A shocker: Donald Trump tested positive

A shocking situation has arisen for everyone across the world during this critical pandemic situation. Nearly Donald Trump and his first lady announced that they have tested positive for COVID-19.

The news has created a dramatic reduction in the in-person rallies that Mr Donald Trump can hold in October. Also, it arises a question, whether the President will be able to participate on October 15, in the next presidential debate.

Also, the White House published a memorandum confirming Trump’s announcement and told that Mr Turmp and his lady would stay at home during their recovery period.

Impact on economy

This news caused chaos around the world. People are worried about the upcoming presidential elections between Donald Trump and Joe Biden to be held on November 3. This news also affected the economy to a greater extent. After the announcement, US stock prices and Asian shares price fell.

The seriousness of the situation

Trump’s age is 74, and he belongs to the region that is most impacted by this virus. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the older you are, the risk from COVID-19 increases. For instance, a person in his 50s has more risk than the person who is in his 40s. In general, people between the age group 60 and 70 has a higher risk than people with age 50.

In the US, the death rate is already high.

However, according to reports, Donald Trump does not show any critical symptoms. Also, his first lady Melania Trump is 50, and a former model. But no one knows much about her health condition.

Reaction of other states

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, wishing Donald Trump and his lady a speedy recovery.

After a few hours of the announcement, this topic was trending in China with shocking comments. Also, the Chinese government criticized Trump for blaming China for the Pandemic. Also, they gave a message of global co-operation.

Keio University economics professor Masaru Kaneko gave examples of political leaders who were infected by coronavirus but didn’t tackle it wisely. Also, they gave examples of leaders who tackled the situation seriously. They exclaimed, will the US follow them?

Impact on US election

Everyone is concerned about the President, and his campaign. The elections are just one month ahead from now.

It will have a huge impact on Trump because he will not be able to address his supporters through his unique campaign, and this will act as a blockage. This will restrict the interaction between Trump and his supporters, and he will not be able to gain attention. Isolation in the White House is likely to have a huge impact.

Also, it is too early to estimate the situation if things get worse. He needs to be hospitalised like Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom if Trump falls more ill. Whether this situation arises or not, there is a possibility that questions will arise. For instance, whether he should continue to be on the ballot.

Not only, Donald Trump refused to wear a mask in public, but he has also repeatedly questioned their effectiveness. He mocked his Democratic rival, Joe Biden on insisting to wear a mask, and claimed that ‘China virus’ is about to be defeated.

Before few hours of the announcement, Trump told Al Smith Dinner that ‘the end of the pandemic is about to end, and next year will be one of the greatest years in the history’, according to the sources.

Donald Trump “Aced a Cognitive” test.

Update: 8 October, 2020

Shocker news came last week just before the US election Donald Trump
tested Corona positive
after a while many of his staff tested positive. The
sudden announcement has shaken the world as it would be a deadly
impact on the US election.

All the rallies and speeches have been postponed, and trump went into
isolation on the other side Democratic candidate Joe Biden is pursuing
the People about his policies.
The several news agencies have done the polls in which they found Joe
Biden as the best candidate for the United States presidency

Recent update on Donald Trump said he “aced a cognitive test” in an
interview Donald Trump journalist asked trump according to recent polls
more American think Joe Biden is More Mentally fit to serve as president
than Donald Trump.

Trump said he aced a test named ‘Montreal cognitive assessment test’
this test is for memory loss. Trump said the Doctor took the test and
was surprised and impressed and said it was an unbelievable thing do
nobody does what you have done.

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