10 Beauty Secrets To A New You

A beautiful woman is described using the terms glowing skin, slim body and lovely locks by another person. This may sound like fantasy to too many, but many dedicated women in this world who are beauty conscious indeed have all these qualities and behind them stands their very own beauty secrets.

Let me share with you a few of the beauty tips followed by the most beautiful women we come across in this world who maintain that gorgeous glow at all times. Beauty secrets exist since centuries, and those
who explored them have enjoyed a beautiful life, and the secrets are still being continued by the present generations as well.

The real meaning of Beauty

Beauty is not superficial, but something deeper. Beauty is a personality rather than an exterior appearance. But still, every person without any gender favouritism love to groom themselves to a more beautiful them. In today’s competitive world, the only dream everyone craves for, is to have spotless skin. A skin so clear, smooth, soft, blemish-free. It is the skin and the face that point out how healthier, younger and good looking you are in comparison to others as well as for your confidence.

Fortunately, nature has provided us with so many solutions for every affliction except for death. Remember this golden rule and follow the ten beauty tips. They are easy, and they are all-natural, yet luxurious. So Enjoy!

Beauty is not just a beautiful face, so spread out your beauty regime down to your chest, to the backs of your hands and the tops of your feet. The skin is so delicate and thin in these areas, and so they show signs of ageing or lack of proper care. Hence it is a good idea to concentrate on them as you would to your face. To each is their skin texture, so using a body scrub every alternate day and a face exfoliator once in a week is the key. You can use a cloth to remove your cleanser. Exfoliation will keep your skin smooth and baby soft. It also allows the moisturizer to work more efficiently.

Benefits of Facial Massage :

Regular facial massages whether at home or parlour can help increase the blood flow and circulation around the face. This stimulates the skin and helps to keep it improved and invigorated. The skin will regain its natural elasticity with a periodical massaging and helps in slowing down the ageing process. A normal five-minute massage with your moisturizer every night before sleeping will do wonders for your healthy skin.

A bad hair conditioner can work out as a good ‘shaving cream’ for your legs in the shower. Don’t overstretch the skin, when shaving as it can cause ingrown hairs. Always use a preferred sunscreen when venturing a trip under the sun. It is better to wear a hat to shield yourself from direct exposure to the sun.

Coldwater is recommended to rinse off your hair as hot water can dry out the scalp. Coldwater is also good for the face as it can close your pores and tighten your facial muscles. Hairbrush should be used carefully as too much, and constant hard brushing can spoil your hair, weaken and wear out hair strands. It can also lead to split ends and scratched scalps.

Organic skincare products are a trend now. Studies show that chemicals aid in ageing skin. The purer the product the better beautiful you. If your eyeliner breaks while you’re putting it on, try leaving it in the freezer for about 15 minutes before applying makeup. It will glide on beautifully.

The following are the beauty secrets which I am presenting here have earned global fame due to two reasons, one is for it will surely work, and secondly they are easy to prepare. The beauty tip secrets cover every part of the body. So let’s look into them one by one.

  • Rice Water an excellent skin toner:

We should understand our beauty products are not found anywhere else, and they are available right in our kitchens. The secret to your beauty success lies at your home. The most important beauty product people overlook is skin toner. This can be easily prepared in your kitchen using simple rice water.

Rice soaked in clean water for about ten minutes should be filtered. This water becomes an excellent skin toner to your face and body. It also acts as a nourisher to your hair. Rinsing your hair with rice water makes the hair shine. It is recommended to follow this beauty tip every single day without fearing any harm for glowing and youthful skin.

  • Tea seed or Camellia nut oil an excellent moisturizer and nourisher:

This oil is used for both hair and body. The green coloured oil is widespread in many parts of Asian countries due to its natural moisturizing qualities. The oil contains antioxidants and is antidiabetic, anti-allergic. The with its lipid-lowering effects does wonders for hair conditioning, on wounds, for anti-ageing, skin allergies, skin burns and much more. The oil surely improves your overall body health and beautify your skin in the long run.

