Renewable Energy: Is this the right time to get back?

Renewable energy comes from renewable resources, thus referred to as clean energy; for example, sunlight and wind blow depends on the weather. Natural Power is being used for a long time now, but renewable energy is often called a new technology, the sun and the wind provide the energy which is used when it is needed.

The following are the topics we will be touching upon:

From more than five hundred years ago, humans turned to more worldly, dirtier use of energy sources such as coal and gas. We have an innovative way to capture and retain wind and solar energy. In the United States, renewable sources have become the most crucial source for more than eight generations.

The expansion of renewable energy is improving day by day on a large
scale even though some entire rural populations depend on renewable
energy. This initiative will lead American electricity toward modernisation
and will make it smarter and secure for public use.

Traditional Energy source side effects.

Traditional Energy comes from natural resources like fossil fuel, oil, gases, and coal. It is available for a short period and takes a long time to replenish; excessive natural gas use is harmful to nature.

Non-natural resources of energy are available in a specific region, but
sunlight and wind are available across the world. Dirty energy can damage human life and the environment. For example, it can cause earthquakes and water pollution; coal plants pollute the air quality; all the activity contributes to global warming.

Types of Renewable energy.

1. Solar energy:

Humans have been utilising solar energy for many years to cultivate crops and dry food; nowadays, we are using sunlight in many ways to heat food and water or to charge the solar panels. The solar system generates electricity from the sunlight, and it doesn’t pollute air and water, it is eco friendly too.

2. Wind energy:

We have developed new windmill technologies, wind energy moves the
blade, which produces electricity. It has become the cheapest electricity source in many parts of the United States, including Texas, California.

Other sources of renewable energy production

3. Hydro power energy

Multipurpose river valley project: Under this project, turbines are run by making dams on the rivers and water falling from a height. The running of those turbines generates electric energy, which is called water energy.

4. Bio-diesel

Diesel derived from organic sources is called bio diesel. There are many sources such as Neem, Jojova, Mahua, Jatropha, etc.

Fertile land is not required for the production of these organic sources. Their Irrigation is not required for production. Once planted, they can be used for many years. They have higher oil content than other oilseeds. These organic sources can be properly produced in desert areas and hilly areas.

5. Bio Gas

It can be produced at both domestic or community levels. Dung, vegetable or fruit peels, or other household wastes of various types of animals are collected in an underground trough. When the trough is filled, it is covered with a pan from the top and an open pipe is placed from the top of the trough. Biogas flows through the pipe that fills the tanks. Saves in the above trough are organic manure which is compost.

6. Geothermal Energy

Geotropic energy is obtained from groundwater which is a continuous and pollution-free energy resource. In the interior of the Earth, the temperature usually increases by 1 ° C per 64 m depth.

Due to the heating of the interior of the earth and the pressure of rocky beds and internal movements, some places have special high temperatures below the ground. Energy is obtained by using this heat.

7. Sea Energy

Energy is obtained from seawater water in various ways. Different types of production are as follows:

Wave energy

Turbines are rotated from the water column on the waves generated by the flow of seawater and produce electricity from it.

Tidal energy

Electricity can be produced by running a turbine during the fall when the water comes up on the sea-coast during sea tides.

Otech energy

It is the conversion of marine thermal energy. The sea surface pan is cooled while the temperature of the pan rises when it goes deep below. Electric energy is produced by absorbing high temperatures around 1 km deep.

Clathrate energy

Two types of claret are found in the depth of the sea, which start from 90 meters in depth. They are divided due to the high pressure of the upper layers of water. The water molecules are surrounded by methane and other forms of carbon dioxide. They can be extracted and energy is obtained from them.

What is solar energy?

Solar energy is the clean energy source on the earth; it can be used in several ways. Solar energy is an integral part of renewable energy, which is technologically characterized as active solar energy. Passive
solar energy depends on the allocation, and the use of life to convert it into solar power. Vibrant solar energy includes photovoltaics to harness the energy, including particular favorable material with thermal mass.

How does solar energy work?

