KHABIB: The Undefeated MMA fighter

“KHABIB Nurmagomedov” is a mixed martial artist from Russia. He is also known as the Undefeated MMA Fighter because of the recent historic victory and setting a 29–0 record.  Khabib The undefeated MMA fighter has won titles in many fields like mixed martial arts, sambo, grappling, picasion. He retired post the victory as a fighter of UFC LightWeight.

So let’s know some interesting things related to the hill fighter “Khabib Nurmagomedov”, and know about his journey from a small village to becoming “Russian’s Greatest Muslim fighter in UFC and MMA”,

Early Life and Father’s Influence:

“Khabib Nurgomomedov”
The undefeated MMA fighter was born on September 20, 1988, in Rishi’s Silli, his father’s name was “Abdumanap Nurmagomedov” and mother’s name was Fatima. He was the second child of three children of his parents. His capture took place in the Kirovul countryside of Russia.

Here he grew up with a cousin and his elder brother “Magomed Nurmagomedov” and younger sister “Amina”. He belonged to a middle class family. The young Nurmagomedov was a very energetic and strong-willed child. Khabib was a very active and agile youth since childhood. He used to climb even on the biggest hills.

His interest in “martial arts” developed at the age of 8. He was more skillful in sports than children. At the age of seven, he also wrestled with a bear. When Khabib Nurmagomedov turned 15, he was sent to wrestling training where he faced many challenges. At the training institute he participated in many Kushtis and achieved his victory.

Life began in Dagestan, the town of “Khabib”:

Khabib The undefeated MMA fighter grew up in an exceedingly formidable state of mountains. It is also clearly visible in his soul. He says “He is a man born in a harsh land, Dagestane was the road to Europe and Asia, the whole life of the people here was like a war and it was absolutely in our blood”. Khabib lived in an exceeding house with fifteen of his brothers. His father helped him train during the morning and evening, similar to leading a life in the military.

The first house that Nurmagomedov’s family bought was in Tsumadinsky district, the village of Sildi. Here he lived along with his father and his mother. Khabib started active fighting along with his brother and so he became a master of his game. The undefeated MMA fighter “Khabib” strictly adhered to his coach’s discipline and consistency.

“Khabib Nurmagomedov” life of a fighter begins:

Khabib started fighting as an MMA in September 2008, claiming four wins in a month. In October he became the champion of the inaugural Atrium Cup tournament, defeating three of his opponents at the Moscow event. The following year, Khabib defeated 11 of the 12 opponents to immortalize his nickname “Undefeated”.

In late 2011 Khabib Nurmagomedov signed a six-fight deal to complete the UFC Lightweight Division. In December, Khabib challenged Gilbert Melendez on social media. The two players were expected to compete in the UFC 170 match on 22 February 2014. However, the match OP was canceled as Diaz discontinued the boxing game.

In September, Khabib Nurmagomedov signed two contracts for the title against the UFC Lightweight champion. Eddie Alvarez, confirmed bout for FFC 205 with Dana White on UFC 205 or UFC 206 Fight Card, However on 26 September, the UFC announced that Alvarez would instead defend the title against Conner McGregor.

“Khabib” vs “McGregor”:

On Friday the 3rd of August 2018, the UFC announced that Conor would be defending the title at UFC 229. Khabib defeated McGregor in the fourth round by submission, after the competition, Khabib jumped the octagon and tried to attack McGregor teammate Billion Dennis. This resulted in an economic penalty of 24 million per payment for both teams. This was a shocking event in the history of MMA.

“Khabib Nurmagomedov” championship and achievements:

Mixed martial arts;

  • UFC Lightweight Championship (once operational)

  • Three successful title strongholds.

  • Most Takedowns in Single UFC Fight.

  • 2 most submissions win UFC History (3) CW in Fight Title Fight. John Jones, Ronda Rousey and Matt Hughes.

  • First Russian – born UFC champion.

  • First Muslim UFC Champion.

Controversy discussions:

UFC 229, the biggest battle in history, took place between MMA, Khabib and
McGregor. But unfortunately, a series of battles were clouded by Khabib who emerged victorious after the battle. Khabib most likely lost screaming after McGregor’s departure Because he was still angry at everything, McGregor said that at Build OP, Don participated in the fight shortly after the outcry against McGregor’s team.

After some time Khabib leaped over the fence to physically go after Conor’s team. McGregor called Khabib derogatory words about his family and religion. Dillon said that we cannot do what he said but Dillon was insulting Khabib and saying things to provoke him.

Khabib’s team also started attacking McGregor but was saved by security. At this point, Dana White and Khabib get into a debate inside the cage, with Khabib demanding Dana White to put his title around the waist. But Dana White refused.

In the press, Dana White said: “In the midst of this stuff while it was going on I felt that I had to start worrying about the fans and the people who are inside the arena media, Friends you know that they are watching the fight and feel that if we put a belt on it in the middle of the octagon.

It was rainy and I thought people would throw whatever in the octagon and I thought it would be a dangerous situation so I didn’t do it, I said that we are going to be lucky, just have to get out from there without being disturbed”. Undefeated Khabib calls MMA career after Gabies’ win.

“Khabib Nurmgomedov” sure of his promise:

After his father’s death, Khabib promised his mother that he will fight the last match. After registering a second-round win over Justin Getheje on Saturday, Khabib Nurmagomedov the undefeated MMA fighter called time on the Mix Martial Arts Carrer.

Leaving his gloves in the center of the octagon to fulfill a promise to his mother, he undid his opponent with his constant forward pressure before advancing Gaethje and gave him a triangle. Which won him his 29th victory, defeating its American rival and maintaining its continuous winning record.

Khabib The undefeated MMA fighter told to reporters, I spoke to my mother three days ago. She did not want me to fight without my father.” But I promised him that this would be my last fight and if I give my word, So I have to follow it. Khabib never lost a match and set a 29–0 record. That is why Khabib is also known by the nickname “Undefeated”

7 Reason why Khabib’s the G.O.A.T IMO:

1. The most matches in UFC history were 10–8 rounds. “Khabib” is by far the most prominent fighter in Octagon.

2. It is controversial, that he never lost a round in a golden age in the Octagon, perhaps because he was a black-eyed fighter.

3. This player has never dropped a single drop of blood in the octagon or has no black eyes.

4. Never cheated with steroids.

5. Was promised a title shot by the UFC way back in 2016, sent a contract in the fight Alvarez for the title in Sep 2016 but was used as a pawn in negotiations and the lightweight title shot was given to featherweight Mcgregor. Mcgregor beat Alvarez and held the belt hostage forcefully 2 years without defending it, further delaying Khabib’s rightful title shot.

6. So had to win 10 straight fights (in the most stacked division) to finally get his title shot whereas GSP got it in 3 fights and Jones got it in Yet he still managed to get in 3 title defenses.

7. Came back from career-threatening injuries after 2 years without any ring rust and was still as dominant as ever.

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