North Korea: Survival of the fittest

The people of North Korea have been following the most brutal law. The authoritarian regimes have made the life of Koreans equivalent to living in hell. I would like to bring to light the most deadly laws of North Korea about which many people aren’t familiar with.

For example, Koreans do not drink Coca-cola, watch English Movies, Travel abroad, etc. You might be wondering if it’s true? Read the whole article to clear your doubts.

The following are the topics we will be touching upon:

The Political History of Korea

Japan annexed Korea in 1910, and Japan surrendered in World War II in 1945. After the end of World War II, the Cold war started, leading to the Korean partition. The Soviet Union captured South Korea, and the United States of America captured North Korea.

The Socialist Government formed in North Korea after a failed negotiation, followed by the formation of the Capitalist Government in South Korea. Japan occupied Korea from 1910 to 1945. The Korean Liberation Army fought a guerrilla war with the Japanese Army.

A popular Gorilla leader of Korea named Kim ll Sung, who later became the leader of North Korea removed Soviet forces from North Korea in 1948 and in 1949 American troops left South Korea.

History of South Korea

The Korean governments formed on the 15th of August, 1948. At the end of World War II, in 1945, Korea administratively partitioned into two groups. Korea was under Japanese administration during the Second World War.

The division of Korea seemed temporary, as the US and the Soviet Union wanted a unified Korea and a single government in the country.

The two blocks did not stand on the implementation of Joint Trustee. This led to a separate government in Korea. The communist aligned Democratic People Republic of Korea and the Capitalist aligned the first Republic of Korea; both of them were claiming to be the legal government all over Korea.

On 25th June, the Korean War broke out, and this ended with much destruction on the 27th of July 1953. Both parties failed to conquer the other portion over divided Korea. This lead to the separation of the region by the Korean Demilitarized zone and the two governments established into the existing political entities of Korea.

The National Government of South Korea

The President of the country called The Supreme holds the office for a tenure of 5 years. He is the head of armed forces and enjoys several executive powers.

The Prime Minister of the country is elected by the President, with the approval of the national assembly and he also sets the chief minister of states.

The executive power of the President suspended on 12 March 2004, when the national assembly voted to impeach Roh Moo Hyun and the Prime Minister became the acting President.

  • The legislative branch of South Korea

The democratic party of Korea has a majority in the assembly, North Korean national group has 300 members elected for a four-year term in which 47 members are by the PR system and 253 in single-seat constituencies.

  • Judicial branch

This South Korean judiciary is independent. The principal judicial body is the Supreme Court whose judges are appointed by the president and constitutional courts oversee the constitutionality questions.

Wars in Korean History

  • Korean War

In June 1950, North Korea ambushed the South. The United Nations task force a force led by the United States intervened to help South Korea and intervened rapidly.

Finally, the war stopped in July 1953 with an armistice and the border was restored between North and South Korea, but no peace treaty was signed between the two countries.

Approximately 3 million people died in the Korean War, which is more than the death rate of World War 2 and the Vietnam War, making it the worst conflict.

  • Post-Korean War

The peace between both the countries was interrupted by short fights like celebrity abduction and assassination of leaders. North Korea failed many assassination attempts on South Korean leaders like Rangoon bombing in 1883. Even two decades after the war, both countries did not negotiate with each other.

  • Post-cold war

When Kim II Sung’s health began to deteriorate in 1992, Kim Jong II took over state tasks. In 1994, Kim Sung died because of a heart attack.

Before officially announcing himself as the new leader of North Korea Kim Jong II declared three years of national mourning. Later in 1994, North Korea promised to stop its nuclear work under the negotiation of Bill Clinton.

In 1996, Korea accepted UN food aid because flooding exacerbated the economic crisis, damaging crops, Infrastructures, and led to famine. It resulted in the death of approximately 240000 to 420000 people.