The Sun provides us more than just light in the day. Sun rays contain fine particles called photons that give fuel to our earth. Power energy sources and weather systems all depend on solar energy, each hour solar radiation hits the Earth’s surface, it helps fulfill the Global need.

Where does all the energy come from?

Like other stars available in the Galaxy the sun is also a star, so it is like a giant nuclear reactor. Nuclear fusion produces a massive amount of energy in the deep of the sun, and then it radiates outward from the surface and then glows in the form of light.

Solar thermal collectors collect solar energy and then convert it into usable energy although it can store only a small amount of solar power. The notion of installing solar power is to help prevail and provide renewable energy.

Utilise solar energy for usable power.

There are plenty of ways to use solar energy, the two ways to capture Solar Energy is solar thermal capture and photovoltaics. Photovoltaics are for small projects like office and home installation. The solar energy
source is the fastest-growing energy in the world and will further develop rapidly with the increase in this solar energy installation. Clean Energy Technology will help boost the economy of that particular nation and
the world.

Photovoltaics solar energy.

The most common way of installing solar energy in the house and offices is with photovoltaic solar systems. With the help of photovoltaic solar systems, the Solar plate converts the solar energy into electricity that
can be used at the same time it stores solar energy in a battery or sends it to the electric grid.

The Photovoltaic effect converts solar energy with the help of solar panels. The Solar current is known as direct current and converts the electricity with an alternating current using an inverter.

Energy can get in various ways with the use of photovoltaics technique and installation of solar panels. It is the smartest way to generate
electricity with the help of solar energy. Solar energy helps to reduce the electricity bill and dependency on the Non-Renewable Sources like coal fossil fuel etc.

Big companies and industries can also install the solar panel with the help of photovoltaics technique that will reduce the industry electricity bill and help to to be independent.

Solar thermal.

Solar radiation is another way to use solar energy with the help of solar thermal. Solar thermal energy has a wide range to use electricity than Photovoltaic systems. But the difference between both the techniques
is that photovoltaic systems are used for small industries and house uses and solar thermal systems can be used in the big factories and agencies.

Solar thermal energy has three different parts: high temperature used to generate the electric current while the mean temperature is used in boiling, and the low water temperature is used for heating and cooling.

Low temperature.

Low-temperature solar energy is used in heating and cooling the air for climate control. The passive solar design uses low temperature solar energy properties when the sun rays are allowed to heat the area and blocked when the site needs to be cooled.

Mean temperature.

The solar hot water system needs a mid-temperature solar thermal energy system. The heat from the Sun is collected by the solar panel on the roof and they, in turn, transfer it to the pipe by the user that help you to
overcome from the traditional water heating methods such as geyser water heater gas etc.

High temperature.

Generating electricity on a large-scale needs high-temperature solar panel. Focus on sun rays on tubes containing liquid in a solar thermal electricity plant. The heated fluid turns water into a steam engine, moves a turbine, and generates electricity. The method of generating electricity is called concentrated solar power.

Advantage of solar energy on your house.

A solar photovoltaic system is the best for individuals to save money with the help of solar energy to buy the right thing at an affordable price, you should visit the solar market.

1. Renewable energy sources.

Solar energy is renewable energy; this is the most prosperous benefit among all. Solar energy is available in every part of the world, unlike some other sources of energy, solar energy cannot run out. The sun is available for at least 6 billion years, and Solar Energy is accessible till the sun is available in the universe.

2. Reduce electricity bill.

Since we will get the electricity from the solar energy electricity bill drop, it depends on the size of the solar panel you have installed and the use of electricity in your house and how much electricity bill you can reduce.
Not only you can reduce electricity bills but also we gain money by selling out electricity to the power grid.

3. Less maintenance cost.

The most important thing about the solar panel you have to keep them clean and do not needs lots of maintenance. If you can not clean by yourself, then you can hire the cleaning agency which costs $50-60. The
reliable solar panel company gives a 20 to 25-year warranty because there is no moving part in the solar panel, only the inverter charges. The inverter needs to be changed after 5 to 10 years because it continuously
converts solar power into electricity.

Top 5 solar companies in India.

