Marcus Rashford: A hero on and off the pitch

Marcus Rashford, is a leading player of the prestigious Manchester United Football Club. He is a famous England footballer, who is also a Manchester United striker. He is going to get a standard doctorate from Manchester University for the work he has done against child poverty. Marcus Rashford is the first young footballer to receive this honor. He made his Premier League debut against Arsenal in 2016.

Early life:

Marcus Rashford a professional football player from England who plays in the English Premier League. He was born on October 31, 1997, in Wythenshawe, Manchester, England. Marcus was brought up by his mother, Mel Rashford. He grew up with his four siblings, three brothers and one sister. During the age of five, he became a part of a small football club, Fletcher Moss Rangers. His early fame stemmed from that platform and hence came to be known as “A hero on the pitch”. Soon enough he became a hub of gaze owing to his grandeur talent.

Resultantly, he joined the academy of the prestigious ‘Manchester Club’, at the age of 7. Getting enrolled at the academy proved to be a turning point for Marcus Rashford, and he started his journey well. In 2015 he was included for the first time in the first team in the “Premier League” against “Watford”. They ended up winning the game

During a warm-up match, when Anthony Martial was injured there was a majestic opportunity for Marcus Rashford. He thus became a part of the ‘UEFA, Europa League’, on February 25, 2016. His team, Manchester won by 5-1, as he ended up bagging two goals.

In addition to this, three days later he made his English team debut against ‘Arsenal’. Marcus Rashford ended up again scoring 2 goals and became the third-youngest player in the history of ‘Manchester United’.

International Appearance:

Before making his international debut with ‘Manchester United,’ Marcus Rashford was a part of the ‘UEFA Euro 2016’. In a warm-up match against Australia, he scored the opening goal, clinching a 2–1 win. He thus is the youngest English player to do so in an international debut.

Marcus a hero off the Pitch

In the history of football, especially at the beginning of the Covid-19 some thought that high-paying players should take a pay cut, but in the past days, Marcus Rashford, an unlikely ‘hero off the pitch’ surfaced. The PFA Merit Award on account of his actions Off the pitch’ was awarded to Marcus Rashford.

Despite earning million dollars he never forgot his roots, especially giving back to society and make the world better. He is truly the only hero on and off the pitch because he strongly advocated the eradication of childhood poverty and giving meals to school children till Easter 2021. It did not happen so smoothly as unfortunately, the MPS rejected this posture by 322 votes to 261 – a majority of 61.

Furthermore, he tweeted that we should take aside all noise, the digs, the party politics and let’s focus on the reality, number of children are going to bed not only hungry but feeling they are marginalized bodies, even the MPs possess capabilities to feed the poor since years but did not, thus as a majestic hero off the pitch, he pledged to feed those children on his own.

Rashford made a taskforce so that they can cooperate on how best to combat child-food insecurity in the UK, moreover he wrote that this is not about politics, this is about humanity and earned the title of hero off the pitch.

Manchester United Young team:

Marcus’ efforts to eliminate, child poverty in the UK, made Manchester United proud, and the club tweeted through their Twitter account and wrote, ‘A hero. An inspiration. One of our own.’

When Manchester United’s leading striker, Anthony Martial got injured and there was no replacement for that player but Marcus, he had a golden opportunity to make his Club proud of him. Marcus took the football world by surprise in his first-team debut on the field, defining a hero on the pitch when he scored 2 goals against Midtjylland. Manchester won by 5-1, not only did he make Manchester proud of him, but also he broke the record of the renowned footballer, George Best, and became the youngest player to do so.

Manchester United first-team social cause:

A prestigious football club Manchester United, has won many premier leagues as well as champion leagues trophies throughout the years. The club has won a record 19 leagues, a record 11 FA cups and four league cup, and the Manchester United Foundation works in the most disadvantaged areas of England.

Career Achievement

In 2016 Rashford became one of the the youngest english player by scoring in his first first senior international match in 2016. He played in UEFA Euro tournament as the youngest player. He also received Jimmy Murphy young player of the year award in 2016.

Marcus Rashford has represented England in 2018 FIFA World Cup. Marcus Rashford scored in his first Manchester Derby match, UEFA Champions League and EFL cup. Rashford appeared in total 132 matches for United in 4 campaigns.

He scored 33 goals in domestic and European tournaments and he scored 9 goals for England. Rashford won 4 trophies with Reds, he won his first Trophy in Europa League then in FA cup, carabao cup and in Community Shield. Many people compares Rashford with the former United great, Wayne Rooney. Truly Marcus Rashford is one of the great football player.

Live Achievements

Marcus Rashford is a recognised “Member of the order of the British empire” by providing his support and assistance on the matter of homelessness and child food poverty in the united kingdom. He also used his pulpit to be a political activist and to bring social change.

Current Status and Football life:

Marcus, ‘the hero on and off the pitch’, of Manchester club and an England, at the mere age of 22 has called on the UK government to do an about-face and expand the scheme for free school meal permits for vulnerable children over the summer and asked the MPs to feed the children, the reality on the pitch said MPs could feed children for years. And he is getting the attention of all people to sign up for this scheme. They have volunteered to become a part of his petition to end child food poverty and was signed by over 1m people.

He is, in my article, ‘the hero on and off the pitch’ because of the talent and performance he displays on the field of a football game. In the beginning, he broke the records of famous footballers and earned Manchester United’s fan’s love and respect. This is one of the major reason I’ve tagged him as ‘the hero on and off the field’.

A hero on and off the pitch: Marcus Rashford’s performance against RB Leipzig in the Champions League last Wednesday was nothing more than a career definition, even in the 27-minute cameo, he was able to score a hat-trick. Hence, not only did Rashford get off to a great start to the 2020-21 season, his humanitarian work has been truly impressive. The importance of the work Rashford is doing outside of football cannot be overstated.

He worked with FareShare – the UK’s food redistribution charity – which has been widely publicized since he was appointed ambassador in March 2020. However, its after-school programs don’t stop there.


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