Joe Biden policies to Reconstruct America

Joe Biden is running behind 2020 Presidential election. He generally acts as moderate, but recently described himself as progressive. In June, Biden got the number of delegates which are needed to become the nominee.

Joe Biden planned free coronavirus testing for all Americans and urged Donald Trump to increase equipment supply in health care testing and other items. Biden planned to reopen the schools and colleges in the United States. Also, he announced that he would make mandatory use of the mask in public.

Biden on Coronavirus.

Joe Biden announced a free coronavirus test in the United States and shared his strategies to tackle the novel coronavirus.

He said that the coronavirus is the most immediate challenge faced by the United States. Mr Joe Biden has announced to provide free COVID testing and hire up to 1 lakh people to set up a national contract tracing programme.

Mr Joe Biden wants to establish at least ten testing centres in every state, Biden says that all the governors should mandate wearing masks in public places and critics have said that it is impossible to provide free coronavirus testing across the nation, but Biden promised to provide free testing in the United States.

Biden strategies for Job.

Mr Joe Biden said, to raise the minimum wage rates and invest in green energy. Biden has vowed to spend the money for granting the loans to small businesses and increase the money paid to families. Bidden announced an additional 200$ for social security per month and 10000 $ for student loans. The new economy plan tried to please the young and blue-collar voters.

Joe Biden supported the rising minimum wage rates to 15$ per hour, which made a positive impact on young voters and daily-paid labours. Joe Biden wants to invest $2 trillion in green energy, arguing the topic Biden tries to boost green manufacturing and helping workers class who perform the hard-working jobs.

Racism in the USA

After the rise of race protests that have gripped the United States, Biden said racism exists in America, and it should be handled through economic and social reform to support the minorities.

Biden strategies for ghetto is to create business support for minorities through an economic change of $30 billion investment.

Criminal Justice.

Joe Biden has proposed the new policies to reduce the incarceration, and
rehabilitate released prisoners. Also, Joe Biden has announced $20 billion to
invest in incarceration reduction efforts, eliminate minimum sentences,
decriminalise marijuana and end the death penalties.

However he has rejected the call to defund police, Biden argued and said funding of law should be used in public health care and community policing and said to invest $300 million in community policing.

Biden foreign policy.

Biden said in an interview that as President he would focus on the national key issue first, and he also promises to rebuild the relationship with us allies, particularly with NATO allies which Donald Trump has always threatened to defund.

Biden said China should be responsible for the environmental and trade loss; he also proposed the international collation with democratic nations.

Biden Health Policies.

Biden promises to expand Obama care and also public health care insurance. When Biden was the Vice President, his words in core health care issues.

Biden also promised America to join public health care insurance which provides medical care for old age people; the committee estimated the plan cost $2.25 trillion.

Education policies.

Biden promised to open free colleges in America and announced several
educational policies that are popular within the Democratic party. Biden
announced to forgive the student loan debt, increase in tuition-free school and to access universal free school.

Immigration policy.

Joe Biden promised to undo Trump old policies which separate the children from the parents at the Mexico border and said that he would lift the ban from majority Muslim countries, and he also promised to protect the illegal brought people in the US, and all are permitted to stay under Obama care.

Joe Biden, the former United States, VP, has promised the people and said his strategies and plan to Reconstruct the United State. Biden also shared his immigration approach as the United States President. He proposed his plan on the key issues of America.

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  1. The “Republican party” is the oldest political in America, in this political part very senior people have held the office of president and he has many things for the goods of the America public, since his tenure, but after donald trump became president of US, “Trump” has taken many decisions in in which people in many places in the US tookout a procession against trump and raised Slogan, its proved that the Americanpeople were not satisfied atll during the tenure of donald trump.therefore. In the upcoming dential election,the people of America,now acting in their own discretion have to hire a qualified president candidate for America.
    I believe that the American public can place “joe Biden” as the President of the United States.

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