Solar companies in India have taken the responsibility to make it a better a place to live in the future, by making use of in-home solar panel installation and commercial installation.
A few years ago, China was the biggest generator and producer of solar energy in Asia. Still, in recent years Indian companies have attracted foreign investors, and the company’s solar power installation in India is
increasing rapidly, and it reaches 3200 Gw till 2019. Solar companies in India are not just profitable but competitive also.

In this article, we will help you to know about the top 10 solar companies in India.

Adani power.

Adani Power has made a remarkable name by creating the Kutumbi
solar power project, which is the only single largest solar plant in the
world. Adani is the largest private thermal producer with 12500 MW located in Ahmedabad.

Adani power secured 73rd largest Corporation in India in 2018. Adani is
reported as the top-notch Solar power producer in India.

Tata solar power.

Tata Power has made its name in the residential rooftop segment, and
its headquarter is in Bengaluru. However, it is the largest and oldest
solar energy producing company in India with the market share of 5.6%

This future market share made Tata the most significant player in the
Solar Energy market Tata Power has its 2600 MW renewable capacity in

Solar energy is considered as fresh energy and the future of India the
renewable energy will play a vital role to provide 24 ×7 electricity in
India. Tropical countries like India have the highest solar potential and
companies are using them to make clean energy.

Jinko solar.

The company has a substantial market share in India, and it is the best solar
energy producing company in the year 2018-19. The Jinko Solar company
has over 15000 workers across its six production centers. Jinko solar has played a vital role to complete the India Solar target.

The company has built the vertical solar product value chain with an annual capacity of 10.5 GW for silicon and 12.5 for solar modules. Jinko solar company is among the top 10 solar energy providing companies in India.

Trina solar.

The latest report shows the Trina solar company is providing a vast
amount of renewable energy in India, which is equivalent to top solar
energy providing companies. Trina company believes India has made a
significant impact on the world’s solar energy production.

The recent report shows Trina company has made 4000 MW of solar
energy company has become the leader in providing the solar energy
terms of community shipment Katrina company has aimed to produce a
minimum 5000 MW of solar energy in the year of 2020-21 which would
have a significant impact on the renewable energy market.

Goldi solar.

The Indian solar company has made a remarkable place in the world
solar sector. The Goldi solar is the fastest growing photovoltaic module
manufacturer in India. The Company e will soon expand its production
16 MW to meet the requirement. The increase in the manufacture will
help to reach the demand Goldi is the first company which is audited in
the US.

Top 5 solar energy companies in the world.

Now we are going to discuss the top 5 solar energy in the world. Solar photovoltaic energy is the fastest-growing energy in the world as prices continue to fall in every part of the world. China is the largest solar energy producer in the world. A report says China increased 16 GW capacity in 2017, which was the significant contribution in world solar
energy production.

Jinko solar.

Jinko Solar is the world’s top solar panel producer and manufacturer; the
company is the world’s largest solar energy company. Headquarters is in
china. The company produces and sells its product to diversified international utilities. Jinko shipped a total of 11GW of modules which makes the company the largest solar manufacturer in the world.

Canadian Solar.

Canadian Solar is also one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in
the world. The company provides photovoltaic and advanced solar
solutions. Headquarter is in Ontario, Canada, but its production is in
China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil, etc. Till 2018 Canadian solar has
produced and sold 32 GW PV models in 18 years.

Trina solar.

Trina solar power is the world largest solar panel manufacturer based in
China. The company builds solar panels for commercial use and
household use on a larger scale. Trina solar power main products are
solar cells and Solar modules with the new solar energy chess such as
bifacial, half cell, flat glass. Trina Solar is currently the largest solar parts
supplier in India.

Sun power Corp.

For 30 years, Sunpower Corp has been manufacturing the solar panel.
The sun power corp company is the world’s largest solar innovations
company that designs and manufactures silicon photovoltaic cells and
solar panels For residential and commercial purposes. The company has
produced over 80000 MW in 2019.

JA solar.

