Trump Manifesto: Policies & Objectives

Rebuild American Infrastructure

Donald Trump has promised to rebuild infrastructures, roadways, airports, bridges. When you come into La Guardia Airport, it would feel like a third world. The patches and old floors are visible from the VIP suite and private jet, and hence even you would feel that problem exists.

The Great Mexican Wall

On the Mexican issue, Trump said that the world is dumping its problems on America. Before briefly admitting, Trump said they bring drugs, they bring crime, and they are rapists. On the construction issue, Donald Trump said I would build the great wall on Mexico border, and nobody builds walls better than me and Said I would make them inexpensively on the southern border and Mexico have to pay for the great wall.

Trump plan to Defeat Islamic Terrorism

There are only a few clues about how Donald Trump plans to defeat so-called Islamic terrorism; Trump has said nobody would be tougher on Islamic terrorism than Donald Trump. Trump said he has the best policy to defeat ISIL, and it would be very prompt and excellent.

Free market for American

Donald Trump said he is a businessman and a trustworthy trader, but you need talented people. He said they are going to call up Ford and say every car, and the truck would be manufactured in a plant in Mexico under his watch and going to charge 35 per cent of tax, and it will be paid with the transaction.

Tough on Iran

Donald Trump has said to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and would not be using a man like Secretary Kerry that has no concept of negotiation, which is only making a laughable deal. Then Kerry goes on a bicycle race at 72 and then falls and breaks his legs. Trump said he would not be doing that and promised to never be in a cycle race.

Restore the American Dream

Mr Trump has said if there was only one key message, then it was the The American dream is dead, and Donald Trump is the man to revive it. Keeping China at bay, paying down the debt Donald Trump said he would never reelect and bringing it back better and more robustly before and would make America more extraordinary again.


Donald Trump has always promised to repeal and change Obamacare, which is something the congressional republic wishes to accomplish but is not capable of without a Republican president.


On the trade issue, Trump has vowed to renegotiate any withdrawal of the United States from NAFTA. The free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico is said to be the worst trade agreement in the history of The United States. Trump has said he can do it without the help of congress just as he has done the trans-pacific partnership.

Economic Policies

Trump economic policies have focused on tearing down Government rules as he sees as overly burdensome on US business. He said to reform tax laws and change the environmental laws.

The American President Donald Trump has shared his view and policies during the Presidential campaign he focuses on Islamic Terror, Mexico wall and repeals the Obama care, which all are widely debated topics across the US. Trump tested corona positive during the election process, but he answered the viral question who is more mentally capable of being United States president. As in recent polls, Joe Bidden has gained the advantage

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