The post era of The USA Presidential election: 2020

Voting has begun in the United States, with the voting first taking place in the eastern state of Vermont. Around 10 crore voters have already cast their votes. Donald Trump is giving his best to win votes at the USA presidential election again and trying hard not to repeat the history of George Bush, who failed to become president again in the 1992 election.

Most of the electoral surveys are showing that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is leading the competition but the same polls are also showing that there is a close fight between the two candidates in the swing state.

To win the title of the President in the USA, it is necessary to win the swing state, that is the state that makes the final decision of your fate.

Swing states are the ones whose voter turnout varies, the contest of Democratic and Republican candidates is going to be quite interesting. But according to sources, Trump appears to be losing the USA presidential Election post against Biden’s strong vote level.

A political journey of Donald Trump:

Trump’s personal life:

Donald Trump is the 45th president of the USA. Mr. Trump is not only President but also an American veteran businessman, writer, and TV artist. He has a large real estate industry in the US. Further he always remains in the news headlines due to his uncoordinated, unruly speeches. Trump does not have any connection with any political house. He achieved the office of President on his own strength.

On the 14th of June 1946, Donald Trump was born in Queens New York City. Donald Trump’s father is Fred Trump and Anne McLeod Trump. His family believes in Presbyterian Christianity.

Donald Trump’s Education review:

Trump is a graduate of “Economic”. He studied at the Modern School of Finance and Commerce of the University of Modern and Pessal Minia University. During his college time, he joined his father’s company.

Trump’s father and grandparents were German immigrants. Trump’s grandfather obtained USA citizenship in 1875. Donald Joan Trump is America’s very poor businessman and a big name on television

Trump’s Property Review:

Trump is a successful USA businessman. Currently, Trump has assets worth billions of dollars. One of the most expensive assets he owns is in New York which is the luxury farmhouse in the Meghegaton area.

Analysis of the family of Trump:

Donald Trump has been accused of illicit relations with many women and the mistreatment of women. But his third wife Malania has always stood with him.

Trump has had three weddings so far, his first marriage in 1977 to Olympic player “Evanna”, who had three children, Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka Trump, and Ari Trump. Trump then married film actress Marla in 1993 to whom “Italy Trump” was born. In 1999, Trump also divorced Marla.
Then in 2005, he married Melania. Melania was a model by profession. The third wife borne a child named William Trump.

Who is Biden?

“Joseph Robin Biden” born in 1942 in “Scranton” the state of Pennsylvania is the oldest of the four siblings. His father’s name is Joseph R. Biden Sr. and the mother’s name was Cathrine Eugenia Finnegan. He moved to Delaware as a child. Joe Biden worked as a lawyer in the initial days before entering politics. He has been the fifth-youngest USA senator in history and the longest-serving senator in Delaware. He did two weddings.

College, marriage and grade school:

Biden enrolled at the University of Delaware, where he studied history and social sciences and competed in football. He later admitted that he spent his initial 2 years at school as a student who was curious about football, women, and parties than lectures. However, he developed a keen interest in politics in 1961, inspired by John F. Kennedy.

His marriage life:

On a holiday trip to the Bahamas throughout his year with his friends, Biden met a Syracuse college girl named Neilia Hunter. She was devoted to her studies and worked as a teacher at Syracuse University grade school upon her graduation from Delaware in 1965. In 1966, Biden was so moved by Neilia’s love that he married Neilia Hunter.

Biden was at the best a mediocre educatee. Throughout his initial year at Syracuse, he flunked a category for failing to properly cite respect to law criticism. Though he claimed it absolutely was AN accidental oversight, the incident would haunt him later in his career

A Political journey of Joe Biden:

Biden has previously been a candidate for the USA “presidential election”:

Joe Biden is a very well-known American politician. He is the US Democratic the USA presidential election candidate for the year 2020 and is Trump’s Opposition in the election. Biden, a six-time senator from Delaware, has been selected as a candidate for the third time in the USA presidential election race. He made his first attempt in the 1988 election, wherein he had to back down on plagiarism. Then he attempted for the 2008 election.

Biden is said to be very close to former USA President Barack Obama, serving twice as Vice President during the tenure of Obama from 2008 to 2016. Obama hopes for a win for Biden in 2020 presidential election.
In 2017, Obama presented his administration’s most trusted “Joe Biden” to the presidency. For the past two years, Biden initiated his campaign for the US presidency and as the Democratic President of 2020.

Biden has faced many difficulties in his life:

Biden was elected to the Senate in 1972 after battling with many difficulties in a high-powered position. He was the youngest of the members elected to the Senate. Also in past few weeks, a tragedy ensued in Biden’s family, when his wife Neilia Biden and daughter Naomi were exterminated in a car accident, and their sons Hunter and Beau were severely injured.

