Why Donald Trump won’t be re-elected?

Presidentsed Donald Trump used his official power to become President in the USA election. For instance, the republican party organised a parade to show the effectiveness of Donald Trump as the President of the United States. Also, the Republican supporters chanted about the cons of electing Joe biden as President of the United States.

President Donald Trump wanted to gain the voter’s attention through a parade before the election.

Last week, the Washington Post conducted several polls before the convention. The poll showed Joe Biden gaining the momentum with 51 per cent of the vote whereas Donald Trump secured 42 per cent.

In overall statistics of CNN polls, Biden beats Trump by 8 points. Although CNN asked the voters, who can manage the significant issue of the United States like the Economy and Coronavirus Pandemic, and Joe Biden answered it, as expected. Joe Biden won by answering both the questions, asked by CNN reporters.

Women’s safety in Donald Trump’s Administration.

The polls conducted before the casting votes in the United States reveals the mood of women voters. The women of the United States are worried about their safety more than anything else.

Women have no faith in the Trump administration, and women see Joe Biden as a candidate who would give them a safe environment in the United States.

The quinic university released a poll on Wednesday in which they asked a couple of questions. For instance, are voters feeling safe with Trump as President? Voters responded that they are not feeling safe in the administration of President Trump.

Although voters agreed with reporters when they asked the question, are voters feeling safe with Biden as President? But one thing you must know, President Donald Trump has a tight grip on Republican voters. A poll claims that nearly 30 per cent of American voters think that the United States is in the right hand, but of 30 per cent 60 per cent are Republican.

CNN had done a poll in which 87 per cent of republican supporters are not willing to change their mind. They are ready to vote in favour of Trump in the upcoming presidential election, and the rest are not transparent.


The second half GDP report was quite shocking as the GDP contrasted. It was the worst. Since 1947, the unemployment number has increased to 13.6 million. President Trump aimed to rebuild his election on the point of the economy. But everything has changed due to Coronavirus Pandemic.

Recently, Coronavirus cases reached 6.3 million in the United States. The death rate is minimum but quite noticeable. The United States attained 190,000 deaths. Also, it has the highest number of Coronavirus cases, despite the improvement.


When we talk about the promises made by Trump during his election, there are many promises which are not fulfilled. But no one is concerned about it.

For instance, the Trump administration has failed on the health care issue as he promised to remove the |Affordable Care Act. During the Coronavirus Pandemic, health care facilities are not available. Instead of taking action, Trump diverted the whole point and blamed China. Also, it was China’s fault in spreading the virus in the United States.

The primary legislative success of Trump was passing a tax reform bill in which Trump reduced the tax rates from 35 to 21 per cent. Another diplomatic move of Trump, to shift the US embassy from Jerusalem to Israel. Also, Trump withdrew troops from Afghanistan and Syria, which was a political move. People across the US were demanding to remove the army from both countries.


President Trump’s tenure as President was dramatic since he became the President of the United States. Most of the people criticise that President Trump is unable to run the White House properly.
Many senior officials have resigned from the job, but the response is not clear. Within two years of administration, approx 70 % of the senior officers have left the job from White house.


Trump had promised to build a wall on the Mexico border, but it is unlikely to happen as everything is same as before. Although making a wall border was the signature issue of President Trump.


The United States has crossed the 100,000 death toll, and it is the highest in the world, but when the reporters asked him about the high death rate, Trump accused China. Trump said it is China’s fault.

Also, he said that the USA banned Chinese people travel, and after that, the US has a lower death rate. But the truth is something else because President Trump sidelined the expert’s views. Initially, Trump had a different coronavirus view. If something happens, Trump blames china. Every problem gets diverted towards China.

Role of the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

Dr Anthony Fauci, a member of the task force, said that by the early of the March the cases would reach from 1 lakh to 2 lakh. But Trump has estimated 5 lakh to 6 lakh deaths.

Later, within a week, Trump changed his prediction from 7 lakh to 8 lakh, and his estimation gets changed every time. A Washington Post report declared the coronavirus as a national threat, and it is a matter of national security.

While every state of the United States was fighting with Coronavirus, Trump shifted all of his responsibility towards nations. All the reasons for administration and health failure get diverted towards China. White did not accept any of its losses during the coronavirus pandemic.

In April, when the pandemic situation worsened in the United States, Donald Trump said, he has given all the responsibility to the state government.

The White House claimed that they had given enough resources to the government for fighting with the Coronavirus. Every time Trump officials claimed that the situation was under control, and Trump decided to reopen the economy. The government announced the reopening formula, but the state governed by the democratic government did not open.


Joseph Biden is a lawyer who later turned into a politician. He became 47th vice president of the United States from 2009 to 2017. Biden was the senate of the United States for 26 years.

Before turning towards politics, Biden was working as an attorney. Biden is the fifth youngest senate in history of the United States and
longest-serving Senate from Delaware.

In 2008, Democratic nominee selected Biden as his running mate, and he served two terms as Vice President of the United States. Now, Biden started his campaign as Democratic Presidential candidate.

Biden’s Early life.

Before becoming the Senate and Vice president of the United States, Biden completed his schooling from St. Helena School and Academy. Although Biden worked as the washer, he used to wash the school window because he could not afford his tuition fees.

Biden was the best football player in his school team. Biden was the best striker of his team. The Biden football coach mentioned he was the best past receiver of his team. In 1961, Biden graduated from Archer.

Biden’s Career.