North Korea in the 21st century

International politics changed in 2001 when George Bush became the President of the United States. The United States labeled North Korea as a scoundrel state, while North Korea made its effort to acquire nuclear weapons to avoid the destiny of Iraq. In 2006 North Korea announced that it had tested its first nuclear weapon, and thus in the year 2009, the then US President Barack Obama kept patience, resetting deals with Korea, and thus putting several bans.

The tension between South Korea and North Korea also gained momentum in 2010 when a South Korean warship The ROKS Cheonan sank off the country’s west coast killing 46 seamen. Although evidence points to North Korea, the cause of the sinking is still in dispute. On 17th December 2011, Kim jong II died from a heart attack, and his son Kim Jong was deemed to be the next leader of the country, facing with international condemnation North Korea continues to increase its nuclear strength by making the hydrogen bomb and missiles capable of reaching the United States.

In 2017, when Donald Trump became the President of the United States, the tension between the two countries increased, and both countries threatened to attack. North Korea threatens to test Nuclear missiles which could land near Guam. The tension decreased between North Korea, the United States and South Korea, after a series of talks between these countries.

Everything about North Korea

North Korea is the world’s most reticent country. The government does not want to reveal its secret to the world, it shares the border with South Korea, and both countries do not share good relations. North Korean leaders did not visit South Korea for 65 years; both leaders did not meet for ten years.

But dramatic change happened in April 2018, leaders of both the countries met at the border, and the meeting was called historical in Korea. To understand the relationship between both countries, we need to look at their history.

Why is there North and South Korea?

Before the Second World War, Korea used to be one country, but it was divided into two parts when Japan surrendered in the Second World War the Soviet Union occupied the South region and the United States occupied the north area.

The Soviet Union wanted to impose communalism and the United States wanted to set up a Capitalist government. Both the blocks could not decide how to unite Korea, so it eventually divided into South and North Korea.

Leaders of North Korea

Three men from the same family have ruled North Korea since 1948. Kim il Sang, the first leader who ruled till his death and then his son Kim Jong-il led for 17 years and then in 2011, Kim Jong-un became the leader of North Korea.

Life in North Korea

North Korea’s population is more than 25 million who live under the communist rule, which restricts the many areas of daily life. People have to get permission to travel outside the country, and it is difficult for visitors to enter the country.

The government controls all TVs and newspapers, and if someone is caught watching foreign news, they would face punishment. People of North Korea has little knowledge about world events, and they do not know how their country looks from outside.

Most of the North Korean population are poor; they have no washing machine, fridge, bicycle etc. Many people depend on food agencies like the United Nations IMF because the country does not have enough food to eat.

However, if anyone tries to revolt against the government or demands to change the leader and tries to escape from the country, he gets the harsh punishment and sometimes gets killed.

A report says thousands of people have been put in prison and forced to live inside the labour camp because they disagree with the government policies. From childhood, North Koreans are taught that their leader is the incarnation of God.

People of North Korea cheers and praise their leader at significant public events, and no one knows why they do so. In response to the event, the government said people cheers because the leader Kim Jong-un is popular among their subjects.

Why the United States and the UK worry about North Korea?

North Korea is trying to build nuclear weapons and powerful bombs, which can one day hit the US. No one believed that North Korea was building any powerful weapon that could travel to strike the United Kingdom, which is 84000 kilometres away.

Donald Trump sent ships and fighter jets to South Korea. America has supported South Korea for a very long time. Donald Trump wanted to stop the Kim Jong-un nuclear plan with the help of their neighbor country. In 2017, North Korea launched its first nuclear missile over Japan, but it crashed into the sea.

Two weeks later, North Korea launched its second missile over Japan which flew higher and further than the first, but it also crashed into the sea. In January 2017 North Korea said it had successfully tested a new missile which can easily travel to the US.

In 2018 the leader announced that the country would no longer test any of the nuclear weapons. He also said he would shut down testing sites. Donald Trump tweeted about this and said it is good news for the world.