This made Biden travel daily by Amtrak train to and fro from Wilmington to Washington DC to see his sons. This made him popular under the name ‘Amtrak Joe’. For five years, Biden raised Bu and Hunter as a single father with the help of his sister Valerie and her family.

In 2015, Biden’s elder son Bue died of brain cancer at the age of 46. Biden’s younger son Hunter is a lawyer and lobbyist. Hunter has also been accused of corruption and fraud in his profession. Biden married Jill five years later after his wife Neilia’s death. He also has a daughter named Ashley who was born in 1981.

Biden’s top priorities for America:

Biden has three major priorities, which include expanding health care infrastructure, investing more in education, and reorienting relations with partner countries.

What is the attitude towards India?

Addressing the Indian-American community on the occasion of India’s 74th Independence Day, Biden said that “If he wins the USA presidential election, he will stand with India in dealing with the threats they are facing.”

Biden’s statement’s review:

Biden said, “I was leading the effort to ratify the historic civil nuclear deal with India 15 years ago.” I said that if India and America become close friends and allies, the world will be more secure.

He also said that “He will work on increasing trade between the two countries and tackling global challenges like climate change.”

Biden’s controversies:

  1. Plagiarism charge on Biden:
    Biden has been accused of plagiarizing the speech of Neil Kinnock of the British Labor Party. In addition to that, Biden finally admitted to having stolen a law review article during his first year at law school.
  2. Sexual harassment: A woman working in Biden’s Senate office filed a criminal complaint with Washington DC police. The complaint stated that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.
  3. Biden retracted his statement: Biden claimed to have been shot in 2007, he then backtracked his statement. In 2007, Biden claimed that he was shot in the Green Zone of Iraq but later clarified that he was seen firing in Iraq.

What’s Trump and Joe Biden’s vision about India:

Donald Trump.

  • Trump wants to maintain a good friendship with India, but his statements about India tells a different story.
    Trump’s controversial statements:-
  • Trump said, “Our relations with India have been great, and India has benefited a lot from us for many years.”
  • Quoting about India’s environment he said, “India’s air is dirtier than our country “
  1. Donald Trump is in favor of banning an H1B visa for citizens of India.
  2. The Trump Government had decided to withdraw the Generalized system of Preference GSP facility from India.
  3. Trump had decided to remove the GST facility from India.
  4. Trump maintains a close relationship with India so that 50,000 immigrants of Indian origin can be counted as vote banks, Donald Trump’s accession to Howdy Modi was part of electoral arithmetic. He forcefully wants to win the election.

Joe Biden:

Joe Biden’s statements about India;

  • Biden said, ‘’The soldiers who are dedicated to ethnic cohesion, and the faith and country inspire us a lot.”
    The signing of the Indo-US nuclear deal became possible through Joe Biden’s effort. He was instrumental in getting the resolution passed in the US Senate, allowing India and the US nuclear deal to continue negotiations.
    He also says, “The world will be the safest place, if India and America, both become friends”.

Joe Biden’s anti-India Opinion:

  1. Joe Biden has opposed the Citizenship Amendment Act and the Citizenship Register in India.
  2. They have opposed the removal of Section 370 in Jammu and Kashmir.
  3. Now it remains to be seen who will be the President of America and how will he have a relationship with India.

But the most important relationship between India and America is the US stand on tensions between India and China.
Everyone knows Trump’s stand, now let’s think about Biden Xi Jinping and Kim Jong, let’s test Biden’s speech,
Joe Biden states about Xi Jinping, “Based on the amount of time I have spent with Jinping, I can say that Jinping is a person for whom democracy does not even matter at all.”
That is, Biden’s opinion about China is the same as Biden’s opinion about Jinping. While on the Chinese front, India is going to meet the two leaders equally.

However, Biden’s opinion of the ban on H1B and the economic relationship between the two countries is quite positive for India.

Presidential candidate election: 2020

If a person is 35 years old and is a ‘natural citizen’ of the United States, and has been living in the United States for at least 14 years, then he can submit a presidential claim. Later any American who wants to join the USA presidential election race has to submit his documents to the “Federal Election Commission”. This can be done up to one year before the election date.

The primary election is the first step in the USA presidential election. Through primary elections in various states, the parties find out their strong contender.
This process takes place in two ways:

Primary: This method is more traditional. The process is common as it is used in most of the states. Common citizens take part in this and tell the party who is their candidate of choice.

Caucus: This process is used in those states where the party has a stronghold. Most of the party’s traditional voters take part in the caucus. This time the caucus method will be adopted in the state of Iowa.

The biggest difference between the two elections is that party members gather in the caucus and the candidate’s name is discussed in a public place. After this, the people present there raise their hands and choose candidates, while in the primary voting it is done through the ballot.

At the convention, these delegates elect the party’s presidential candidate. The USA presidential election candidate is the only vice-presidential candidate chosen.

