of Jews in the Soviet Union depended on the country’s administration. Talking about Italy and France, 25% of Jews survived the holocaust. In other countries, the jews population destroyed 45% of Jews killed.

While in another country most of the Jews were killed in holland 80% of jews population perished during the holocaust. German and their collaborators killed most of the Jews in Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece. If we talk about Bulgaria, 75% of Jews survived most in any European country. Murder of the Jews of Poland.

Murder of the Jews of Poland.

On the eve of German occupation in Poland in 1939, 3.3 million Jews lived there, and at the end of the war, approx 3 million jews were murdered by German. Most of the Ghetto were turned into battlegrounds, and all the concentration camps were perished by German invaders.

Jews persecution in Poland.

Jews were living in Poland from 1200 AD. At the time of German invasion in Poland, 33 lakh Jews were living in Poland, more than any country in Europe, almost 10% of the total Polish population. When soviet Union and Germany captured Poland in 1939 most of the Jews living in those areas were approx 18 lakh imprisoned in Ghettos. After the German invasion of Poland, most of the polish jews shifted to Ghettos and concentration camps.

Murder in Lodz Ghetto.

In 1941 the murder of Jews from the Lodz ghetto began with the gas van. Murder of polish jews started in March 1942 after the guideline issued by Nazi Germany. Between March and January Germany established three death camps in Poland close to the rail line. With the arrival of train victims were directly sent to their death in the Gas chamber.

In July 1942 on the eve of a Ninth of av in the Jewish calendar the German began mass deportation from Warsaw ghetto by the time approx, 250000 jews were deported to death. Approx 1.7 million Jews from Poland were murdered in Sobibor. Between 1943 to 1944 million of jews, most of Poland was killed outside Lublin.

In 1944 some 80000 jews from lord ghetto were deported to be murder most were sent to Auschwitz while some were sent to Chelmno murder site. Which was reopened for the jews murder the murder of jews till the red army liberated the camp in January 1945. At the end of the war, approximately 3.8 million polish jews were still alive in Poland, the soviet union or the concentration camp in Germany, Austria and the Czech territory.

From their origin till their mass killing, one thing that was always prevalent in JEWS was their love for their religion and culture. They never gave up on passing down their learning and teachings. They always worked hard and took major risks so that the young ones and the ones with families could live and survive.

These things do help us understand how hard it was for them as humans to be treated as in HUMANS and being killed. No one can even come closer to understand their mental and physical hardship they had to go through. I hope such things do not repeat and peace prevails. HUMANITY is above all. And we should strive for it.

Be kind and nice to everyone is what we should learn and take away from this article. HUMANITY is one thing that should be passed on from generation to generation.


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