Trump Manifesto: Policies & Objectives

Rebuild American Infrastructure

Donald Trump has promised to rebuild infrastructures, roadways, airports, bridges. When you come into La Guardia Airport, it feels like a third world. Yet the patches and old floors are visible from the VIP suite, and hence even you would feel that problem exists.

Following is a list of topics we will be touching upon in this article:

The Great Mexican Wall

On the Mexican issue, Trump said that the world is dumping its problems on America; before briefly admitting, that Mexican’s bring drugs, they bring crime, and are rapists. On the construction issue, Donald Trump said “I will build the great wall on the Mexico border, and nobody builds walls better than me” and further added Mexico will have to pay for the great wall.

Trump plan to Defeat Islamic Terrorism

There are only a few clues about how Donald Trump plans to defeat so-called Islamic terrorism; Trump has said nobody would be tougher on Islamic terrorism than Donald Trump. He said he has the best policy to defeat ISIL, and it would be very prompt and excellent.

Free market for American

Donald Trump said he is a businessman and a trustworthy trader, but you need talented people. He said they are going to call up Ford and make sure that every car and truck would be manufactured in a plant in Mexico under his watch. Also that they will charge a 35 percent tax, and it will be inclusive in the transaction.

Tough on Iran

Donald Trump wants to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons and would not be using a man like Secretary Kerry. He believes that Kerry is not a good negotiator, which leads to laughable deals on the nuclear front.

Restore the American Dream

Mr. Trump believes and has boldly stated that, The American dream is dead, and that he is the man to revive it. Keeping China at bay, paying down the debt, Donald Trump said if re-elected and brought back, will work on creating a better and more robust America and make it extraordinary again.


Donald Trump has always promised to repeal and change Obamacare, which is something the congressional republic wishes to accomplish but is not capable of without a Republican president.


On the trade issue, Trump has vowed to renegotiate the withdrawal of the United States from NAFTA. The free trade agreement with Canada and Mexico is said to be the worst trade agreement in the history of The United States. Trump has said he can do it without the help of congress just as he has done without the trans-pacific partnership.

Economic Policies

Trump’s economic policies have focused on tearing down Government rules as he sees it as overly burdensome on US business. He plans to reform tax laws and change environmental laws.

American President Donald Trump has shared his view and policies during the Presidential campaign. His focus on Islamic Terror, the Mexico wall, and repeals the Obama care are widely debated topics across the US. In recent polls, Joe Bidden has gained an advantage for Presidential candidature.

Effects of COVID-19 and issue of Racial inequality:

Update 26 October, 2020

America first faced “corona-virus” and now “racist opposition”. The US President Donald Trump has complained to advisors in weekly White House entries about the fear that “he might lose to Biden, in terms of COVID situation and economic problems” due to “corona-virus” and now “nationalist opposition” in Washington last 5 months.

Corona has engulfed many people and is causing economic problems; President Trump’s opposition has raised its voice on this issue, which is why he is now giving more importance to the address of election rallies than before. 

Political protests are matters of worry;

There are only a few weeks left for the presidential election in America, and at this critical time President Donald Trump is currently facing many political protests. It is being told by special sources that if elections were held today, it is possible that Trump would have lost the presidential election.

President’s West Wing adviser and campaign aide is worried about Trump contesting the primary election again. According to his advisers, demonstrations are being held nationwide against Trump’s policies to deal with coronavirus first and now racial discrimination. 

Trump not getting adequate funds due to COVID-19 virus: 

Due to Corona, there is a growing economic problem related to people. The President’s opposition is raising the issue. This may affect their support in such areas, which are considered crucial for their victory.

Trump is famous for grand rallies for the current presidential election campaign, but the 2020 presidential election is no longer as exciting as before. Against Biden, he is unable to obtain the requisite money for the election. The main reason for this is that the campaign to raise more funds has come to a standstill due to the COVID-19 virus. 

Trump lost the 2016 presidential election survey, but won by a huge vote:

Trump trumped the opposition, according to the survey, he was losing the presidential election. According to Trump’s current and former six officers of the election campaign, “internal campaign surveys” and “public polling” are showing that Trump’s popularity among seniors has declined.

At one time, he is believed to have had an inclination towards Trump. Meanwhile, denying the “Public poll”, Trump told “News radio” that voters are in my favor, even the last time I lost to Hillary in every state in the poll, but the final outcome was different.

However, the President seems confident from the outside. But he has complained to advisers at the White House’s weekly meetings about such apprehensions that they are losing to Biden. He has pressured his colleagues in the meeting to strategize to get voters in their favour.