China-based JA solar company is among the world largest solar panel
producers; the company is producing photovoltaic products and offers
cells and photovoltaic power stations. For many years JA solar
companies have been keeping their products across America, Europe
and Asia. JA solar company had its annual surplus 63 billion dollars last

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is mature and clean renewable energy. It produces power
through winds by using the kinetic energy generated by air currents.
Wind energy reduces the emission of greenhouse effect gases and
protects the environment.
Wind energy gives many advantages; that’s why it is the fastest-growing
renewable energy in the world.

Advantage of Wind Power.

1. Cost-effective energy.
Wind energy is one of the cheapest energy sources available in the world. It costs 2-3 cent per kilowatt per hour after the production
because electricity from wind farms sell at a fixed cost. Its fuel is free, and wind energy is a traditional source of energy.

2. Wind creates jobs.
Wind energy has created More than 11000 jobs in the United States, which is the fastest-growing job in America. According to the research, wind energy can create more than 600000 to 700000 jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance by 2050.

3. Wind enables growth in US industry.
New wind energy projects account for $10 billion in the economy. TheUS has enough energy resources and skilled labour and can meet world renewable energy demands.

4. Clean source.
Wind energy does not pollute the environment like other power plants that
depend on fossil fuel like coal and gases. The fossil fuel deteriorates human health and causes economic damage.

5. Domestic source of energy.
We have plenty of wind energy available in the atmosphere. Over the
past 10-15 years, US wind energy capacity has grown 15-20 per cent
per year, and the wind is the fastest growing renewable energy source in
the United States.

6. Sustainable energy.
Wind energy evolves from solar energy. The heating of the atmosphere
causes it by the sun.The power continues to be generated by the energy
grid till sun shines.

6. Wind Turbines can be built on farms.
Wind energy benefits the United States economy in the countryside. In
the United States, most of the wind industry found in rural areas.
Farmers can use the same land for farming because it takes only a few
yards of earth and provides additional income to farmers.

Top 5 wind energy producer in India.

A recent report showed India produces 5 % more electricity than its use.
Over a few years, the Indian population has increased dramatically. Now
we will discuss the top 5 wind energy companies in India.

1. Regen Powertech ltd.
Regen Powertech is a widely spread wind energy company in India. The
company deals with manufacturing and supply of wind energy. Regen is
an Indian-based company that has headquarter in Chennai and manufacturer in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Suzlon energy limited.
Suzlon is one of the biggest solar energy manufacturing companies in
India. It is the market leader in the production of energy. The company
started in 1995, and within two decades it has managed to spread in
more than 30 counties. The company is producing more than 23000 MW
of wind energy.

3. Enercon India.
The company is working under the banner of wind world limited in India.
The company started in 1983, and it is producing 28 GW of wind energy.
The company also provides technical and business support.

4. Indowind energy.
The company is Chennai based, and it mainly deals with producing wind
energy from farms. The wind works round the clock and continues
generating wind energy.

5. Gamesa wind turbine.
The company is currently working in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The
company is the best wind energy producing company in India, and it has
a prominent name in the Indian market.

Top 5 wind energy producer in the world.

1. Vestas.
Vestas is a wind turbine manufacturing company in the world and manufactures 16% of wind energy. The company was found in 1998, and its
headquarters are in Denmark. The company has manufactured over 60000
turbines that have a total 82GW capacity.

2. Gold Mine.
Chinese company Gold Mine is among the top 10 companies in wind
energy production. However, China is the leading country in wind energy
production and wind turbine installation.

3. GE.
The company has installed 25000 wind turbines all over the world. GE is
the leading turbine producer company in the world. The company
generates 1.7MW to 4.8 MW onshore and 6 MW to 12 MW offshore.
The company is in the top 5 wind energy producers in the world.

4. Envision.
Envision is a china based company, and it is one of the largest wind
energy manufacturers. Envision also provides energy management
software and energy technology service. The company has installed
over 2500 wind turbines in the world.

5. Windey.
The company is the largest and oldest wind turbine manufacturer in
china. Company has three production base in all across China.
In 2020 the company has more than 1200 employees and 500 technical
labour. Company has over 6000 wind turbine installation seat in the

Hydroelectric power in US.