  • Mint leaves paste a gift to women’s white skin:

Mint leaf paste is easy to make at home in your kitchens. The best thing about this paste is, it is very natural and can be applied by women of any skin type or age. The women use this paste to achieve a bright and youthful skin. Due to its constant use, you can a drastic improvement in your skin colour. Always prepare a fresh mint leaf paste for better results.

  • Green Gram (Moong Beans) for acne removal and De-puffing:

Green gram powder acts as a wonderful remedy for treating your chronic acne and also de-puffing your eyes. The green gram should never be applied directly but only in powdered form. Add, a spoonful of Green gram powder to a tablespoon of curd to make a fine paste. This paste can be applied and left to dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water.

  • Almond Milk for anti-ageing:

Almonds are famous all over the world for its nutritional values. Known for ages as a brain booster, it is recommended by elders to soak the almonds overnight and consume it in the morning. It is especially advised for school going kids. It also provides energy. But here we are discussing Almond milk as an anti-ageing beauty tip.

Take one small bowl of almond milk and add a teaspoon of honey to it and mix well. Also, add a pinch of turmeric to it and apply the paste on to your face. Leave it for a while until dry and wash off with cold water. This process, when repeated over some time, can bring genuine results and change to your ageing despair.

  • Egg White as facial:

Yes it smells awful! But the beauticians recommend egg whites based facial for beautiful and firm skin. The egg white facial can be easily prepared at home with ease, only if you have interest and time. Add 2 drops of essential oil to 2 egg whites, whisk it and make it into a smooth paste. Now massage the paste all over your face and neck as a pack. Leave it for about 15 minutes. Wash off with cold water followed by washing your face with rice water. This will nourish your skin and tone it to end with.

  • Rosebud Tea for a Healthy Skin:

We all must be aware of green tea which is used for weight loss and also for
beauty care. But are you aware of Rosebud tea? Go to a tea store or Supermart, and you will find Rosebud tea. Start your day by consuming one cup of Rosebud tea, and you can notice a glow naturally on your skin in just a few weeks. For best and long-lasting results, it needs to be consumed for a long time.

  • Sea Salt Scrub as a Scrubber and Exfoliator:

Sea Salt Scrub is an excellent body scrub and exfoliator. This product is used from head to toe for an even tone of the skin. It helps in removing toxins and dead skin cells. It also aids in preventing skin diseases and removes skin outbursts. The best of the Sea Salt Scrub is, it improves the blood circulation. Over the beauty stores, we can easily get good brands offering natural sea salt with essential oils mixed in it.

  • Cupping a Therapy for Skin Rejuvenation:

This is therapy if I am right! This therapy is famous among Chinese women that exists over 2000 years now. This therapy reliefs in rejuvenating your skin using small cups. Cupping heals your body pain, and for this, you need a third person to assist you. Using 8 to 10 small cups and heating them in microwave approximately for about 20 seconds each. Now you can lie down on the bed and ask your assistance to put the lukewarm hot cups on to your body. What happensnhere is, the cups cooldown bypassing the heat onto your body in a suction movement. This procedure makes you feel better from the inside.

  • Pearl Powder for Skin Allergy:

South Asian women use a mixture of oyster shell powder with honey and egg yolk and make a fine paste to treat skin allergies. But the powder is not very common in other places and not found easily. Hence, pearl powder masks produced by reputed brands are available in a beauty store. Buy them.

The pearl pack can be applied on your face, hands and rest of your body if you are facing severe allergies and irritation of the skin. Pearl powder can be a costly affair but we can still find some decent and reasonable ones in the market. Use it scarcely and once in two weeks. This can bring a pleasing response to your skin irritations.

Writer’s inputs:

It is always advised to start anything seeking doctor’s consultation. But so far, the tips that are mentioned in this article have not harmed anyone and are very natural and genuine products. It is not compulsory to follow all the tips. You can choose the ones that are working out well for your skin texture and mind. These tips hardly need, the right kind of ingredients and proper application methods for real-time results.

Hope the article is informative. Try out all the tips one after other and enhance yourself. All these tips are safe and they let your skin glow without any harm. It may take some time to get the desired results but once attained they are long-lasting. Do share your experiences once you follow the above tips.


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