Discrimination and law and order in America remain an important issue: 

In the past, Trump issued an ad blitz in the “Ohio” state as part of the presidential election campaign. Here he got just 8% majority in the last primary election. Along with this, the city of “Arizona” also has many challenges. His colleagues warn that there is widespread anger among Americans about racial discrimination and the actions taken by Trump to maintain law and order, And a debate has started in the country about this. 

It is not in his interest. Black youth supporters of the “Democratic Stand” have united on this issue. American voters were not in favour of “Hillary Clinton” in last year’s election, leading to Trump’s victory as a result. 

Trump administration Assures reduction in unemployment rates: 

American citizens have little hope of lowering the unemployment rate in the Trump government. According to a report, 25 lakh people got jobs in the month of May, The unemployment rate in America had risen significantly during the epidemic. Advisers to President Trump believe that this may be a very important issue in the election.

Strategies are being pursued by “Trump” to surround “Joe Biden” on several fronts: 

Trump had planned to launch a campaign in the wake of the “Presidential election” since March, but in the meantime the Corona virus infection began to spread in the country. In such a situation, “Joe Biden” did not go out in publicity of his campaign nor did he address any rally.

Trump’s supporters were hoping that during the rallies, Biden would say something that could be made an election issue. However, “Republican” supporters could not get a chance to do so. Now “Trump supporters” are constantly coming up with a new strategy to surround “Joe Biden” on many other fronts.

Trump’s Comment “filthy” sparked Indian public:-

Trump has used the worth “Filthy” to describe the pollution in India along with Russia and China, in the last presidential debate. These words of trump have created a huge disappointment among the public of India, and people have started using the tag “Howdy Modi” in a way where they are asking Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the statement.

Indian PM Narender Modi and Donald trump always showed a healthy relation between them. That is why the public is asking the PM about this unpleasant comment. The PM of India has not issued any statement in response to Trump’s “filthy” Remark yet.

Well, it is quite obvious for the public to react in this way, but the fact is that the US president only lashed out at the polluted environment of India, in comparison with the US. In fact, he has delivered a fair statement this time. India included 21 most polluted cities in the world among a total of 30 in a survey in 2019.

Indian Natives are not ready to take it with ease, and this can also dispense a reverse effect on trump’s vote count in the US election 2020. There are around 35 lac Indians residing in the major cities of the USA. Donald Trump’s comment on India could have adverse consequences for their party in the elections of 2020.

Republican Tax promise.

USA lawmakers have drafted the new tax code which seems to be a trump
card in the USA election 2020. After lots of politics and lobbying, the
Republican party is ready to contest the election.

It is not the first time Donald Trump is giving hope to the US, in the 2016
election, Trump had made many promises regarding the tax code,
Obama Care and Immigration issue. Now in the 2020 election, he is
trying to mobilise the Voters once again by his promises.

Donald Trump is claiming that he has fulfilled all his promises which he
made during the 2016 US election. Let’s see the changes he has done in
the United States in the past four years.

Tax promise.
Before Election: In the 2016 US election, Donald promised to
lower the corporate tax from 36% To 15% and tax relief for the US
working class.

After Election: during many disputes in 2017, Donald Trump had
passed the Tax reform bill, which reduced corporate tax to 21%.
Critics say it will only help the wealthy businessman the poor is not
going to get benefit from the new tax reform. In many democratic
states, taxes went up because of the state rivalry.

Repeal Obamacare.

Repeal Obamacare was one of the most critical issues in the Republican
manifesto. In 2016 Donald Trump promised to replace and repeal
Obamacare which was started by Barack Obama. Although Obamacare
was one of the most hated bills by the republican, they failed to repeal a
replace Obamacare after winning the election.

In response to all the previous promises, Donald Trump said we had
eliminated the lavish provisions from the bill. They have shortened the
enrolment period and axed some subsidies which are sufficient for poor
people who did not purchase.

Moving to the Israel Embassy.

Before the election: In 2016 US election Donald Trump had
promised to shift the Israel Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

● After the election: After the election 2017, Donald Trump has
considered Jerusalem finally as the capital of Israel and moved the
US Embassy. In 2018 the United States had shifted its Embassy to
Jerusalem and think it is a capital.

Military spending.

Before Election: In 2015, Donald Trump said he is going to make this
strongest army in the world, and nobody could try to mess with the
United State. Donald Trump had promised to reverse the defence cut by
former President Barack Obama.

After the election: After the election, Donald Trump had increased the
military package, but overall performance was below the Brack Obama
administration. After one year of Trump administration, he was
comparatively below Barack Obama.

Thanks for reading this article, and I hope you have gained information about Donald Trump’s promises. Please do share with others and make them aware about ongoing US election 2020.


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