How US relations changed with North Korea

After Kim Jong-un had ended the protracted war with Donald Trump, in 2018 in his new year address, Mr. Kim-Jong-un said he has a nuclear button under his table. Donald Trump responded by saying his button was more prominent, and powerful than North Korea.

The relationship between the countries seemed to improve when the two leaders said they had planned to meet, but Donald Trump refused to meet by saying that North Korea broke their promise. However, Donald Trump said he would try to meet him soon, and during this, North Korea
started a familiar talk with his neighbour.

Kim Jong-un said he was trying to reopen telephone lines between both countries in 2018, but it has been two years since North Korea disabled this telephone line; however, it is an unusual development. After this incident, Kim-Jong-UN sent his team to South Korea in the winter Olympics, and it is an excellent gesture to improve friendship. South and North Korea came together during the opening and farewell the ceremony of the Winter Olympics in 2018.

In April 2018, the leaders of North and South Korea met at the border for the first time in 10 years. On June 12th, 2018, Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un finally met in Singapore. Their meeting started with the handshake, and only two translators were present inside the room. After the meeting, Donald Trump signed a statement in the presence of the Press and said they had a great time together.

Mysterious laws of North Korea

The totalitarian nation North Korea has been ruled by only one family for 70 years. There are many mysterious laws in North Korea. For instance, a ban on listening to music, a ban on watching news channels, women’s driving etc.

We will discuss around 30 bizarre laws of North Korea.

1. Listening to foreign songs and watching a movie in foreign languages is considered a criminal offense in North Korea.
In 2015, the government banned all foreign music and cassette tapes. The sentence depends on the place and origin of the movies, like someone watching the Hollywood movie will be executed, and watching Indian films will be imprisoned and in many cases, the death penalty is issued.

2. There is a ban on International calls in North Korea. In 2007, a person made several international calls and thus, killed.

3. Taking a nap during the Kim John-Um meeting could reach capital punishment for you. The North Korean Defence Minister took a nap during the meeting and hence shot dead in front of many people.

4. It is a crime in North Korea to disrespect Kim Jong-Un’s family. The government put a mother behind bars because she saved her son from fire, instead of Kim Jong-UN portrait.

5. Only men are allowed to drive the car, and females are not allowed to drive a car in North Korea. One in a hundred men are allowed to have a car.

6. In July 1994, when the former President of North Korea died, no one was allowed to laugh, talk loudly, dance. Disrespecting the rule may send the people to a labor camp where the body of the president was preserved in the glass, and everyone is made to bow before him.

7. Jeans are strictly prohibited because it is a symbol of capitalism. Women wearing the skirt must be covering the knee; wearing a bra is strictly not allowed in North Korea.

8. Only three news channels are allowed to telecast, and the government governs all of them.

9. People of North Korea are not allowed to travel outside the country if anyone tries to flee, then he is sent to the labour camp or executed.

10. Internet use is restricted in North Korea, and people are allowed to use only a few websites that are monitored by the government. Only high-class people are permitted to access the internet like government officials, military headquarters, etc. freely. The use of Wi-Fi has been restricted in the North Korean embassies all over the world.

11. People are not allowed to choose their profession according to their will. The government decides the work according to the countries’ needs, and those who do not comply with their decision is sent to the labour camp.

12. Kim Jong-UN released specific hair cuts for the people, which includes 18 types for men and 10 types for women; the government approved all of them.

13. You cannot live according to your will. The government decides where you can live according to your relationship and understanding of the country. To live in the capital city, you need government permission.

14. People of North Korea are not allowed to have the same name as the current President and if anyone has the same name, then he or she is made to change their surname.

15. There is no freedom of religion in the North Korea country, just atheist and the government governs all the religious places. People who distributed sacred books have been executed. In 2014, a man forgot his Bible in the public toilet and hence imprisoned for five months.

16. Visiting North Korea the tourist must deposit their phone and laptop and are allowed to take back when they are leaving the country.

