USA Allies: A reason to shape presidential election?

Nearly 70 years ago, the USA allies formed an organization of coalitions, through which America became the most powerful country on earth. Today the future of those same alliances is in doubt. 

“Donald Trump” was already in trouble before he assumed the presidency. Now, the whole world is watching “American Presidential election” that can determine America’s future. And with that on the horizon, the allies seem to play an important role in it. seeing what comes next.

What is Trump’s view of America’s role in the world?

Initially, the USA allies was only with France. It came back after winning the Revolutionary war against “Great Britain” and this was because America used to do this only for its purposes. 

The USA allies used coalitions primarily to fight and win wars against other countries. America was already protected by two huge oceans, That is why he felt completely safe from neighboring countries. So America remained completely alone for the next 150 years.

USA constitutes North Atlantic Treaty Organization “NATO” agreement:

Experts say that “the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked.” When the Japanese attacked the US naval base, the USA’s confusion broke that the oceans could protect America.

So they formed an alliance with these countries, and after that America declared war on Japan and its allies. At the same time he also won the war, but later America faced a different world. After World War II, the US and the Soviet Union were the major “superpowers”. The stalled European
countries were weak, so the Soviets took advantage of this and invaded European countries and spread communism.

To defend this, the United States formed a collective alliance with 11 other countries, called the “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” or “NATO” Agreement. Under this agreement, if any members of the organization are attacked by an armed person during the war, then every member of the organization will have to come to the defense of that organization.

The USA had a vast military power, while other countries were significantly weaker than the USA, implying that “NATO” was in fact guaranteed by the US to protect all these countries from attacks.

Was The Agreement Worthy?

The agreement was highly risky, but the USA allies benefited countries that depended solely on the USA for security. The agreement was used by the Soviets to align its foreign policy under which it allowed the USA allies to build military bases within its borders, As a result, America became the first line of defense against the Soviet Union. But even after this, America also faced many more threats.

In 1948, North Korea became a communist country. In 1949, China also adopted North Korea’s strategy, therefore, the USA signed individual alliances with six more countries. The USA allies also signed a collective alliance with 21 countries in Latin America.

By 1960, the Soviet Union was surrounded by countries with which the US had good relations. Now the Soviets were afraid that if those countries were attacked, war with America would begin. For hundreds of years, alliances were used exclusively to fight and win wars, but this was a new challenge for the Soviets.

According to experts, “The draft was decided under the “NATO” agreement that this agreement would be used to prevent war from starting, but the circumstances were contrary to it.” The name Berlin first appeared in the first trials of this idea. Control of the city was deep in the Soviet and Germany, but it was divided between NATO countries and the Soviet Union.

In 1961, the Soviet leader asked the Western powers to leave. Instead, the USA allies and its allies quickly moved troops to Berlin, and the US publicly committed itself to upholding its promise. Under which the Soviets built a wall through the city. The US guarantee also proved helpful in preventing wars between Taiwan and Korea, proving that the system worked as well. And it has been backed by both America’s enemies and allies.

US Presidents have praised the countries involved in the NATO organizations:

The American presidents of the next 60 years see it strongly in their speeches,

1. According to Bill Clinton, “The nation cannot remain great if it betrays its allies and disappoints its friends.” The best strategy, to ensure our security and to build a sustainable peace, is to support for the advancement of democracy elsewhere.”

2. As George W. Busch states, “Our relations with Japan and our European allies are stronger than ever, we will protect your allies and your interests.”

3. According to Obama, “We will strengthen our historical ties and assure them of our support and firm commitment. The Soviets believed in this. The Third World War never happened. And America won the Cold War. America will always work alone to protect our people and our allies.”

4. According to Trump, “The United States welcomes beliefs and rules.

Between 1989 and 1991, the Soviet Union and its communist allies split up in Europe. Now America was the only superpower in the world. And most of its allies were safe from invasion, but existential questions have arisen regarding NATO. Should the alliance go out of business or find a new case for it?

European leaders and many American leaders supported putting NATO around to support democracy and security in Europe, I,n 1999, NATO added 3 former Soviet allies: Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. And NATO began to intervene in conflicts outside its membership.

In 1999, it bombed Serbian forces fighting in Kosovo.

After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, NATO also helped to attack the US and in 2003 supported parts of the war in Iraq. Meanwhile, in Asia, the US became close with South Korea and Japan to counter North Korea. But the collapse of the Soviet Union justified alliances with these countries. Those relationships were appreciated in many ways and all of them created a soft strategic underbelly in South-East Asia.

