Where does Trump go from here now?

Trump still has 10 weeks left in office. And a lot can happen in 10 weeks. He will still be Commander-in-Chief and make important foreign policy decisions. For example, George Bush Sean sent troops to Somalia in his final weeks and Jimmy Carter ended the Iran hostage crisis.

Trump can defile information and use the power of the presidency to free people from prison or block them if there is a federal case.

Has Trump really accepted his defeat?

Trump has personally challenged Biden’s victory. Former US President Donald Trump said, “Nobody knows who will administer in the future, Only time can decide this”. There is a lot of speculation in the media and newspapers on who will be the next President of America. A Trump aide said that “Trump can accept his defeat”.

According to some specific sources, Trump has refused to just accept Biden’s conclusion. He has in person challenged Biden’s conclusion. Former USA President Donald Trump said, “Nobody is aware that the World Health Organization can administer within the future, solely time
will decide this”.

There is tons of speculation within the media and newspapers on whether the World Health Organization is going to be following the President of America. A Trump aide said that “Trump will settle for his defeat”.

Diplomatic synergy of Modi and Trump:

It can be called the golden age of strong ties between the two countries organized by Trump and Modi. President Trump got on his debit before the 2016 presidential election.

For the last four years, the US has supported India on the front of China and Pakistan, from this aspect it has been decided that no matter who forms the government in America, they will not be able to stand for India, Because by doing so Modi came to the government and in 2016 came the administration of Trump.

The main reasons for Donald Trump losing the “Presidential Election”:

Joe Biden has finally been elected the new President of the United States after serving in public for nearly 50 years and twice as Vice President.

Biden surpasses the magical figure of 270 to win. Biden has made history, winning the US presidential election by crossing a magical figure of 270 votes. This election has taken place in the US during the epidemic period, which has greatly affected America.

The US has faced many violent incidents and social variations a few months back. Biden is completely different from earlier presidents. Let’s know about the major reasons that led Biden to win the presidency
by defeating Donald Trump.

1. COVID-19 :-

The Coronavirus epidemic kills 2,30,000 people in America, And it has changed the political as well as the people there. Donald Trump has also acknowledged this. In the US, its infection has expanded at a very rapid pace, The Trump administration has not met the expectation of American citizens in handling this transition Due to which the popularity of the trump declined.

According to An American research organizations poll, Joe Biden is 17 points ahead of Donald Trump to tackle the crisis. From a survey by an American research organizations. “Growth and prosperity” was the real issue of Trump’s campaign, but the reality is telling something else.

2. Low Flare Election Campaign:

The economy crisis in the US was caused by the corana epidemic. And on the other hand, President Trump has taken a decision without considering small big policies and the trust of American people has decreased under Trump’s leadership.

This lack of Trump’s election campaign was used by Biden as a weapon in his election campaign. There was a reason that president Trump has been in the news with inflammatory statements made by him, Because of which Trump has faced opposition from US citizens and opposition
power leaders. This topic proved beneficial for Biden’s election campaign program.

3. Biden’s full support by American citizens:

By the week before Election Day, Biden’s campaign had started showing his last television commercials., Under which advertisements included in Biden’s earlier campaign were shown again. Which shows that Biden is an expensive person. This has enabled Biden to gain the trust of American citizens.

Biden said in his election campaign, “This election is a fight to save the soul of America,”

He called this election a national chance to save the big economy of the country and the big divisive effect in the last 4 years “. There was a small mathematical political behind this slogan.

Biden imposed his political fortune thinking that Trump wanted polarization And created a state of anarchy with his inflammatory speeches, But the citizens of America need quiet and stable leadership. Democratic supporters had the general belief that if Biden wins the presidential election, thinking about politics for a few months will give time.

4. Biden’s strategy of choosing the middle way:

During the time Biden was in the race for the “Democratic Party”, his competition was with Bernice Leander and Elizabeth Warren. A large amount of money was available for both of these election campaigns. The campaign was being organized in a systematic manner and a large crowd was gathering in its campaign.

Accepting this challenge from the Libran side, Biden decided to remain moderate. He refused to accept the government-run healthcare, free college education and wealth tax. This helped them reach the appeal of their campaign equivalent to the Moderates and the Republic. Biden
could have chosen anyone else to get the support of the Left, but he chose black woman “Kamala Harris” as the Vice President.