17. All the people above 17 years are allowed to vote in elections to choose the leader for the country; the exception is that there is usually only one candidate in the election.

18. If a person commits suicide, his entire family would be punished, and if a person committed a crime, his three generations of his family are punished.

19. Owning a microwave is illegal in North Korea, and due to the energy crisis, there are power cuts every night.

20. Children going to school are required to have their desks and chair and other students are forced to do government tasks.

21. The population depends on the food agencies for food, as 20% of the country’s GDP is spent on the Army.

22. Military service is compulsory for the people of North Korea (for male it is ten years, and for females, it is seven years.)

23. Mothers are not allowed to give birth in public places, and they are not allowed to meet their family after giving the delivery for a week. If a triplet is born, they are given to the state, and they return after four years.

24. Sunday is considered as labourers day, tools are not allowed in North Korea and all the cleaning works are done by hand.

25. Possession of Bible and porn is not allowed. North Korea has banned porn in all forms and anyone found in control of the porn materials and the Bible will be executed.

26. Those who own cars are very rich and powerful people in North Korea because the price of vehicles is very high($40000) according to their websites. Even though bicycles are not affordable in North Korea, all bicycles have licence plates just like cars and bikes.

27. Old newspapers cannot be found in the library. The daily newspaper is displayed outside the streets and subway stations. There is no need to buy the newspaper.

28. Earlier there were only two countries in the world where Coca Cola was banned. Cuba and North Korea, but in 2015, Cuba allowed the sale of Coca-Cola, but in North Korea, it is still illegal.

North Korea’s relationship with China, Japan, and Russia

North Korea and China’s relationship showed a ray of improvement
after 2017. In 2017 both the countries had announced to improve their
relationship and bring it on track. Both countries agreed on the matter of
regional security.

History of Korea and China relationship.

China maintains an embassy in North Korea, and North Korea
maintains an embassy in China.

China and North Korea enjoyed a healthy diplomatic relationship with
each other in the past, although the relationship between China and
North Korea turned sour before 2018.

After 2018 relationship appeared healthy and the diplomatic talk
started between the countries after the visit of the Chinese President.

The people’s Republic of China and the Democratic People’s Republic of
Korea formed diplomatic recognition in 1949. In 1950 North Korea’s
President paid an official visit to China and explained Chinese leadership
about his war strategies.

Post cold war era.

In 2009 Chinese President and North Korean supreme leader
exchanged greetings and declared the year of China and North Korea
friendship. Both have completed 60 years of diplomatic relations
between the countries.

In 2013 Chinese boat crossed the border and entered North Korean
territory. North Korea demanded $97600 for the safe return of the fisherman, along with 16 crew members. According to a media report in
2016, the relationship between both countries had reached a shallow

In 2016 North Korean leader visited a missile factory, China condemned
and said North Korea could cause considerable trouble in the Korean
Peninsula, and this is the matter of threat for the entire world.

Nuclear weapon program.

Since 2003 China has been a member of six-party talks which is trying to
resolve the issue of North Korea Nuclear weapon.

In 2013 the Foreign Ministry of the Republic of China strongly opposed
the nuclear missile test by North Korea. Still, the North Korean leader
had personally informed the Chinese government about the nuclear test.

In 2016 after the nuclear test, the tension between both countries
had further grown. The Chinese government released a statement in
which they said they strongly opposed the nuclear test of North Korea
and demands to Denuclearize North Korea.

According to the news channel in 2014 favorability of North Korea
started declining only 20% of people think North Korea as an influential
country and the rest of 60% to 70% of people see North Korea as
negative state.

North Korea relationship with Japan

The relationship between Japan and North Korea had not established
formally, but both the countries talk on diplomatic issues as well as on the
kidnapping of Japanese citizens and to deactivate nuclear programs.

Relations between both countries are filled with tension and hostility.
According to a new report in 2014 around 90% of Japanese people view
North Korea influence negatively, and only 1% of Japanese people are
positive toward North Korea.