It is the largest renewable energy source in America, depending upon the fast-moving water in the river, which converts the force of water into electricity. Hydroelectric power is often called non-renewable energy.

Big dams reduce the flow of water and prevent animals and humans; small hydroelectric plants cause less environmental damage as they
divert only a few percent of water.

The RES group Renewable energy system is a global renewable company which is active since 1990 and still working actively in the RES field. It has business to develop and operate renewable energy for worldwide commercial use; it is happening in the wind and solar energy sector.

History of Renewable energy in US and UK.

In 1982 Robert McAlpine’s group of engineering and construction
companies had started a renewable energy system. In the early years,
the company had researched various designs for a wind turbine.

In Uk company has built its first IMW wind turbine and installed by RES,
the company made the largest wind farm in Texas using a 214 turbine of 1.3-megawatt capacity.

RES has won the queen award for enterprise in sustainable development and is continuously active in developing wind power. It has supported the delivery engineering works for Lynn wind farm in the UK, and It has created over 100 wind farms in the world with 12 GW of capacity and has offices across the world.

Advantage of Renewable energy system.

Renewable energy is the smartest move for human and environmental
development; it has many benefits; here are some of its examples.

1. Renewable energy never ends: renewable energy has replaced natural life like the use of coal and the use of fossil fuel has decreased with the invention of renewable energy.

2. It does not change: The clean, renewable energy is non-pollutant,
does not waste the natural resources and reduces global warming.

3. Low maintenance: it requires low maintenance than traditional energy; it can’t harm natural resources, and it is cheaper than fossil fuels.

4. Suitable for regional areas: we all know renewable energy locations far from the city can bring economic advantage to the region and wagering lots of employment opportunities.

Less global warming:

The atmosphere is overloaded with carbon dioxide and other global
warming emissions that produce toxic heat which creates danger for
livelihood and damages sea levels. In the United States, global warming comes from electricity; most of them come from natural gas and coal use.

Renewable energy improves public health.

The exclusive use of fossil fuel and coal pollutes the air and water, which
leads to breathing problems, heart attacks, premature death, cancer and
many severe injuries by the heat impact of coal and fossil.

The hydroelectric system generates electricity without pollution; the
geothermal system deck decreases pollution through air emission. The
exciting part of the wind and solar energy is that it does not require water
to operate the industry, but on the other side when we talk about fossil
fuel, it has a profound impact on the water resources.

Geothermal power plants like coal need water for cooling; hydroelectric
power plants disrupt the water level of the dam from both upstream and

Job benefits in US.

Renewable energy is labour-intensive, like a wind farm needs technicians, and a solar panel needs the worker to operate them, which would give the boost in employment.

There are more jobs created in the renewable industry than fossil
fuels. In 2016 100000 jobs were directly offered in the manufacturing
project, turbine installation, and financial and legal consulting service.

On the other side, 26000 employees enrolled in the solar industry,
including solar manufacturing, installation sale sales. The geothermal
sector employed 58000 people; the Hydrothermal industry used 66000

In the recent study, the scientist said more jobs would be created in
renewable energy. The study says such a generous policy would make
more than a three-time job as compared to fossil and coal.

The direct job creation has a positive impact on the economy; it would
directly benefit the household industry, and the local government would
also benefit from the clean energy as it would increase in taxation.

The farmers and landowner can generate income more than twice by
producing machinery for biomass power facilities. UCS analysis studies
and said by 2025, national renewable electricity would count $263 billion, landowner and farmer income would be 13.5 billion.

Stable pricing in US.

Renewable energy is providing electricity at an affordable price across
the world; it will help in the reduction of electricity prices. Initially, the
renewable industry needs a large investment to build. Still, after the
initial phase, it can be operated at a minimum cost, and the price can be
stable after the passage of some time.

The average solar installation price dropped by 700- 800 percent from
2010, the cost of wind generating electricity dropped by 66 percent
from 2009 the cost is gradually moving downstream. The fossil fuel cost is
regularly increasing due to the rapid growth of coal prices in the United
States between 2008 to 2015 due to an increase in global demand.

