Will China be the next Superpower?

Firstly, we need to understand what is a superpower. Superpower means a country, having global influence over others in cultural, technological military and political.

China is a Communist state, run by a single-party system. During World War 2, China was a Western Allies. During the cold war, China was emerging as a global hub for manufacturing products. Now, after the USA, China ranks in case of economic power. And we can’t ignore the fact that the USA has been the world’s superpower for decades.

The following are the topics we will be touching upon:

The tension escalates after Trump launched a trade war against China. And recently, the criminal charge against Chinese company Huawei by the USA.
Arguments are suggesting that China will succeed in becoming the next superpower.

Embraces globalization of china

Since 1980, China has undergone a series of reform policies which aimed to transform its economic system from a socialist economy to capitalism. Deng Xiaoping sets policies to reform China’s economy.

Chin’s Economy was open for all, because of new liberalisation and globalization policy, to make China economically strong. From 1978 to 2012, China’s GDP grew about 9.8% annually. China used its human resources to create factory across the globe. In the USA, you will find many products with a label written ‘made in china’ on it. In 2018, China was the world’s top exporting and trading country, having export of goods worth $479.97 in the US.

The USA is China’s top trading partner, receiving 19.2% of all Chinese imports. Also, China takes a step to make a good relationship with some of America’s previous Allies. China invests heavily across Aisa, in one belt and one road initiative. As a result, to connect China with the rest of the world.

Is China replacing USA?

The western country is also contributing to China’s Economy. China has over one billion growing middle class, and this gave the country unrivalled buying power. Many USA companies repeatedly tried to enter in China. But Chinese authority fears of critical and rise free speech through Western social media. Also, China censored popular TV show.

China is also becoming technological domination. Once, China was known as a Copycat Nation. Now, it has a digital payment market. China’s two largest internet companies – Ali Baba group and Tencent holding are leaders of online gaming social media and ecommerce. China also exports weapons to the foreign country, mainly reveal of USA. Despite all these, China needs global support to become a superpower, which lacks in their political powers. Unlike western countries, China doesn’t allow any companies to interfere in their politics.

China needs to replace the USA to become a superpower, but the USA is the most powerful and democratic country in the world. In 1944, after World War 2, many countries agreed that exchange rates would be rooted in gold, with the US dollar being the reserve currency. It rendered the USA to become the World Foundation for Economic stability.

India-China border dispute

In recent days, there was a Chinese and Indian army clash in the disputed area in Ladakh region. It killed 20 Indian soldiers and many injured. After 1962, this is the biggest border standoff with India. Not only with India, but China has disputes with 17 countries including Bhutan, Tajikistan and many other countries. The new recent protest in Hong Kong alerts Western countries. The USA warns China, not to make extradition law with Hong Kong. But China did what it wants. Chinese official arrested many democratic activists of Hong Kong.

The treatment of Uighur Muslims in the western part of China

The New York Times revealed that China is detaining thousands of Uighur Muslims and sending them to a detention camp where Chinese authority train Uighur to become atheist. Many human rights group condemn China for treatment of Uyghur Muslims. China banned to enter journalism, to enter the Uyghur area. Many countries criticize China, but this doesn’t affect China.

Is China the next superpower?

China becomes aggressive on the global stage. When China banned the import of pork from Germany, the official reason was African swine fever. But it indicates a warning sign to the German government that not to join US pressure on China. USA and Australia called for an investigation into the handling of the Coronavirus. USA secretary of state Mike Pompeo accused China of using coercion as state crafttool.

China’s foreign minister replied China stands upright with honour. We strong-arm never seek others supremacy, never withdraw from commitments but America is not the only country who think China is flexing their muscles. Australia’s strategic policy institute 152 cases of Beijing coercion diplomacy with 27 countries that include territorial claim Hawaii 5g technology and the treatment of Uyghur and handing COVID-19 pandemic.

Issues of China within the country

It is not easy to say that China will replace the USA. There are three main problems in China’s long-term economic growth.

The first problem is the debt problem.

The cost of debt has to be paid either by the people, companies, the government or by inflation debt away.

The second problem is the demographics.

While China’s population will continue to grow for a decade. China’s official birth rate of Lil children per women is one of the world lowest, its population ages. The cost of social security caring old ages will be a big issue. The old one-child policy cause instability in gender imbalance, over coming decades. 30million china men will not find a partner.

The third problem is water crisis.

China’s third problem is not only for China, but the whole world will face a water crisis in the upcoming years. China’s 12 northern provinces that consist of 42 per cent of the population is facing a water crisis. Water transfer or desalination can’t prevent severe Economic and social dislocation. It is already late because of climate change region become more-drier. China still has many problem to deal with both inside or outside.

The Bottom Line-

USA, Australia and Japan already make Allies deal with China’s coercion diplomacy. India is decreasing its dependence on Chinese products. The major power is fear of China.

Thank you for reading. I hope the information about China’s domination and fear across the globe is communicated to you. Please drop your valuable feedback in the comment section if you support us.


Have you heard about the India-China standoff? Do you know the reason behind it?

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  1. That’s really great post, well research and very nicely describee with good content.
    China really a big headache for all.
    Keep the good work…

  2. In 1939, when the European countries Italy, Spain, Germany etc. were fighting the war of World War II, during that time America, which was endowed with military strength and military weapons, took advantage of the opportunity. The US started supplying military weapons to European countries. After World War II America became a superpower country, both economically and politically, along with military strength.

    But In the year 2019, the epidemic of Carona virus caused economic damage to other countries including europe as well as America. The Corona virus spread to China, so all countries were boycotting China, But China said emotionally to all the countries “Please do not call it all China virus and you support us in this difficult time and accept our medical kit”.

    Italy and the United States were the most affected by this epidemic, so they approved the import of China’s medical kit.
    Spain bought 432 million euros of medical equipment from China. However, China is at the forefront of exporting its goods globally, which has led to 3.86 billion masks 37 million Protective Clothing, 16,000 ventilators and 2 million COVID-19 testing to 50 countries.

    However, all countries know that expressing sympathy for China is only a two-sided game and nothing else. Because When the outbreak of Corona was reported from China, at that time China did not give any information about COVID-19 virus. Chinese government took considerable time to inform its own people of the emergence of COVID-19. Resulting in corona virus outbreak turned into an epidemic and subsequently into a pandemic.

    China may become powerful at the economic level, but it can never be a powerful country globally.

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