Impact of Covid- 19 on the Globe Cinema

Coronavirus has an enormous impact on Globe cinema. Many artists depend upon the film industry directly and indirectly for their livelihood.

Not only Artists and superstars but the staff and crew members also sustained through the film industry. The film industry and cinemas offer jobs to many artists.

Covid-19 pandemic will affect world cinema. People across the globe avoided social gathering and stayed away from the film theatre due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Avoiding film theatre leads to the emergence of online movies platforms, For instance, Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix and Amazon Prime along with other online film platforms attracted a large number of viewers and subscribers.

Gaining a massive number of online subscribers does not mean that viewers have shifted their preference towards an online platform or everyone became a film lover. The online platform offers entertainment from home, or people who are in quarantine or isolation can also enjoy it on this platform.

Although the series or movies are censor-free, on the online platform viewers can enjoy according to their desire. The online platform shows a real reality-based.

Home viewers

The number of home viewers might increase in day to day life because two big Indian film industries, Tamil and Telugu have decided to release their films on the online platform.

The diversity of the online platform is much more extensive than the cinemas. Mainstream film industry more often shows the supernatural story, which has no impact and no relation on the viewers in their day to day life.

Due to the complete world lockdown, many small budget movies were released on the online platform and gained positive response as well, which cannot be viewed on the big screen.

The world film Industry works only for celebrity-based films, and the small budget movie and strugglers fail to get attention.

Censorship problems

Many films have gone through censorship because many essential and costly scenes have been removed from the film. Still, after the emergence of the online platform, movies can easily bypass many censorship problems.

Britain’s prominent filmmaker and Director Ken Loach has made his film cheaper on the online platform. Many other foreign documentaries and series are available at a significantly less amount within a short period.

The viewer’s taste has changed; it will affect the world cinema after the reopening. The online platform has changed the viewer’s taste toward the film and series.

The only disadvantage of the online platform is that it costs more to subscribe to several online apps, and it needs high quality of the internet which is not available everywhere, especially in India.

When we talk about India’s online platform, it has gained lots of momentum during the nationwide lockdown, but it is still away from the reach of countryside people, and we all know India lives in the countryside.

Unlock 5.0 in India

The Ministry of Home Affairs issued guidelines regarding the reopening of the film theatre from the October 15, and it has announced Cinemas and Theatres will be open with 50 % of crowd capacity.

The new (MHA) guidelines have removed the restriction from the cinema hall and film theatre and opened it with specific terms and conditions.

It is compulsory to wear the mask and maintain social distancing inside the film theatre, and everything must be sanitised before use. Proper screening of the viewers is mandatory before the entry and exit.

Cinema hall reopens across the globe

Countries across the globe issued the guidelines to reopen the cinema hall and theatre. The European countries have announced the date to reopen the cinema on the continent.


Australia had announced to reopen the movies on 29 May. 250 to 500 people were allowed inside the cinema hall. People should maintain social distancing inside the cinema hall, use of mask and face cover is compulsory.


Belgium’s government has announced to reopen the cinema hall from July 1, face cover and social distancing are mandatory inside the theatre room.


China had announced to reopen the theatre room from July 20, only 30% of the capacity was allowed inside the room with a proper face cover and social distancing.


Romania had issued the notice to reopen the cinema in August, but the absolute prohibition on cinemas was lifted on 1st September. Proper face cover and use of sanitisers are allowed inside the cinema hall and to maintain social distancing.

The United States of America

The United States government had announced to reopen the movie theatre on the state basis, Georgia and Texas had announced to reopen the theatre in mid-May. But later, the date was extended.

California had announced to reopen the movie theatre in early August if everything would be as expected in the state.

AMC changed its reopening date until mid to late August. America has witnessed its lowest box office collection since 1998.

Covid-19 Impact on Bollywood

Big movies and series are halted after the lockdown in India. Theatre stopped the movie screening, daily wages workers are jobless.

Still, it is not evaluated, how much the lockdown would cost the Indian Film industry. Many big and small productions have suffered from the past 4-5 month.

The first impact of COVID -19 hit on Akshay Kumar starer Suryavanshi and he indefinitely postponed the release on March 12. The Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s announcement of Nation complete lockdown from March 24 till 21 days, had sealed the entire project of Bollywood.

Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s movie Brahmastra too halted, the film after a long wait, scheduled to be released in December.

The Coronavirus hit hard on the entire film industry of the world’s many big production films, and web series halted during the World complete lockdown. The small workers of the film industry became jobless and changed their profession to feed their family and children.

I hope everything will be back on track soon, and the film industry will be on track.
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