After graduating from the law school in 1968, Biden developed his interest in politics. Biden moved to Wilmington and started practising in a law firm. During that period, Biden was an active member of the Democratic party.

After a few years, Biden started his Law firm. In 1972, Biden contested election against the republican party candidate for the United States senate.

He started a campaign against the Republican candidate. Biden’s sister was his manager at that campaign. After the tireless effort, Biden won the election and became the fifth-youngest senate in the history of the United States.

Biden’s Senate years.

Biden served as senate for 26 years from 1973 to 2009. During his senate year, Biden served as the chairman of foreign relations and many more committees.

Biden has done many outstanding works during his senate years. Biden worked on arms limitation with the former soviet union and promoted peace. Biden also worked in opposing gulf war with the help of expanding NATO forces.

During that time, Biden was the best criminal lawyer. Biden formed the Violent Crime Control and Enforcement Act, in which Biden added 1 lakh police officers and increased sentences of Heinous Crimes.

Biden’s presidential Ambition.

Biden was the most prominent democratic lawmaker. In the year 1988, Biden decided to run for Presidential election, but during his campaign, he started suffering from a severe headache, and he stepped back. The doctor said that Biden had two brains stroke and orgasm. After his recovery, he continued to serve as the senate.

Biden work as US Vice President.

After the unsuccessful presidential attempt, Biden decided to run for Vice presidential ship. Biden had 26-year senate experience, but he failed to gain momentum.

After a few months, Obama got the nomination against Clinton and selected Biden as his running mate. Bidden helped in conveying the message of Obama to blue-collar voters.

On 20 January 2009, Biden became the 47th vice president of the United States. Biden worked tireless with President Obama and continued to work from the back door. Biden acted as President Obama’s advisor.

Biden played a significant role in the Iran and Afghanistan issue and played a significant role in Obama’s administration.

Biden’s 2020 Presidential Campaign.

Biden is waiting to become President in the 2020 USA election. The former Vice president of the United States generally acts moderately but recently described himself as progressive. In June, Biden got the number of delegates to become the nominee.

In August, Biden announced Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate for Vice president. Biden and Haris got officially nominated as 2020 democratic candidates. The opinion poll by several agencies was showed to Biden, and he gained momentum.

Biden planned to announce the coronavirus free testing to all the Americans. Biden urges Donald Trump to increase the supply of equipment in health care testing and supply of other items.

Biden planned to reopen the school and colleges in the United States. He guaranteed paid leave due to the coronavirus, and people who are taking care of others in this pandemic.

Biden announced that he would make mandatory use of the mask in public places and to maintain social distancing in public.
Several polls by CNN and Washington post showed Biden gaining an advantage in the election and chasing down Donald trump.

Kamala Harris as Biden Running mate.

The Junior senator of the United States from California officially declared as vice president candidate for Democratic party. Harris is known as a high profile candidate for the 2020 United States election. Biden announced attorney Harris as his running mate for 2020.

Ms. Harris, a sober politician.

Ms. Harris, the only black woman in the United States Senate is widely known as sober politicians. Ms. Harris worked in the health sector during his senator days.

Recently, Ms. Harris proposed the climate equality bill with self-described policies. Kamala Harris supported the controversial taxpayer abortions claiming that this bill would save the life of lower-income women in the United States.

Ms. Harris’s wishes

Kamala Harris said she wants paid leave for family workers for the personal and medical issue. She wants the same for the victim of domestic violence.

Kamala Harris advocated for immigration. She wants to give citizenship to millions of immigrants living in the United States. As a child of immigrants herself, Ms. Kamala Harris wants citizenship for millions of immigrants.

Like many other, the democratic nominee Ms. Kamala Harris urged to decriminalise border crossing by undocumented immigrants. And also provide healthcare to those who are immigrants without legal papers.

The Bottom Line-

Both the presidential Candidate Donald Trump and Joseph Biden are ready to contest the election. The Republican and the Democratic supporters are ready to cast their votes.

Several polling agencies showed the poll in which Biden gained the advantage in the presidential election. Women feel safer under Biden rule. Voters have no faith in the Donald Trump administration. Donald Trump has failed to provide security to Women and the people of the United States.

During the Coronavirus, Donald Trump did not accept his administrative failure but shifted every accusation toward China, claiming it is China’s fault.

Thank you for reading. I hope you understood the situation of the United States after Donald Trump became President. If you support us, give your valuable feedback in comment section and share with others.


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  4. The upcoming presidential election in America is going to be quite interesting. It will be very interesting to see whether American citizens trust again “Donald Trump” or “Joe Biden” become the new president of the USA.

    “Donald Trump” has been a billionaire businessman of America, he is a completely non-political person, he has no-political experience of any kind, and he is famous for his aggressive rhetoric. He has taken many such political decisions, from which he has also had to face the public outrage.

    Probably for this reason, during the tenure of President Trump many times the issue of atrocities on blacks was strongly opposed by the American citizen.
    On 26 May this year, a man named “George” died while being tortured by the police, followed by protests at various places. Trump faced severe criticism from opposition leaders on the issue.

    Joe biden: Democratic Party nominated candidate “Joe Biden” is standing in front of Trump. Joe Biden served as Vice President during former President Barack Obama’s term. “Joe biden” became the youngest Member of parliament in American political history. Biden’s political experience goes far beyond Trump.

    The upcoming presidential election is going to be more interesting, according to the American News exit poll, the future candidate of the Democratic Party, joe biden, may be the new president of the USA.

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