Varnish was very close to Leander and Varan on the issue of environment and climate change., And along with this issue, he also managed to attract the youth. This was a very serious issue for Biden. However, he also took the risk of not getting the support of voters associated with energy, pollution-producing energy industries in Swings State. But it proved an exception for Biden. And he won a historic victory in the election.

5. Importance of political experience:

The Donald Trump is related to non-traditional politics, so he has no experience in politics. Taking over the office of the US president is no small matter, as the US is a “United States” country. The president of the
United States requires a vicious politician and a qualified diplomat.

The guidelines and order given by the President of the US are very important. The post of US President is the highest and more powerful than the Presidents of the world. He can intervene in any matters of the world, and can also give appropriate orders. The US president is given the highest level of protection.

In his tenure, Donald Trump has not lived up to the expectations of the American public, perhaps that is why the public has ignored him. Now American citizens have trusted Biden and assigned him to the post
of President, Now it will be interesting to see how Joe Biden meets the hopes of American citizens.

Why did Trump say “I won the election” after giving up?

Some of Trump’s associates, including the Israeli Prime Minister, have already congratulated Biden. This does not mean that Trump cannot fight. This is his right. But it’s probably not going to take him very far.

Let’s discuss about Trump:-
What initiatives can Trump take now after losing the presidential election?

America’s big news networks have calculated and called Biden’s victory
a safe and flawless victory. But Trump has accused the election rigging of some results in the court. So can Trump still win based on the arguments presented in court?

Can Trump’s opposition disrupt Biden’s presidency?

Trump has not officially given up, Biden leads thousands in the Troop and Biden battlegrounds. A candidate can also file a lawsuit if they suspect irregularities. The Trump campaign has challenged electoral processes in many states. Although lawsuits filed in Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin and Arizona have already failed, Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani says they will continue to run.

The election timetable means that a legal battle cannot last forever. Trump may present challenges to the states before voting and rigging of Aropo before assuming the office of President.

Because on December 14, voters from each state come together as electors to cast their votes. The presidential race has called for Biden as enough Democrat electors are expected to confirm his victory.

Ultimately Trump can make all the noise he wants but does not affect who takes the presidential office. It does not even have to be publicly forbidden. It is just a generally respected tradition. Donald Trump’s term
officially ends on 20 January 2021 at noon.

How can he use the time left in the White House for Trump?

In Trump’s time left in the White House, he is capable of taking any kind of decision as a president.

No presidential candidate has ever explicitly declined in the history of the United States. Richard Nixon lambasted him even after he was accused of rigging the votes of F. Kennedy and the Democrats. Vice President Al Gore accepted the Supreme Court’s decision, which was won by George W. Bush in Florida.

This was after a protracted legal battle and a comeback with some margin of 537 votes. But Trump did not give up. And there are things that he can still do. During that time also request a candidate.

The court rejected the election rigging imposed on Biden by Trump:

Trump’s fraud claims within the USA primary election are rejected by election officers. For the last few months, the anxiety about the presidential election was in full swing. During the presidential election itself, several prestigious media channels declared the Democratic Party’s senior candidate “Joe Biden” as the winner.

US election security officials rejected President Donald Trump’s claims of fraud in the primary election, According to election officials, “We did not find any evidence of rigging in the voting count.” The 2020 primary election was the safest election in USA history. Republican President Trump is systematically creating groundless claims of electoral fraud and has nevertheless to simply accept his defeat.

Two committees of the Security Department’s office have termed the
allegations of rigging in the vote as baseless,

He said, “There is not any proof of any wrongdoing, conversion of votes or meddling through the legal system.”

Members of committees spearheading efforts to shield the federal election same, “Many times votes are counted once more once there’s a tough competition in states.” Documents of all the votes are kept there
when the thorn collides during this year’s presidential election, so that they are counted once if needed “

The court decided the same in his statement that “this is another good thing about security and adaptability.” This method identifies any mistakes or errors and offers them an opportunity to boost. there’s no
proof of any wrongdoing, amendment of votes or any meddling through the legal system.”

He said, “The election on Gregorian calendar month three was the safest election in yank history.”

Others to sign this statement embrace state-level election officers, vendors of ballot instrumentality.

The USA had a presidential election on Gregorian calendar month three, during which many distinguished media houses declared political party candidate Joe Biden as the winner.


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