Is Pakistan losing Saudi Arabia over the Kashmir issue?

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia relation started during the period of 1960s when Pakistan’s prime minister Zulfikar Bhutto was successful to gain financial support from Saudi Arabia and in return Pakistan gave assurance to protect the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through Pakistani military.

Currently Pakistan is trying to get the support of Saudi Arab over Kashmir issue but Saudi Arabia has been non responsive on this matter. A few days ago Pakistan’s foreign minister Mohammed Qureshi wanted Saudi Arabia to lead the organisation of Islamic cooperation (OIC).

But if Saudi Arabia didn’t call for the meeting of the OIC of foreign minister to discuss India changing autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 last year, Pakistan would go-ahead to call a meeting of Islamic countries that would stand by it on Kashmir issue. Qureshi was threatening the OIC and Saudi that Pakistan would go outside the OIC to convince a session on Kashmir.

Saudi Arabia responded by asking Pakistan to pay the loan which Saudi gave, worth around $ 6.2 billion packages which included $ 3 billion dollars and oil on deferred payment worth $ 3.2 billion.

Khan sent army chief General Qamar Bajwa to Riyadh. The Army chief visits Saudi Arabia but Saudi crown prince MBS didn’t meet Pakistan’s general Qamar Bajwa. After this incident, it looks like Pakistan is losing Saudi Arabia while Saudi Arab’s relation with India is reaching another peak, as Saudi Arab invested heavily in the Indian market so Saudi Arabia doesn’t want to lose India.

The second reason is that Pakistan is supporting turkey over Saudi Arabia.

Turkey is a rival of Saudi Arabia both Sunni Muslim country and sees themselves as leader of the Islamic world. Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia are making new allies. The current scenario is that the Muslim world is divided into three groups.

Turkey and Pakistan, Saudi Arab and their Arab allies and then Iran. But Saudi Arab doesn’t want to lose military support of Pakistan. Experts are saying that Pakistan and Saudi will bounce back their relation. But in the meanwhile in the absence of support from the powerful Arab nation, Pakistan is looking for new allies.

Pakistan increased diplomat relation with Iran, Malaysia and turkey. Pakistan already has great support for china. China has made investments in Pakistan-China economic order. Pakistan has two important allies that are china and turkey. Turkey president Erdogan supports Pakistan as he sees it as a major market for turkey weapon. On the other hand China already supports Pakistan as China gave 1 billion loans to Pakistan to pay Saudi Arabia.

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