Initial Years

During the initial years, the relationship between North Korea and Japan
was hostile and full of hostility. In 1949 the North Korean leader
condemned the economic and political policies of Japan, thus Japan sought to take advantage of the Clash between North Korea and
South Korea over the Syngman Rhee line.

In 1966 the North Korean Government had criticized the Treaty on
the basic relationship between Japan and the Republic of Korea. Until 1980
the North Korean policies toward Japan was to mainly reduce the
cooperation between Japan and South Korea, with regards to meat, fish, milk worth $4 billion.

Over the years, North Korea discredited itself in the view of many
potential supporters in Japan. Japanese who married in North Korea
experienced very twistable relations with their in-laws and prevented
their relatives from talking in Japan.

The Allegations

Japanese government alleged North Korea to have supported the
members of the Japanese Red Army, which Japan called a terrorist
group. The North Korean government refused to pay the debt to Japanese
traders and also reinforced widespread Japanese scorn.

In the 1980s, the relationship between North Korea and Japan turned
sour that both the countries did not maintain their diplomatic relations
and had no contact with each other.
Japan allowed North Korea to make a trade with the backchannel, and
the business hired $200 million annually.

North Korea relationship with Russia.

After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, both the countries
experienced good relationships politically and economically.

Relationships gained more advantage after Vladimir Putin became the
President of Russia in 2000. North Korean president Kim Jong-UN
accepted the invitation from Russia and visited in 2015 both the
countries shares border, which is less than 11 kilometre.

Favorability of North Korea is gradually declining in Russia 34% of
Russian view North Korea as their friend, and 60% of Russian people
think North Korea has nuclear arms which is a threat to the entire world.

According to a news report in 2017, 19% of Russians consider North
Korea as an optimistic Nation and 37% Express negative views towards
North Korea.

Economic relations.

After the end of the Korean War, Russia was the leading trading partner
and sponsor of North Korea. The industries and 93% of factories in North Korea are built with Russian technical assistance.

Not only in the industrial area but Russia aided North Korea with
monetary support and political support as well. In 1998 the relationship
between both the countries was at the peak. 60% of North Korean trade was with Russia, the products and the goods contained raw material and
petroleum which Moscow provided to North Korea.

In 1990 when famine hit Korea, Russia helped with humanitarian
support twice in 1997. Food and health products worth $5 billion and
400 tons of Sugar.

Military relations.

In 2001 North Korean Defence Minister visited Moscow and signed a
bilateral Corporation with defense and military equipment. During
the visit, the government also signed the inter-government agreement on
cooperation with the army.

In 2015 heads of Russian delegation visited North Korea and signed an
agreement to prevent the dangerous military activity.

North Korea relationship with the United Kingdom and India

North Korea has an embassy in London, and the United Kingdom has an
embassy in North Korea, which opened in 2001 after the relationship
between both countries were bonafide.

During the Korean War, both countries were on the opposite side. During
the cold war, the United Kingdom was an Ally with America.

In 1996 the North Korean team played the Football world cup in the
The United Kingdom and the Korean team played very well with the support of natives. The North Korean team had won against the Italian team 1-0.

Economic Relations.

The United Kingdom had frozen assets of a North Korean company after
allegedly involved in the funding of the North Korean nuclear program.

A North Korean company has registered in the United Kingdom, the
European Union imposed sanction on the company after complicated in
generating monetary support to the Korean nuclear program.

North Korea relationship with India.

India and North Korea built trade and diplomatic relations. India
maintains Embassy in North Korea and vice versa.

India is the biggest trade partner of North Korea and humanitarian aid
providers. According to a report, India exported $60 million in the year 2013. However, in 2017 India implemented a United Nations Security
Council economics sanction and closed most of the trade with North

India is a critic of North Korea nuclear proliferation and demands to
denuclearise and disarmament of Nuclear weapons. India had
condemned the North Korean Nuclear missile test and said it is a threat
to regional security.