Some American leaders began to question the cost of those coalitions. The US asked NATO allies to spend 2% of their GDP on defense, But some countries were meeting that goal. “So he urged South Korea and Japan as well as NATO to increase their spending.”

While still reaffirming his promise to return to his colleagues. Nevertheless, this alliance was flowing, and the two countries were beginning to test their weak points. NATO had seven more members in 2004. 

All three are known as Baltic states. Leaders in Russia become concerned that NATO has reached its borders. And after NATO’s plan to annex Georgia and Ukraine, it decided to act. Russia invaded Georgia in 2008, then Ukraine in 2014, either from the country joining NATO. But those attacks also had another purpose.

Think of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, what can happen?

Russia decided to make a quick payoff in the Baltics and Russia was building a huge military presence along its border, and that desire to invade its neighbors increased an uneasiness.

Will the US and its allies really be ready to go to war to protect one of these small countries?

In Asia, China developed a similar strategy, since the end of the Cold War, China had become the second largest economy in the world. And it created a military and missile reserve capable of controlling the entire region. Both Russia and China have developed military tactics that want to demonstrate to American allies that the United States cannot protect them.

They also introduced strategies that advance their own regional interests, But in ways that would not trigger an American reaction. Russia launched cyber attacks throughout Europe, and spread disinformation in support of radical politicians.

In the South China Sea, China turned remote reefs into man-made islands with military bases on them. It also issued massive loans and built infrastructure projects in dozens of countries around the world, Which not only brought economic benefits to those places, but also political levitation. Russia and China left the United States and its allies to react, And without triggering the commitment of a treaty that may result in their cooperation to protect their mutual interests.

All of this is designed to force US allies to doubt their commitment, And potentially peel off each other and the US. But exactly how America should deal with it was not clear. Then, in 2016, it elected a president, taking things dramatically in a new direction. During this time Trump said that “we have defended the borders of other countries. Having subsidized the armies of other countries, NATO said that NATO members should contribute their fair share and fulfill their financial obligations.”

President Trump’s View

President Trump thought that many international agreements were inherently unfair to the United States, And that America could achieve a better deal by negotiating relations with each individual. So it pulled the US out of the many agreements it had previously made with the allies.

And he considered withdrawing from the coalition until the allies spent more on defense. Trump had a point. In 2016, many partners were still under their spending targets. He demanded that NATO, South Korea and Japan dramatically increase it or suffer the consequences.

According to Trump’s, “South Korea cost us five billion dollars a year, and they were paying $ 500 million, for $ 5 worth of security. And we have to do better than that.” In 2018, he abruptly canceled a military exercise with South Korea. And in 2020, he drove 12,000 troops out of Germany. All this leads America’s allies to doubt America’s promises.

In some cases, it earned them the advantage of their rivals Even the closest allies in Asia, such as the United States, Japan, have deepened their ties with China. So what we are starting to see is a set of hedging behaviors, and now, these countries are witnessing an election that can decide whether the US will stay away from its alliances or return.

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  1. What is NATO?

    The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was established on April 4, 1949 by 12 founding members in Washington, USA. It is a fully intergovernmental military organization. It was established in 1949 and is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.

    This organization includes all the major countries of America and Europe. Currently it has 29 state members. NATO operates on the “principle of collective defense”, which implies that if any one organization is more or members are attacked, it will be treated as an invasion of member states.

    It is known that this is contained in Article 5 of NATO. This article was first implemented after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the United States.

    NATO objectives:

    The main objective of its establishment was to stop the ‘communist ideology of the Soviet Union’ in Western Europe. Guaranteeing the independence and security of its member nations by political and military means and creating goodwill of solidarity and harmony among member states and Ensuring lasting peace is based on the same values ​​of personal freedom, democracy, human rights and rule of law.

    To protect the territory of its member states and also to try to reduce the crisis when possible. Not to force any member country to use its full potential to achieve the primary objectives set in the matter of national security.

    NATO and India:

    But India is not a member of NATO, but the US Senate passed a bill to give the status of NATO ally to India, Therefore, the US senator demanded an amendment to the Arms Export Control Act-AECA. Prior to this, America has given this status to Israel and South Korea.

    NATO’s 70th Summit:

    A two-day summit on the 70th anniversary of NATO was held in the UK on 3-4 December 2019. Heads of heads of all member countries participated in this, which was intended to evaluate the strategic direction for collaborative activities. In this meeting, it was decided to further increase the military strength of NATO.।

    NATO is now preparing to step into space after proving its superiority in the field, water, air and cyber sector. The aim of which is to inter-host the enemy country trying to attack NATO member countries.

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