Using renewable energy can lower the price of coal and natural gases
and increased dependence on renewable energy can help the customer
during fuel hike.

The disadvantage of renewable energy.

We have discussed the positive aspect of renewable energy, but as we all know, every coin has two sides, so now we will discuss the disadvantage of renewable energy use.

Reliable on the weather.

We all know from where we get renewable energy it is obtained from the
sun and wind, which makes us dependent on the weather.

1. The hydro-generator needs rain to fill the dam and directly depends on the weather.

2. A wind turbine needs wind to move the turbine blade.

3. It needs a clear sky and sunshine for the solar panel to generate electricity.

The decrease in quality.

It is hard to generate the same quality and quantity of energy that is
generated from the traditional source like coal, fossil and gas.

Renewable energy as future sources in UK.

We can now see the future of electricity as we are getting from wave and
sun, in the UK it has made progress in output from 7 percent to 25 percent.

The developing technology reduces cost: global investment in renewable
energy was $300 billion in 2015, twice as much as before. It is suitable
for health and the environment, it is becoming popular in the UK and
boosting the economy.

Why renewable technology in UK

The most vital question in your mind is why we should switch to renewable energy, will it be fair to move for us, let’s check.

We must shift to renewable energy to stop burning coal, oil and gas, which heats the atmosphere and increases global warming in the region.

The UK has pledged to stop the global warming effect by signing the
Paris agreement; the UK is legally bound by its law to reduce the
emission by 80 percent till 2050.

Cost for renewable energy in UK.

Shifting toward clean energy will be suitable for the UK; the price of
renewable energy has been rapidly falling since 2009. The cost of solar
panels has dropped by 90 percent. Wind and solar power is the cheapest
source of energy in many parts of the world like South Africa, United
States, United Kingdom, Chile, etc. and the batteries used to store the power are also cheaper than earlier.

What if the sun does not shine?

In clean energy, we depend on the weather, and if the sun does not shine, then we are unable to get renewable energy. The production of the whole depends on the weather.

To balance this, the UK has made its alternative strategy: we see a large amount of energy storage gadget and batteries, electric cars they will
store a large amount of energy it can be used when it is needed.

During the rainy days, the sun does not shine for many days. What
would we do if solar discharges, for this vast energy storage has been
made many big gadgets which store many watts of electricity are being
made, this gadget could help to overcome weather problems for many
days during winter and rainy seasons.

Renewable energy in India.

Indian renewable energy is the fourth most attractive sector in the world.
India ranked fourth in wind power and fifth in solar power and renewable power installed capacity in 2018.

The installation power has gained speed in the past three years, with the government support the economy improved, the sector is attractive from an investment point of view as India is fulfilling its energy demands which is expected to be 15820 TWH till 2040.

Renewable energy is ready to play an essential role in India. In the Paris
agreement the Indian government has targeted to achieve 175 gigawatts of renewable energy by 2022, this includes 100 GW of solar energy and 60 gigawatts of wind energy, by 2030 the government has planned to establish 500 Gw of renewable energy.

Government Initiative.

The Government of India has taken the initiative to boost India’s renewable energy sector. Let’s discuss the steps. The Indian government has planned 30 GW of renewable energy on their western border in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Delhi government has shut down its thermal power plant and decided to
start the 5000 kW solar park. Rajasthan government has focused on the use of solar power in the agriculture and health sectors.

Indian railways have taken the effort to maximise the use of clean energy
to decrease the emission level by 2020. The Rajasthan government has planned to open a solar power plant in Rajasthan, which would be the largest in the world.

Renewable energy is the best initiative to protect natural resources which are limited in quantity. Many countries in the world have started to use renewable energy as their primary choice.

The United States has employed 26000 workers in solar power and 58000 in Geothermal, 66000 in Hydrothermal.

The expansion of renewable energy is improving day by day on a large
scale even though some entire rural populations depend on renewable
energy. The UK has already pledged to stop the global warming effect
by signing the Paris treaty.

Thank you for reading the article. I hope you have gained knowledge of
clean energy. Here we have shared much information related to green


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