Biden’s Historical Triumph Against Trump

Democrats Win The White House

The 59th USA presidential election was conducted on November 3, 2020. In the Us, the total number of electoral colleges is 538. And to win the presidency one should secure 270 electoral ballots. The current US president Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joseph Robinette Biden Jr competed in the election.

The Democratic nominee Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as a vice president who is the running mate of Biden and the first Indian- African – American women Vice President of US who won with a history of 290 Electoral college votes. Biden’s attainment was issued by news portals like CNN, NBC, Associated Press.

The current US President Donald Trump fails the polls by grasping 214 electoral college votes and The Democratic appointee Joe Biden won the election by achieving 290 electoral college votes. The Associated Press issued the poll counting of the franchise. Joe Biden secures 7,54,04,182 votes which is a record in US history because no former presidents secure as many votes as Biden while Trump secures 7,09,03,094.

The incumbent president’s supporters are closely noticing the states of Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada as these are the states where poll workers are counting the ballot. The Republicans are demurring upon Biden and yelling to stop counting the ballot near the counting-house.


Trump and his supporters are protesting against the ballot counting. They are asking to “STOP THE COUNT”. Trump tweeted on his Twitter page to STOP COUNTING the ballot and also accused that Biden is stealing the votes and also the election

He said that Biden and democrats are thieves and they are corrupting the election with false votes. The best pollster wrote that this election is fake and stolen.

Trump said that the Republican observers are not allowed in the counting room to see the ballot counting. I got 71000000 legal votes, I’m the winner.

The incumbent president is blaming that Biden is a cheater and he is deceiving the election poll. Also, the incumbent republican Trump said that he is the white house president before the completion of ballot counting


Swing states are unpredictable states. In swing states, the franchise can be swayed by either democratic or republic. Pennsylvania Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Michigan, Colorado are the swing states of the USA. Biden won the ballot in 7 swing states with 50.7% votes. Swing States turnout for Biden is Georgia, Arizona, Michigan Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin.

The votes Biden secured in Georgia is 2,465,78 votes, Michigan is 2,798,640,Pennsylvania is 3,362,018, Wisconsin is 1,630,570, Arizona is 1, 643, 664, Nevada is 664, 162.

Changes to be made by Biden in America.

Biden has promised several things that he is going to do for the country. He is going to do and undo some serious issues. Biden promised to invest more money in research for this covid and he called for a national mask mandate. Biden promises to ban the
surprise billing and he is going to clear all the challenges faced by The Affordable Care Act established by Obama in the midst of his

We can expect many more climatic changes in Biden’s rule as he is going to reverse the old White house policy on fuels, natural resources, he tweeted that we are together as one America and we will be stronger than before. Tonight the entire Americans and the whole world is watching them. We will incubate an illustration of the world. And he also said a verse from the bible that for everything there is a season and this is the season to heal America.

New President Biden is running a campaign for the welfare of the country while Trump is doing false allegations and accusations against Biden on his victory. This is one of the main reason behind his defeat.

Biden tweeted his thanks and assistance and comfort furnished by Americans on his Twitter page

Biden tweeted ‘’From the bottom of my heart: thank you.’’

Modi’s Reaction On Biden’s Victory:

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted that he is happy for both Biden and Kamala Harris for their victory. He tweeted a congratulating message to Biden and Kamala Harris on their spectacular victory. He also said that as a Vice President during Obama’s Presidency Biden’s endowment was invaluable. He further added that he is looking forward to doing many things that help in strengthening the Indo-American bond.

Biden’s Speech After Triumph:

Trump accused Biden of false victory and added some baseless allegations. But after the historical supremacy Biden, in his maiden sermon, pledged his people that he is going to strengthen and unite the nation rather than splitting it into parts.

When he was giving his first speech as a President-elect in Wilmington he asked the supporters of Trump to give him one chance to unite this nation and support him. He said he is going to build the nation again. He is going to make America a powerful respected country around the world. His speech was absolutely tremendous, he said many many good things to the people of the United States. He said he is not going to see his country as a red state or a blue state but one and only the United States.

In the campaign, Biden said he is not standing as a Democratic candidate but as an American President.

His speech was indeed astonishing. He didn’t accuse or post false allegations as Trump did. Instead of accusing him, he said that let us both give a chance to each other. I understand the pain of all those who voted for President Trump. He asked the Americans to stop treating the opponents as enemies.



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