Sex Education and Society: An Eye Opener

Sex education is a subject of education in which the issues related to sex and sexuality are discussed. Sex education is also known as science of sex as all of the important facts and issues of sex are thoroughly explained, such as sexual reproduction, the age for sex, safe sex process, human sexual anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. Sex education includes all necessary information regarding sex.

Sex education is taught to the students in schools, institutes, educational or health campaigns, or even by parents to the students of young age. Sex education is basically for children and teenagers who have not been involved in any sexual activity. As the effect of sex education, children or teenagers become more cautious about sex, and the risk of any unwanted disease or dysfunction will be minimized.

Why the need of sex education rises?

The need for sex education in today’s world is very crucial, as the number of cases related to sexual offense is increasing. Besides this, it is our social responsibility to educate the students about sex rather than passing this topic over. There should be no kind of shame in discussing the matter of sex with the children as it plays a vital role in everyone’s life, therefore this knowledge is compulsive.

Some more important factors which escalate the need for this education in society are mentioned below:-

1. Sex education is important for children so that they know what age is perfect for sexual activities.

2. Students also get to know the real process of sex so that they could perform the activities cautiously and in a way that is reproductive in case they want to have a child. In the absence of which, they could have some serious injuries or diseases, among which some are even life-taking diseases.

3. On contrary, if they do not want kids soon, then also sex education helps explain the tips for having sex with safety.

4. There are multiple diseases which can occur due to inaccurate sex such as problems in private sexual parts or diseases such as HIV AIDS which can even lead to life loss. If a person is well educated about the precautions and procedures for carrying out a healthy sex, then there are fewer chances of such problems.

Sex education laws in different countries:-

Sex education is already a compulsory subject for students. While talking about European countries, there is the least number of pregnancies of teenagers. Among the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Sweden sex-education are an escalating approach towards sex education, where there are only 4-6 babies born from teenagers among one thousand. Sex education is an important subject in these country schools and the teachers put immense pressure on safe sex procedures.

US sex classified sex education system:-

US sex education system is quite popular all over the world as they have divided the sex education into two parts i.e abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education. These two rely on different approaches, but most of the rules are almost similar. The abstinence-only emphasizes the post-marriage sexual activities, and the comprehensive sex education system educates about matters related to pre marriage sex. In comprehensive sex education, the side effects of contraceptive pills and unprotected sex are taught thoroughly.

One of the best sex education systems is UK sex education:-

In the UK this kind of study is known as sex and relationship education which is mandatory for students above the age of 11 years.  In this subject, they teach the students about the sexual health and reproduction system.  Besides these topics, they also explain the relationship between the mental stability of a person with his sexual capabilities.

Another fact about Uk sex education is that there is a specific part of this education system, which is mandatory for all students, whereas other parts can be excluded from the parent’s will. The advanced amendment in sex education is useful as it also teaches the consequences of online sex chats, meeting strangers, and cyber bullying or blackmailing.

Sex education system in India:-

Sex education is delivered in India by different mediums to the students and even to the elders. As in India, there is a huge necessity for sex education. Mainly there are three categories which are target under this scheme and they are adult family planning, prevention from AIDS/HIV, Sex education on adolescent. Because of poverty, illiteracy, and a huge population, it becomes so rigid for the government to deliver knowledge about sex in every corner of the country.

Why the Sex education in India needs more strength?

Sex education in India is already delivering throughout the country. But due to several serious problems in the country, it does not reach out to every person. Problems due to sex and sex-related issues, both are high in numbers in India. Some of such complicated issue which raises the need for sex education diversification is as follows:-

1. Young/ adolescent age marriage:

Average valid age for a woman for marriage or sexual activity is 20.6 whereas, in India, almost 240 million of females, which are alive now, were married even before entering into 18. It doesn’t only affect the physical growth of the women, but can also affect the mental state of such a woman. Even the health of a baby can also be affected if the age of the mother is very young i.e. 13-16.

2. Sex discrimination: 

Sex discrimination in India is quite common, but with time, things are changing slowly and steadily. In the 2011 survey, the female birth ratio over males was 943 over 1000. Even now, we heard the news of female feticide several times in various areas of India. Even the government has taken strict action against this; still, this evil is not completely removed from our society. With the help of sex education, one can understand by himself the laws of sex and why is the female birth ratio is as important as males.

3. HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases: 

Reading the figures of the proportion of HIV/AIDS affected people in India, you will be shocked. Near about 4 million people have already been infected by HIV/AIDS in the country. The cause of sexually transmitted diseases is surely a result of no availability of proper sex education. Unsafely and unhygienic sex can result in infection which can cause several serious issues in the body.

4. A country with huge a count of rape:

Going through the data, we found that there were 32033 total rape cases in India, out of which 11% of victims belong to Dalit family communities. 88 rapes per day is an average count of rapes in India. It should also be noted that due to embarrassment and fear of non-acceptance in society, many of the victims do not raise their voice against rape. A proper and effective sex education system can be proved as an eye-opener for the youngsters and surely, the numbers of such disgusting crime will decrease subsequently.

5. No family planning:

In India, the family planning word was not even introduced until a few years back. The new well-educated generation only knows about the significances of family planning, on the other hand, illiterate or backward region people still neither have a clue about family planning nor do they know about protection measures for sex. The population of India is a clear result which shows how badly the sex education in India has fallen till now.

Some views and facts for improvisation of sex education in India:-

Well, it is quite a clear fact that the project of effective sex education division in India is not an easy one. Government has to put more effort into sex education in the country but it is also worth admitting that the government alone cannot achieve this target. It is a responsibility of society also to come forward from the fake curtains of sex shames and boldly sit and talk with their children about sex issues and facts.

Sex is treated as a concealed fact of life and is taught by personal behavior to keep the sex-related issues secret. In this habit of keeping sex issues secret, many have faced life- long troubles, and many have lost their lives. It should be clearly understood that there is nothing to hide about sex as it is a natural process of which everyone should be aware of. Teaching your children about sex facts will not make him/her disrespect you, instead, he/she will feel proud, thankful, and respectful, when he/she got involved in sexual activities.

Lastly I would say, spears awareness among others. Share with your family members. Talk openly about it and educate your beloved ones. Only you can make this happen.


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