Support is raised through election campaign:

In an election campaign the candidates of the various party attempt to garner the support of the voters. Within the last week, the candidates place their full strength and stimulate the ‘Swing states’. ‘Swing States’ square measure states wherever an elector will get favor of anyone.

Electoral college elects: Voters of states elect electors. This elector may be a supporter of 1 of the USA presidential candidates. These electors create Associate in Nursing body, out of the 538 members.

It is solely when electing Associate in Nursing election that the final public’s participation in elections ends. Finally, members of the body elect the president by a pick. A minimum of 270 electoral votes to become president.

The applier of the President’s candidate is needed to measure up to these conditions:

  1. It is necessary to be born in America and will be a United States of America subject.
  2. He/She completed the age of 35 years.
  3. He/she has lived within the United States of America incessantly for fourteen years.

Powers of USA President:

USA President:

The President of the United States is considered the most powerful president in the world. Like India, the term of President of America is not five years but only four years.
Let’s know some important things related to the American President;

  1. The legal provision says that a person can become American president a maximum of 2 times:
    The President of the United States can become President only twice. Its constitution does not give the right to become president more often than this. George Washington was the first president of America.
2. He is the highest official of diplomacy.

The President of America is also the supreme of the government and the states. It is the duty of the President to implement the law which the US Senate (Parliament) makes. He is also the largest diplomatic officer in the country. In addition, he also has the authority to recognize new countries

3. Parliament can overturn the President’s authority:

The President of the United States cannot present any bill in Parliament on his behalf. He can only create pressure for Kannu. He has the right to veto not to sign any bill, but a two-thirds majority of the House can also overturn the President’s authority.

4. Power of pocket veto:

The USA President has also been given a privilege. Which is called pocket veto. Its constitution and the Supreme Court do not clearly explain the powers of the President. For this reason, the President has been given the option of pocket veto. In special caseS, he can use it. This right has also been exercised many times.

5. No right to declare war:

The President of the United States is the Chief of all armies, the Commander in Chief of the US Army. Even then, he does not automatically have the right to declare war. Before declaring war, he would have to seek the approval of the Senate.

What do “states” matter in the USA presidential election?

Most of the democracies around the world elects the head of their state with a popular vote, so the candidate who gets the most votes wins the election.

America is the only country to elect its president using a system called the Electoral College. It is made up of the representatives of every American. These representatives vote for the candidate.

This is why every time someone wins the presidency without winning the popular vote. But this has happened only twice in the last 20 years. Most American citizens do not like this voting system. Many senior US leaders have presented their longstanding arguments against this system. Both political parties have also tried to get rid of it.

Why does the Election Commission use the Electoral College despite opposition?

The Electoral College is based on how people are represented in Congress. Each state has several representatives based on its population, and each state also has two senators.

For example, let’s look at the city of Texas, which has a large population. And Vermont whose population is actually very small. Texas has 36 representatives in Congress. Vermont gets only one representation.
Representatives in both states represent approximately the same number of people each.

In Electoral College, a state gets the same number of representatives as its congressional representative, plus two for each senator. Therefore Texas has 38 electoral votes. Vermont has 3. But this combination makes each delegate the number of people represented differently between states.

In Texas, an electoral representative represents three times as much as one in Vermont. And that makes each person’s vote in Vermont a lot more influential.

The Electoral College produces such anomalies across the country. A voter in Wyoming is three and a half times more likely than a voter in California. When someone gets 270 or more votes of these electoral colleges. The President is the winner of the study.

The candidate who gets the most votes in the state gets all his electoral votes. If they win the state by 1%, they win 100% of the electoral vote.

Who are Americans voting for?

When Americans go to the polls in the USA presidential elections, they vote for a group of officials who makes the electoral college.

The word “college” refers to a group with a shared task. They are electors and they chose the president and vice president.

The electoral college gathers every four years, and also a few weeks after election day, to carry out that task.

Why was the system chosen?

In 1787, when the USA constitution was being drawn up, a national popular vote to elect a president of the country was impractical. This was because of the size of the country and the difficulty of communication.

At the same time, there was little enthusiasm for allowing the president to be chosen by lawmakers in the capital, Washington DC.
So, the framers of the constitution created the electoral college, with each state choosing electors.

Smaller states favored the system as it gave them more of a voice than a nationwide popular vote to decide the president. The electoral college was also favored by southern states, where slaves made up a large portion of the population. Even though slaves didn’t vote, they were counted in the US census (as three-fifths of a person).

Since the number of electoral votes was determined by the size of a state’s population, southern states had more influence in electing a president than a direct public vote would have given them.

What happens if no candidate gets a majority?

The House of Representatives, and the lower house of USA lawmakers, later, vote and elects the president.

This has happened only once, when in 1824 four candidates split the electoral vote, denying anyone of them a majority. With two parties dominating the USA, this is likely impossible to happen today.


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