However, India had provided $1 million in medical assistance to North
Korea during a covid-19 pandemic. India has always advocated about
a Peaceful agreement between North Korea and South Korea.
However, India has made it clear that it wants the reunification of Korea.
According to media reports in 2014, 70% of Indian citizens view North
Korea as a lively country, and 27 percent see it as negative.

India’s stand on the Korean War.

India condemned the North Korean aggression on the south. When the
Korean War started, India supported the Security Council resolution.
However, India did not support resolution 84 as a Nonaligned country.

India hesitated and took itself aside from giving the military assistance to
South Korea. However, India gave moral support to the United Nations
and sent medical assistants to support South Korea.

India was a member of the monitoring committee of elections in
undivided Korea. After the Korean War India once again played an
essential role as a neutral Nation in the Korean region.

Recent relations.

In 1973 an Indian Embassy was established in North Korea since both the
countries were members of the Non-aligned movement. India tried to
establish a peaceful talk and relation with North Korea and tried to act
like a bridge between North Korea and the Western world.

Relationship between India and North Korea affected after it supported
Pakistan in the nuclear programme. Once India seized the North Korean
ship which was carrying the Missile and blueprint.

After this incident, India built a small economic and diplomatic relation
with South Korea which eventually disturbed the relationship between
these two countries.

India has opposed the Korean nuclear test and said it is a matter of
security threat in the region. United Nations Security Council has given economic sanctions, as Indian citizens cant do capital account transactions with North Korean citizens. Also, the Indian government asks a citizen to take back the investment within 180 days.

Relationship with other Countries

We have discussed the relationship of North Korea with other countries.
It is vital to decide the ties because North Korea has hostility with most
of the countries in the world. Although North Korea is an authoritarian
state which is governed by the Dictator Kim Jong-UN, he always
threatens the United States and other European countries because he
has Nuclear weapons. It is the threat to the entire world, and most of the
country is demanding to denuclearise and disarmament of North Korea.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope you gained some knowledge after reading it. Kindly share this article with others and encourage us.


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  1. Can you imagine a country where your freedom of expression is nominal, where your living, costumes, religious culture is obliged under the law of that country..your answer will be “No”, But North Korea is a dictatorial country where people have to follow the dictates of the government there.

    North Korea is a country that remains in the news headlines of some country in the coming days. One country that North Korea is one of the countries in the world to conduct a nuclear test, which has been reprimanded by the U.N. But King Jong, the ruler of North Korea, does not care for these restrictions nor does he care about the people of his country.

    Kim Jong-un, the cruel ruler of North Korea, exercises dictatorship over his countrymen. Let us tell you about the strange restrictions imposed by Kim Jong on the public in North Korea.

    The citizens of North Korea are prohibited from wearing jeans in their country. In which both men and women are involved and if a citizen does not follow this rule and goes against the rule, then he is punished severely.
    Another tough law was enacted in North Korea, under which if a Korean is caught reading the Bible, he gets death penalty only and only.
    The most cruel ruler of North Korea is Kim Jong Un, it is called cruel because it killed his uncle alive by feeding him 120 dogs.
    The citizens of North Korea do not even have the freedom to run the Internet. In this country, only government and Kim Jong Un’s trusted citizens can use the Internet service.
    Under the North Korean law, the election of the ruler of North Korea occurs after every 5 years, but you will be surprised to know that the only candidate in this election is the participant named Kim Jong Un.
    North Korea is the only country in the world that has given open challenge to America to war, along with North Korea has captured the ship of US Navy.
    You will be surprised to know that you cannot have hair style in North Korea as per your wish, according to the law of North Korea, you have been asked to have 28 types of hairstyles for women and 10 for men, The citizens here have to follow this law and keep their hairstyles under the law itself.
    99% of North Korea’s news channels, magazines, newspapers run news related to their country and Kim Jong Un’s programs.

    According to me, a nation whose people are exploited by the “government of that nation” cannot be called a country.

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