Does America trust Biden? And GDP changes.

There was a wave of joy all over America, as soon as the news of Biden’s presidency was out late at night in the USA. American citizens started celebrating the victory that very night itself. Immigrant citizens of Indian origin living in the United States wholeheartedly welcomed Biden’s victory. With this happy atmosphere, celebration and fireworks you can guess how much the American public like Biden. This more or less answers the question, that America does trust Biden.

What changes will happen in America after Biden wins the presidency?

Joe Biden has won the USA presidency. He became the 46th President of the United States after defeating Donald Trump. Joe Biden, aged 77, will be the first president to become the oldest president in USA history. Elected a member of the USA Senate at the age of 29–30, Biden served as “Vice President” during the tenure of the Obama administration. Biden is a political veteran.

Let’s know what changes will happen after Biden takes over as President;

Review of global change:
  1. In America, incidents of protest and violence against blacks may reduce.
  2. Biden’s stance on radical terrorism may moderate.
  3. There is not much chance of change in India-US relations.
  4. America’s relations with China may improve. Some industrial agreements with China canceled during Trump’s tenure may change.
  5. America’s trade war with China, which was at the height of the Trump era, may end gradually.
  6. Biden’s outlook on immigrant policy is slightly softer than Trump’s administration.
  1. The biggest thing, Joe Biden’s arrival may increase the number of green card offers in America.

Benefits of India by USA election:

1. India-USA defense issues are unlikely to change much. Joint maneuvers and military agreements will continue to be the same as
before. Biden’s speeches are a proof that America will not change its priority over India, because America’s relationship with India has become institutionalized.

2. India-USA economic relations are likely to improve further, industrial-trade relations between the two countries may be further

3. The biggest gift for Indians from the Biden administration is that the “green card” will be more feasible for Indians, that means more Indians will settle in America.

What is a green card?

The green card grants permanent approval to live and work in the United States after completing legal procedures. This can be a golden opportunity for those wishing to become American residents. Its manufacturing process may take longer.

4. The Biden administration may recommend peace talks with China over the Indo-China border dispute, as the Democratic Party’s stance has been slightly soft towards China.

5. If we talk about the relation between India and Pakistan, there will not be much change on this because India has made it clear that it will definitely protect its interests.

6. IT group companies are likely to benefit from Biden becoming president.

Biden became the first president to get the most votes:

According to sources, 77-year-old Biden will be the 46th President of the United States after winning the state of Pennsylvania. Biden has received more than 270 ‘electoral college votes’ after his victory in this state. A 270 “electoral vote” is necessary for the president to win. Biden received a total of 273 electoral votes, with the state of Pennsylvania leading by 20 additional electoral votes. This further adds to the factor that America does trust Biden for the President’s role.

Biden’s first address to the American public after the presidential election victory:

“Dear Americans, I am feeling terribly honored to have been given me the chance to steer an excellent country like America.”

Biden tweeted, “We have several challenges in our tenure.

We should bear in mind that we tend to have been looking ahead to these days for years. it’s due to your confidence that this historic day is feasible,

I will invariably maintain the arrogance that you simply have expressed in me by giving your valuable vote.

He said, “A large number of American people voted, facing many obstacles. This has once again proved that democracy resides in the heart of America.”

With the campaign coming to an end, it’s time to leave anger and harsh rhetoric together and come together as a nation. Biden said, “It is time to unite America.”

These speeches are proof enough of the fact the Biden not only is a bright candidate but also is well aware of how America trust Biden.

Biden’s political tenure before becoming president:

Before becoming President, Biden took over as Vice President during the tenure of former President Barack Obama. Biden is an expert player in the political arena. He is Delaware’s longest senator.

“Kamala Harris” became America’s first black vice-president:

Former Senator Kamala Harris is the first black woman to honor the post of Vice President in the US. Kamala Harris, 56, will be the country’s first black and African American Vice President. Kamala Harris is 22 years younger than President Biden. Biden and Harris will take oath of office on January 20 next year.

President Biden said in a tweet that, “Kamala Harris is a fearless woman leader and one of America’s best life representatives. It has happened for the first time in America, nothing is impossible in America.”

Kamala Harris’s birth and political journey:

Senator Kamala Harris was born in Auckland California. His father is of Jamaican origin and his mother is of Indian origin. In January last year, she submitted a memorandum for the presidential bid, but for some reason had to
drop out of the presidential candidature.

Kamala Harris tweeted about Biden and said, “Joe Biden wants to develop America together by taking everyone along. Biden wants to make America a country that meets our interests.”

Will Biden Improve, USA’s Low Level GDP (Gross Domestic Product) ?

If GDP decreases in a country, then the fear of that country increases, the fallow income continues and the possibility of losses increases.

If the GDP of that country increases then its results are reversed. During the Trump government in the USA, the GDP level of the USA has gone down. As a result, American citizens have organized several protests against the Trump government.

The USA currently has a GDP level of 2.5. This is why the American public rejected Trump in this year’s presidential election. Biden is a politically skilled and nipple politician. American citizens expect a positive change in economies from Biden.

What is GDP?

GDP Gross Domestic Product means the production and service produced in
any country or economic system at any given time. And its price is calculated according to the market, it is called the GDP of the country. That is, the amount of products produced within a fixed range determines the GDP level of the country. GDP changes are mainly determined on eight things, agriculture, industry, manufacturing, electricity, construction, defense and others.

Out of this, GDP growth is determined on the basis of average increase and decrease in production. GDP is estimated every quarter in India, which is done by coordinating with various states and central agencies. And those figures are used to calculate GDP. GDP is also called an indicator of a semi-system. Because it shows the speed in the market. This article does try to justify why America does trust Biden and how it will impact the GDP.


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